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TED eSenders

How to become a TED eSender

The Publications Office provides several applications for collecting, validating, processing, visualising and disseminating the standard public procurement forms, namely:

Until 24 October 2023, TED eSenders can use the eSentool application to send structured XML files that comply with the current TED schema and validation rules. To become a TED eSender you need to follow and pass a qualification procedure, which is explained in full on the TED eSenders workspace.

From 14 November 2022, TED eSenders can use the eNotices2 application to send eForms to the Publications Office. eNotices2 will replace the applications currently in use, i.e. eNotices and eSentool. Notices must be submitted and managed through the web user interface or via the TED application programming interface (API). Information on how to use TED API is available at

The Publications Office has developed preview environments to allow eSenders and stakeholders early access. Early versions of the TED applications for processing eForms will be uploaded onto this site as they become available.