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Services - 76408-2020

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14/02/2020    S32    Services - Avis de marché - Procédure ouverte 

France-Paris: Services de conseil pour le projet F/P 1789 (2013) en Bosnie-Herzégovine, fermeture de centres collectifs (projet CEB 2)

2020/S 032-076408

Contracting Entity: Council of Europe Development Bank, 55 Avenue Kléber, 75116 Paris, France

Public Call for Tenders

Procurement Notice

No 2020/01/CEB/TAM/P-LD

 Article 1.Assignment

BiH took a loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank, Paris, FRANCE to co-finance Closing of Collective Centres-CEB 2 Project (the Project in the further text), with the objective to close about 120 collective centers (CC) and alternative accommodation (AA) throughout BiH. The Project aims to provide about 2 100 social housing apartment units in 67 social housing apartment buildings (so called subprojects) and 5 institutional accommodation centres in 44 municipalities to house about 7 200 internally displaced persons [IDPs] residing in CC and AA. To date, 133 social housing apartments have been built and the remaining are in construction or tendering or design stage.
The national stakeholders of the Project are the BIH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees [MHRR] as a lead institution responsible for project coordination and 3 Project Implementation Units [PIUs], namely, the Federation of BiH Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons [FED PIU], the Republika Srpska Secretariat for Displaced Persons and Migrations [RS PIU] and the Brcko District Department for Displaced Persons, Refugees and Housing [BD PIU].
The specific objective of this contract is to provide technical assistance (TA) to the Project Implementation Units [PIUs], namely to mostly as regards technical aspects, but also concerning project management and coordination of specific subprojects with national stakeholders, mainly municipalities. The support activities to the PIUs provided under this contract, would need to be closely planned and coordinated with the MHRR, which already receives a separate technical assistance support.
This is 3rd consecutive TA contracted to provide implementation support to the PIUs. The implementation of first 2 contracts took a place from November 2016 until end of January 2020.
The specific objectives of these contracts were capacity support to the PIUs, establishment of the implementation system including development of procurement and technical documentation (technical standards, TORs for services and works, template specifications, master templates, etc.), contract management, quality assurance of designs, follow-up on construction activities, coordination with national stakeholders and other aspects of the Project implementation as required. The TA to be provided under this contract should continue the work undertaken by the previous TAs.
The CEB is a multilateral development bank with a social vocation. Established on 16.4.1956 in order to bring solutions to the problems of refugees, its scope of action has progressively widened to other sectors of action directly contributing to strengthening social cohesion in Europe.
The Bank has its own legal personality and is governed by the Third Protocol of the General Agreement on privileges and immunities of the Council of Europe and the Articles of Agreement (available on www.coebank.org).
The CEB represents a major instrument of the policy of solidarity in Europe in order to help its 41 member states achieve sustainable and equitable growth: it thus participates in financing social projects, responds to emergency situations and, in so doing, contributes to improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged population groups.
1.2) Overall objective of the contract
The overall objective of the contract is to facilitate closing of about 120 CC and AA in BiH and delivery of about 2 100 non-profit social housing apartment units in about 67 buildings, and over 180 places in social protection institutions, and that by end 2022, all IDPs are relocate from the existing collective centers into technically accepted social housing buildings.
1.3) Specific objective of the contract
Technical assistance (TA) to 3 PIUs to accelerate the implementation of the Project and move delayed subprojects from design to construction stage and facilitate development of low maturity subprojects. The TA will as necessary, support PIUs in design reviews, construction supervision, procurement, reporting, monitoring and contract management. TA should foresee and mitigate the local level administrative and technical barriers delaying the Project implementation (such as slow issue of building and usage permits, difficulties in meeting urbantechnical/administrative/legal conditions, connection to electricity grid, etc.).
 Article 2.Quantity and scope of the contract

2.1) Scope of work
As agreed with the PIU manager, the consultant is to provide all necessary technical and other support to and assist the PIUs in:
— ensuring that subprojects are developed and implemented in compliance with loan conditions, CEB Environmental Policy and project defined standards and documentation,
— planning implementation of the subprojects (preparation of Gantt Charts, cost plans, cash-flows, procurement plans, risk registers, environmental including health and safety and social safeguards management plan, visit to municipalities plan, etc.), with particular attention to timely mitigation of the implementation bottlenecks (such as connection to electricity grids, etc.),
— facilitating development of low-maturity subprojects,
— facilitate beneficiaries move in constructed housing units and timely administrative and physical demolition or closure of existing collective centers,
— assessing legal-urban-technical conditions which include review of land ownership, urban plans, available infrastructure, geotechnical conditions, natural-man made risks, etc.,
— preparing specific ToRs for engineering services (design, design-review, design supervision, construction supervision, health and safety supervisors, technical hand-over), works and supplies,
— reviewing deliverables for quality and completeness, in particularly in early stage of their development (this includes review of schematic designs/Bill of Quantities/Cost Estimates, etc.),
— preparing tender dossiers (both administrative and technical parts) in compliance with the CEB procurement guidelines,
— obtaining the urban-technical, building, usage and other permits and dealing with all administrative matters, including technical handover of the buildings,
— value management (design improvements, value engineering, exploitation of scale economies, etc.),
— reviewing the Project financing plan and cost estimates vis-à-vis the cost-raising trend,
— contract management of services, works and supplies,
— coordination of subproject implementation activities with BiH’s national authorities and PITS,
— monitoring of all works, services and delivery of goods and coordination of deliverables with service/works providers,
— follow up on development of municipal departments in charge of administration, management and maintenance of housing stock,
— preparation of PIUs’ reports and input for the reporting of BiH central authorities to CEB,
— as necessary, providing specific expertise in the following areas: engineering (geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, environmental, civil, structural, architecture, medical/social institutions equipment, etc.), social housing financing, social housing administration and maintenance, social/sustainability/medical aspects of social housing and institutional care,
— administrative support to PIUs in the procurement process, such as to identify and obtain the data required for pre-approval of tender documents (dates, contact names and addresses),
— documenting the tender processes, including the bid opening sessions, technical and cost evaluation sessions and drafting the corresponding reports,
— assisting in data collection and management of procurement documentation, such as keeping the appropriate data-sheets, safe-keeping and filing of the documents,
— recording any changes in the approved procurement plans,
— assisting in analysis of the eAuction results.
The consultant will also prepare inception report and 6 months progress reports to the CEB.
In particularly, the consultant shall ensure use of and the capitalisation on the already developed system for the implementation of the Project and ensure communication, good cooperation and sharing of knowledge among the PIUs.
2.2) Specific requirements
The consultant’s offer is made of technical proposal and financial offer. The technical proposal will contribute 70 % and financial Offer 30 % to overall score of the offer.
 Article 3.Duration of the contract

3.1) Duration of the contract
The duration of the contract with the CEB that includes the provision of consultant services shall be 18 months.
The CEB reserves the option to extend the contract for new services consisting in a repetition of similar services as those included in the contract. In such case the duration and amount of the new contract would never be higher than the duration and amount of the original contract.
3.2) Provisional timetable
Deadline for request for any clarifications from the CEB: 9.3.2020 12.00 noon*
Last date on which clarifications are issued by the CEB: 13.3.2020 12.00 noon*
Deadline for submission of offers: 20.3.2020 12.00 noon*
Notification of award: 6.4.2020
Signature of contract: 16.4.2020
 Article 4.Technical and professional capacity criteria and evidence

The tender submission form sets out the information required by CEB in order to assess the tenderer in terms of their technical knowledge and experience, capability/capacity, organisational and financial standing.
To be selected, companies interested in this tender need to demonstrate that they fulfil the following selection criteria which are set out in the table hereafter:
Pre-selection criteria: economic and financial criteria
Sub-criteria 1: Turnover
— minimum 166 000 EUR Net of VAT, per year, over the last 3 financial years, or since the establishment of the company, if that period is shorter than 3 years
Sub-criteria 2: Pre-tax profit/loss
— documentary evidence of the positive pre-tax profit/loss, including the audited financial statements for the last 3 years (2016-2017-2018) or since the establishment of the company, if that period is shorter than 3 years. If not required by the law of the applicant’s country, other financial statements acceptable to the employer.
Sub-criteria 3: Specific prior experience
— the company/the lead member of consortium is registered to provide construction engineering services (no geographic limitation),
— the company/consortium completed at least 3 contracts in the field of design or construction management or technical assistance related to construction of buildings projects in the last 5 years, or since the establishment of the company, if that period is shorter.
Only those companies that meet the above selection criteria will have their offers evaluated.
 Article 5.Limitation of the number of applicants invited to tender

This call for tenders is open to all candidates as per the pre-selection criteria indicated in Article 4.
 Article 6.Joint-Venture (JV) or Consortium

In case of a JV or consortium, the JV or consortium must collectively meet the requirements of the tender mentioned in Article 4. All group members are jointly and severally liable for the performance of the contract. The group will be represented by a single candidate who will act as sole representative of the group.
 Article 7.Content of the tender file - how to obtain the tender file?

Any interested bidder can request the tender file requesting so at procurement@coebank.org no later than 28.2.2020. No response will be provided to any request submitted after that date.
The offers, all correspondence and documents related to the tender exchanged by the tenderer and the CEB must be written in English.
 Article 8.Additional information before the deadline for submission of offers

Any potential bidders that would like to ask questions about this tender should do it in writing by email procurement@coebank.org indicating in the subject of their message ‘Technical Assistance for CEB Project — Ref. LD 1789’.
Any questions related to this tender should arrive by 9.3.2020 12.00 noon*. The CEB has no obligation to provide clarifications to questions that would be submitted after this date.
The CEB will provide answers to the questions received by 13.3.2020, 12.00 noon* at the latest.
 Article 9.Acceptance and rejection of Tenders

The CEB reserves the right to accept or reject non-substantive defects that might affect the submitted tenders. The CEB will reject tenders received after the submission deadline, without any penalty or justification.
 Article 10.Extension of the submission date

The CEB may, at its discretion, extend the deadline set for the submission of tender, in which case all of the rights and obligations of the CEB and the tenderers shall be governed by the new deadline.
 Article 11.Confidentiality

All information communicated to the applicant within the context of the call for tenders or the assignments are confidential.
 Article 12.Award criteria

The best value for money is established by weighing the technical offer against the financial offer on a 70/30 basis.
 Article 13.Modification or cancellation of the call for tender

The CEB reserves the right to modify or cancel, at any time, all or part of this tender as necessary, without having to justify its action or incurring any liability to potential bidders. In no event shall the CEB be liable for any damages whatsoever including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, in any way connected with the cancellation of this tender even if the CEB has been advised of the possibility of damages.
 Article 14.Information to tenderers

All tenderers will be informed, whenever possible, of the result of their participation in this tender.