Services - 111276-2017

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25/03/2017    S60

Netherlands-Petten: Direct service contract for the detailed-level design of the Greek electricity market: market codes, IT functional design, and market power — 3 lots

2017/S 060-111276


(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 8.3.2017, 2017/S 047-085564)

European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), JRC.C — Energy, Transport and Climate (Petten), JRC.C.3 — Energy Security, Distribution and Markets, PO Box 2, 1755 LE Petten, NETHERLANDS. Contact: Belgin Yatikci. E-mail:

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IV.2.7) Conditions for opening of tenders:

11.4.2017 (10:00), local time.



IV.2.7) Conditions for opening of tenders:

18.4.2017 (10:00), local time.