Diensten - 113369-2018

14/03/2018    S51    - - Diensten - Award Aankondiging - Concurrentiegerichte dialoog 

Verenigd Koninkrijk-Glasgow: Adviezen inzake transportsystemen

2018/S 051-113369

Aankondiging van een gegunde opdracht

Resultaten van de aanbestedingsprocedure


Legal Basis:

Richtlijn 2014/24/EU

Afdeling I: Aanbestedende dienst

I.1)Naam en adressen
Transport Scotland
Buchanan House, 58 Port Dundas Road
G4 0HF
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Contactpersoon: Steven Dickson
Telefoon: +44 1412727122
E-mail: TS_Smart_Ticketing@transport.gov.scot
Fax: +44 1412727272
NUTS-code: UKM82


Hoofdadres: http://www.transport.gov.scot

Adres van het kopersprofiel: http://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/search/Search_AuthProfile.aspx?ID=AA00099

I.2)Inlichtingen betreffende gezamenlijke aanbesteding
De opdracht wordt gegund door een aankoopcentrale
I.4)Soort aanbestedende dienst
Nationaal of federaal agentschap/bureau
Andere activiteit: Transport

Afdeling II: Voorwerp

II.1)Omvang van de aanbesteding

Integrated Travel In Scotland — Smart Ticketing Infrastructure — New TABO

Referentienummer: TS/TRBO/SER/2017/02
II.1.2)CPV-code hoofdcategorie
II.1.3)Type opdracht
II.1.4)Korte beschrijving:

Transport Scotland has identified a need to appoint a contractor for the provision and ongoing delivery of back office services to assist in the delivery of Scotland’s integrated travel plans.

The principal deliverables shall comprise of the provision and on-going delivery of systems to process ITSO messages to enable analysis and reporting on smart journeys, including both: commercial journeys and Scottish National Concessionary Travel Schemes; and reimbursement of Scottish National Concessionary Travel Schemes. Continuity of the current TABO (Transport Application Back Office) system will be required, until the new system is in operation. Similarly, data migration and seamless transition from the current system to the new system will be required.

The system will also support the delivery of the Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG).

Optional elements of the contract shall include Account Based Ticketing (ABT).

II.1.6)Inlichtingen over percelen
Verdeling in percelen: neen
II.1.7)Totale waarde van de aanbesteding (exclusief btw)
Laagste offerte: 2 995 641.00 GBP / Hoogste offerte: 4 051 806.00 GBP meegerekend
II.2.2)Aanvullende CPV-code(s)
II.2.3)Plaats van uitvoering
NUTS-code: UKM
II.2.4)Beschrijving van de aanbesteding:

Transport Scotland is an agency of the Scottish Government and contracts in the name of and on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. Transport Scotland has identified the requirement to appoint a contractor for the provision and on-going delivery of back office services, by way of a new Transport Application Back Office (TABO) to assist in the delivery of Scotland’s integrated travel plans (the "Contract”).

Transport Scotland will conduct the proposed procurement process for the Contract on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. In the event of the contract award, the Contract will be entered into between the Scottish Ministers and the successful tenderer.

Each selected economic operator shall be invited to submit a tender on the same contract terms.

The principal objective of the new Contract is to commission a contractor to provide, implement, develop and maintain a new dedicated back office system to support the central smart ticketing system.

This will include:

(i) the provision and mobilisation of an appropriate software and cloud based server infrastructure;

(ii) the migration of data and information, from the current system to the new systems;

(iii) the development of a new system based on the requirements of the contract;

(iv) the operation, development and maintenance of the new system;

(v) the transition of information, at the end of the Contact, to any new system(s); and

(vi) any other service activity required by the Scottish Ministers.

The new system shall be capable of supporting:

— Concessionary: Older and Disabled Scheme,

— Concessionary: Young Persons and Volunteer scheme,

— Concessionary: Rail and Ferry,

— Reporting and Analysis,

— Data Interfaces,

— User Authentication and Audit Trail,

— Commercial Travel,

— Bus Service Operators Grant,

— ePurse data reporting.

Furthermore the new system will be capable of (optionally) being enhanced to support future implementation of Account Based Ticketing (ABT).

Seamless transition of the current functionality, in particular on going accurate concessionary reimbursement, shall be a key deliverable.

Enhancements will include improved analysis and reporting, implementation of additional concessionary schemes, processing of commercial journey information, processing of simple ITSO ePurse information, and improved systems for the importing of data and the submission of non-smart journey information.

Smart travel information will be provided from the existing Transport Scotland ITSO systems (HOPS).

It is intended that the contract will be in place for a period of 48 months. The contract is subject to renewal for two 24 month extensions.

Due to the nature of the system, a single deliverable is required and as such shall not be divided into lots.

The contractor will be procured through a competitive tender procedure, in accordance with the Competitive Dialogue procedure as proscribed in the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015.

To be considered for this contract economic operators are required to complete the European Single Procurement Document ESPD in accordance with this Contract Notice. Economic operators shall be evaluated in accordance with the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015, on the basis of information they have provided within the (ESPD).

Further details pertaining to the technical requirement of this procurement are contained within the Supplementary Information Document, which can be accessed via the Public Contracts Scotland portal www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk

Kwaliteitscriterium - Naam: Based on tenderer’s approach to contract management, resourcing, comprehension of the risks, delivery timescales and scheduling of work / Weging: 60
Kostencriterium - Naam: The bidder who submits the lowest cost will be awarded the maximum score and others awarded a score pro rata, in relation to the lowest cost. / Weging: 40
II.2.11)Inlichtingen over opties
Opties: ja
Beschrijving van opties:

Account Based Ticketing.

II.2.13)Inlichtingen over middelen van de Europese Unie
De aanbesteding houdt verband met een project en/of een programma dat met middelen van de EU wordt gefinancierd: ja
Benaming van het project: Low Carbon Travel & Transport (LCTT) Programme
II.2.14)Nadere inlichtingen

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in Regulation 58 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015.

Afdeling IV: Procedure

IV.1.1)Type procedure
Concurrentiegerichte dialoog
IV.1.3)Inlichtingen over een raamovereenkomst of dynamisch aankoopsysteem
IV.1.6)Inlichtingen over elektronische veiling
IV.1.8)Inlichtingen over de Overeenkomst inzake overheidsopdrachten (GPA)
De opdracht valt onder de GPA: ja
IV.2)Administratieve inlichtingen
IV.2.1)Eerdere bekendmaking betreffende deze procedure
Nummer van de aankondiging in het PB S: 2017/S 087-170009
IV.2.8)Inlichtingen over de stopzetting van een dynamisch aankoopsysteem
IV.2.9)Inlichtingen over de stopzetting van een oproep tot mededinging in de vorm van een vooraankondiging

Afdeling V: Gunning van een opdracht

Een opdracht/perceel wordt gegund: ja
V.2)Gunning van een opdracht
V.2.1)Datum van de sluiting van de overeenkomst:
V.2.2)Inlichtingen over inschrijvingen
Aantal inschrijvingen: 3
Aantal inschrijvingen van mkb-bedrijven: 2
Aantal inschrijvingen van inschrijvers uit andere EU-lidstaten: 0
Aantal inschrijvingen van inschrijvers uit landen die geen lid zijn van de EU: 0
Aantal langs elektronische weg ontvangen inschrijvingen: 0
De opdracht is gegund aan een groep ondernemers: neen
V.2.3)Naam en adres van de contractant
PDMS (UK) Limited
Unit 7 Cameron Court, Hillington
G52 4JG
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Telefoon: +44 7989477746
NUTS-code: UK
De contractant is een mkb-bedrijf: ja
V.2.4)Inlichtingen over de waarde van de opdracht/het perceel (exclusief btw)
Laagste offerte: 2 995 640.00 GBP / Hoogste offerte: 4 051 806.00 GBP meegerekend
V.2.5)Inlichtingen over uitbesteding

Afdeling VI: Aanvullende inlichtingen

VI.3)Nadere inlichtingen:

Transport Scotland will conduct the proposed procurement process for the Contract on behalf of the Scottish Ministers. In the event of the contract award, the Contract will be entered into between the Scottish Ministers and the successful tenderer.

Each selected economic operator shall be invited to submit a tender on the same contract terms.

The Scottish Ministers shall not evaluate any submission received past the specified deadline, unless the delay is caused by a situation out with the control of the economic operator, the determination of which shall be at the sole discretion of the Scottish Ministers. Compliance with achieving the specified deadline is the sole responsibility of the economic operator.

Economic operators which alter their composition after making a submission will be the subject of re-evaluation.

Neither Transport Scotland nor the Scottish Ministers shall be responsible in any way to economic operators as a result of any delay or failure in answering any request for clarification or any decision not to answer a request for clarification (either in full or in part). Absence of a response from Transport Scotland or the Scottish Ministers shall not entitle economic operators to qualify their submission.

The Scottish Ministers reserve the right not to conclude any contract as a result of the procurement process initiated by this notice and to make whatever changes the Scottish Minsters deem appropriate to the content, process, timing and structure of the procurement process.

Transport Scotland and the Scottish Ministers shall have no liability for any costs howsoever incurred by those participating in this competition.

Economic operators should be aware that all information submitted to the Scottish Ministers may need to be disclosed and / or published by the Scottish Ministers in compliance with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

(SC Ref:534020).

Transport Scotland
Buchanan House, 58 Port Dundas Road
G4 0HF
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Telefoon: +44 1412727100
Fax: +44 1412727272

Internetadres: http://www.transport.gov.scot

VI.4.2)Voor bemiddelingsprocedures bevoegde instantie
Precieze aanduiding van de termijn(en) voor beroepsprocedures:

An economic operator that suffers, or risks suffering, loss or damage attributable to a breach of duty under the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 may bring proceedings in the Sheriff Court or the Court of Session.

VI.4.4)Dienst waar inlichtingen over de beroepsprocedures kunnen worden verkregen
VI.5)Datum van verzending van deze aankondiging: