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Services - 129471-2018

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24/03/2018    S59

Belgium-Brussels: Information notice for the property market - Forecasts of multiannual property requirements for the years 2020 to 2024 for the European Commission in Brussels and prospecting of the local market

2018/S 059-129471

 1.European Commission department responsible

European Commission, Office pour les infrastructures et la logistique — Bruxelles, département OIB.RE. Gestion des biens immobiliers, bureau: CSM1 09/P001, Cours Saint-Michel 23, 1049 Bruxelles, Belgium, Email: — Website:
 2.General information:

In accordance with the Commission Communication of 5.9.2007 [COM(2007)501], this notice is intended to inform property market participants and any other interested parties about the European Commission's forecast of property needs in Brussels, and to collect information on projects and properties within a defined perimeter.
Properties sought
To meet its office space needs by 2020-2024, the European Commission is looking for office space in Brussels, located either,
— 700 metres maximum from the axis of the segments between the Mérode metro station and the Arts-Loi metro station, and between the Arts-Loi metro station and the De Brouckère metro station,
— or 700 metres maximum from the axis of the metro line between Arts-Loi metro station and Rogier station,
— or 700 metres maximum from the axis of the metro line between Delta metro station and Hermann-Debroux station.
The total aboveground area required to replace properties at the end of their life cycle, or whose lease expires, is between 80 000 m2 and 150 000 m2 during the period 2020-2024. The actual requirements will depend in particular on the outcome of the negotiations under way or to be conducted for the renewal of agreements which will expire in the coming years for a number of properties occupied by Commission departments.
The buildings required to meet these needs must each have a gross floor area of at least 10 000 m2. They should preferably be entirely and exclusively occupied by the Commission and/or the departments of other
European institutions or Community bodies. The proposed contracts will be usufruct and/or forward purchase contracts
The buildings in question should preferably be completed or nearing future completion. However, projects may be proposed in order to serve as part of a subsequent prospective study, if necessary.
 3.Purposes of prospecting

The purpose of prospecting is to collect proposals for office properties that can meet the Commission's needs in the areas indicated in point 2 above.
To this end, owners or their representatives are invited to complete the prospecting form available in the section “Contracts and public procurement - Property prospecting notice” on the website indicated in point 1.
Confidentiality of the information received is guaranteed. The prospecting files will then be archived in a secure database to which only duly authorised European Commission officials will have access.
 4.Use of collected information

The information collected and stored in the database will be used by the Commission to identify buildings that can meet its office space needs.
For the properties identified, the OIB will approach the owners to obtain detailed information on the condition and capacity of the building concerned, as well as the contemplated financial conditions.
If, on the basis of this detailed information, the Commission considers that the properties in question can effectively meet its needs, a negotiated procedure would be launched with the owner(s) of the properties concerned, in accordance with the provisions of Article 134 of Regulation (EU, Euratom) Nº 1268/2012 on the rules of application for Regulation (EU, Euratom) Nº 966/2012.
This publication does not, however, constitute a commitment on the part of the Commission in its procurement procedures.
 5.Submission of prospecting forms

The signed and dated prospecting forms must be sent by the owners or their duly authorised representatives, before 16:30 on the (30 working days after publication date).
Information must be sent using one of the following methods:
— registered post, as evidenced by the postmark, to the following address: European Commission, Office pour les infrastructures et la logistique — Bruxelles, unité OIB.RE.1 — Avenue du Bourget 1, 1140 Bruxelles, Belgium,
— delivery (in person or by any party representing the candidate, or by courier) to the following address: European Commission, Office pour les infrastructures et la logistique — Bruxelles, Unité OIB.RE.1 — Avenue du Bourget 1, 1140 Bruxelles, Belgium. This department is open 8:00–16:30, Monday to Thursday and 8:00–16:00 on Fridays, except for Commission holidays.
For deliveries by courier, the valid date of dispatch will be the date on the courier's delivery note. For deliveries made in person or by any representative, delivery of the response will, in this case, be confirmed by a receipt dated and signed by the official from the Commission's Central Mail Department who takes delivery of the documents.
In all cases, the owner or his representative must also respect the following conditions:
— the prospecting form must be presented in a double envelope,
— both envelopes must be sealed,
— the inner envelope must bear, in addition to the name of the department to which it is addressed, the reference “avis de prospection d'immeubles pour satisfaire les besoins de la Commission européenne en espaces de bureaux à Bruxelles”, “fiche de prospection de (name of owner or his representative)”, “à ne pas ouvrir par le service du courier”,
— self-adhesive envelopes must be sealed with adhesive tape through which the sender's signature must be affixed,
— if the owner or its representative wishes to obtain additional information before the date of the proposals’ submission, it must send its request, by e-mail only, to the e-mail address indicated above in point 1. Proposers are also invited to consult the website indicated in point 1, on a regular basis, where questions put to the Commission and the replies will be published,
— the deadline for sending questions is 16:00 on the (10 working days before the closing date).