Services - 142856-2020

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25/03/2020    S60    External aid programmes - Services - Additional information - Restricted procedure 

Belgium-Brussels: ENI - Support the Moldovan Government in Identifying and Preparing Projects Linked to the Implementation of the AA

2020/S 060-142856

Cancellation of a Service Tender Procedure

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 25.3.2019, 2019/S 059-135512)

 1.Publication reference

 2.Date of publication

22 September 2017
 3.Programme title

ENI/2016/039-553 — Technical Cooperation Facility 2016
 4.Contracting authority

The European Union, represented by the European Commission, for and on behalf of the government of the Republic of Moldova, Brussels, BELGIUM
 5.Reason for cancellation

The call for tender for the project ‘Support the Moldovan Government in identifying and preparing projects linked to the implementation of the AA’ EuropeAid/139113/DH/SER/MD is cancelled based on the provisions of point 2.6.13 of PRAG (2018 version):
— the tender procedure has been unsuccessful, i.e. no technically compliant tenders have been received.


Should a new tender procedure be launched for this project, a new contract notice will be published, unless the contracting authority awards the contract through a negotiated procedure – in which case only the award of the contract will be published.