Prekės - 155683-2019

03/04/2019    S66

Jungtinė Karalystė, Didžioji Britanija-Jorkas: Maistas, gėrimai, tabakas ir susiję produktai

2019/S 066-155683

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Teisinis pagrindas:
Direktyva 2014/25/ES

I dalis: Perkantysis subjektas

I.1)Pavadinimas ir adresai
Oficialus pavadinimas: London North Eastern Railway Limited
Nacionalinis registracijos Nr.: 04659712
Adresas: 25 Skeldergate
Miestas: York
NUTS kodas: UKE2 North Yorkshire
Pašto kodas: YO1 6DH
Šalis: Jungtinė Karalystė
Asmuo ryšiams: Rob Parfitt
El. paštas:
Interneto adresas (-ai):
Pagrindinis adresas:
Pirkėjo profilio adresas:
Neribota, visapusiška tiesioginė ir nemokama prieiga prie pirkimo dokumentų suteikiama:
Daugiau informacijos galima gauti pirmiau nurodytu adresu
Pasiūlymai arba prašymai dalyvauti turi būti siunčiami pirmiau nurodytu adresu
I.6)Pagrindinė veikla
Geležinkelio paslaugos

II dalis: Objektas

II.1)Pirkimo apimtis

Supply of On-Train Catering and Logistics Services

II.1.2)Pagrindinis BVPŽ kodas
15000000 Maistas, gėrimai, tabakas ir susiję produktai
II.1.3)Sutarties tipas
II.1.4)Trumpas aprašymas:

The key objective of the LNER catering logistics contract is to identify a supply partner who is intuitive to the needs of our customers and our business. LNER seeks to deliver an innovative and dynamic contract which provides a customer centric end to end catering solution, while optimising commercial performance in a continually evolving environment. In undertaking this process it is LNER’s desire that the end result will be an agreement with a supply partner who can not only facilitate, but can help shape the evolution of the catering proposition to exceed the expectations of our customers both now and in the future. This contract is to include both supply of catering products and associated logistics in order to deliver an exceptional service to our customers throughout the route that we operate within.

II.1.5)Numatoma bendra vertė
Vertė be PVM: 125 000 000.00 GBP
II.1.6)Informacija apie pirkimo dalis
Ši sutartis suskaidyta į pirkimo dalis: ne
II.2.3)Įgyvendinimo vieta
II.2.4)Pirkimo aprašymas:

London North Eastern Railway Limited (LNER) is a long-distance rail operator based in the UK operating on the East Coast mainline and running 156 services per weekday (157 on a Friday), 151 services on a Saturday and 118 services on a Sunday.

LNER calls at 48 stations, 11 of which it also manages, serving key UK cities including London, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and York. Over 363 days LNER carries over 20 000 000 customers a year.

LNER is committed to delivering an amazing customer experience through the combination of its talented people and the provision of high speed, high frequency services, which offer shorter journey times, more comfortable travel and excellent customer service.

The LNER fleet consists of 44 trains, 30 electric trains (MKIV) and 14 diesel trains (HST). In addition LNER are currently leasing an additional HST set from East Midland Trains.

There is a significant change to the fleet arriving in 2019 with the introduction of the new Azuma train, 1 of the most advanced trains on the UK’s rail network. The new fleet of 65 Azuma trains will be introduced at the rate of 1 per week over the next 2 years alongside the existing fleet which will gradually be withdrawn as they are replaced. When complete the new fleet will provide an extra 12 200 seats for a new and expanded timetable. The fleet will increase capacity into London Kings Cross by 28 % during peak times.

Whilst retaining overall strategic control, LNER will rely upon the supply partner to fully manage all aspects of the day-to-day logistical activities. All operational and financial relationships will be based on an open book policy encompassing partnering principles and the supply partner will have ultimate responsibility for their successful execution. The supply partner will have full responsibility for the delivery of the logistic services whether by directly employed or sub-contracted personnel.

LNER are seeking a supply partner where the reliability of the basic operational performance is a given, and who thrive on supplying innovation coupled with a strong sense of commerciality to help to shape the future of the catering offer. In doing so, the successful supply partner will pre-empt our customer’s requirements in order to deliver a world-leading customer experience while driving commercial performance.

LNER understands that getting the on-board catering proposition right is a key driver for customer advocacy. We continue to improve our commercial performance year on year, however we recognise the increasing threat of a more sophisticated and more varied platform retailer offering. We are therefore seeking a supply partner who can work with us in delivering insights and innovation in revolutionising the perception of the on-board catering experience.

LNER measure their customer experience using Net Advocacy Score (NAS). This shows that our happiest customers will remain loyal to LNER, and will recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues. Using this data we can tell that catering availability and catering quality are valued very highly with our customers and are key contributors to building an amazing customer experience.

LNER are committed to developing the catering offer to ensure a world class product and service offering for our customers. We wish our supply partner to play a large and intricate part in the development through innovation and by driving value throughout the supply chain.

II.2.5)Sutarties skyrimo kriterijai
Kaina nėra vienintelis sutarties sudarymo kriterijus, visi kriterijai nurodyti tik pirkimo dokumentuose
II.2.6)Numatoma vertė
Vertė be PVM: 125 000 000.00 GBP
II.2.7)Sutarties, preliminariosios sutarties ar dinaminės pirkimo sistemos taikymo trukmė
Trukmė mėnesiais: 60
Ši sutartis gali būti pratęsta: taip
Pratęsimų aprašymas:

Optional 12-month extension at the end of the initial term.

II.2.9)Informacija apie kviečiamų kandidatų skaičiaus apribojimus
Numatomas mažiausias skaičius: 3
Didžiausias skaičius: 6
Objektyvūs riboto kandidatų skaičiaus pasirinkimo kriterijai:

Detailed in the pre-qualification questionnaire and associated tender information.

II.2.10)Informacija apie alternatyvius pasiūlymus
Leidžiama pateikti alternatyvius pasiūlymus: ne
II.2.11)Informacija apie pasirinkimo galimybes
Pasirinkimo galimybės: ne
II.2.13)Informacija apie Europos Sąjungos fondus
Pirkimas yra susijęs su projektu ir (arba) programa, finansuojama Europos Sąjungos lėšomis: ne
II.2.14)Papildoma informacija

Full tender documentation can be obtained by contacting

III dalis: Teisinė, ekonominė, finansinė ir techninė informacija

III.1)Dalyvavimo sąlygos
III.1.2)Ekonominė ir finansinė padėtis
Atrankos kriterijai, nurodyti pirkimo dokumentuose
III.1.3)Techniniai ir profesiniai pajėgumai
Atrankos kriterijai, nurodyti pirkimo dokumentuose
III.1.6)Reikalaujami užstatai ir garantijos:

A parent company guarantee will be required as stated in the tender documents.

III.2)Su sutartimi susijusios sąlygos
III.2.3)Informacija apie už sutarties vykdymą atsakingus darbuotojus
Įpareigojimas nurodyti už sutarties vykdymą atsakingų darbuotojų vardus ir pavardes bei profesinę kvalifikaciją

IV dalis: Procedūra

IV.1.1)Procedūros tipas
Derybos su išankstiniu kvietimu dalyvauti konkurse
IV.1.3)Informacija apie preliminariąją sutartį arba dinaminę pirkimo sistemą
IV.1.8)Informacija apie Sutartį dėl viešųjų pirkimų (SVP)
Ar pirkimui taikoma Sutartis dėl viešųjų pirkimų?: ne
IV.2)Administracinė informacija
IV.2.2)Pasiūlymų ar prašymų dalyvauti priėmimo terminas
Data: 23/04/2019
Vietos laikas: 17:00
IV.2.3)Kvietimų pateikti pasiūlymus ar dalyvauti pirkimo procedūroje išsiuntimo atrinktiems kandidatams numatyta data
Data: 03/05/2019
IV.2.4)Kalbos, kuriomis gali būti teikiami pasiūlymai ar prašymai dalyvauti:
Anglų kalba
IV.2.6)Minimalus laikotarpis, per kurį dalyvis privalo užtikrinti pasiūlymo galiojimą
Trukmė mėnesiais: 6 (nuo nustatytos dienos, kurią priimami pasiūlymai)

VI dalis: Papildoma informacija

VI.1)Informacija apie periodiškumą
Tai pasikartojantis pirkimas: ne
VI.3)Papildoma informacija:

Full tender documentation can be obtained by contacting

VI.4)Peržiūros procedūros
VI.4.1)Peržiūros institucija
Oficialus pavadinimas: London North Eastern Railway Limited
Adresas: East Coast House, 25 Skeldergate
Miestas: York
Pašto kodas: YO1 6DH
Šalis: Jungtinė Karalystė
VI.5)Šio skelbimo išsiuntimo data: