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02/04/2021    S65

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Rent or Purchase of Retail and Office Spaces to House the Future European Parliament Liaison Office, the Future European Commission Representation, as well as the Europa Experience Exhibition and Visitors’ Centre in Bucharest, Romania

2021/S 065-161745

Property Market Prospection Notice

 I.Contracting authority:

European Parliament, Directorate-General for Infrastructure and Logistics, Directorate for Integrated Facility Management, L - 2929, Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

The European Parliament and the European Commission seek office and retail space to rent or purchase, to house the future European Parliament Liaison Office and the European Commission Representation in Bucharest, as well as an interactive exhibition and visitors’ centre. These functions are preferably in the same building or otherwise in close vicinity according to possibility.
The building should be located centrally between Piaţa Charles de Gaule, Piaţa Unirii and Parcul Operei.
The exhibition and visitors’ centre should benefit from high pedestrian footfall and excellent visibility.
The required net usable area is approximately 750 m2 for the interactive exhibition and visitors’ centre, of which at least 300 m2 of retail space at ground floor, plus around 2 000 m2 for office spaces.
 III.Expression of interest

Interested property owners and/or their representatives, including real estate agencies and property developers, are invited to submit their details by 11 April 2021, to the following email address: