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India-Pune: BEI - UGC-01: Progettazione e costruzione di stazioni sotterranee a Shivaji Nagar e al Tribunale Civile e delle relative gallerie

2019/S 074-174274

Contract Award Notice for P1UGC-01/2018

 1.Name and address of the contracting authority:

Managing Director, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited, 1st Floor, The Orion, 5, Koregaon Road, Pune- 411001, Maharashtra, INDIA
 2.Award procedures chosen. In the case of negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice (Article 28), justification:

Not applicable.
 3.Public works contracts: nature and extent of the contract, general characteristics of the work. Public supply contracts: nature and quantity of products supplied, where appropriate, by the supplier nomenclature reference number. Public service contracts: category and description of the service; nomenclature reference number; quantity of services bought:

Public works contracts: design and construction of underground stations viz. Shivajinagar and Civil Court and tunnels between Agriculture college and Northern End of Budhwar Peth Station on the North-South Corridor of Pune Metro Rail Project.
 4.Date of contract award:

1.12.2018 (date of issue of letter of acceptance).
 5.Contract award criteria:

Tenderer, who meet eligibility and qualification criteria and is substantially responsive, complete and in accordance with the tender documents, and lowest evaluated price.
 6.Number of tenders received:

 7.Name and address of the successful economic operators:

M/s Gulermak-TPL Pune Metro JV, One Boulevard, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor, Lake Boulevard Street, Powai, Mumbai- 400076.
 8.Price or range of prices (minimum/maximum):

Contract awarded price of INR 8,647,139,476 and 37 595 867 USD.
 9.Value of the tender (tenders) retained or the highest tender and the lowest tender taken into consideration for the contract award:

Value of the tender retained.
 10.Where appropriate, value and proportion of contract likely to be subcontracted to third parties:

The value of a sub-contract excluding design work and the items in the schedule of miscellaneous works shall be limited to 50 % of the contract price. The contract or any agreement between the contractor and subcontractor shall be in accordance with the “contract”. (as per Clause 4.4 of SCC (GCC Sub clause 4.4)).
 11.Date of publication of the tender notice:

 12.Date of dispatch of the notice:

Letter of acceptance issued on 1.12.2018 and has been accepted “un-conditionally” by the contractor. Contract Agreement has been executed on 24.1.2019 after submission of performance security by the contractor as per contractual provisions.
 13.Name and address of the body responsible for appeal and, where appropriate, mediation procedure precise information concerning the deadline for lodging appeals, or if need be the name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the service from which this information may be obtained:

Managing Director, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd, 1st Floor, The Orion, 5, Koregaon Road, Pune- 411001, Maharashtra, India.