Servizi - 181744-2014

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31/05/2014    S104    Banca europea per gli investimenti - Servizi - Avviso di aggiudicazione - Non specificato 

Bosnia-Erzegovina-Sarajevo: BEI - Opere di riassetto stradale

2014/S 104-181744

“ENGINEER” Services on the Construction Tunnel „Karaula“ BA/RMFBH/EIB/S/ICB/2/13

AWARD NOTICE: 229451-2013-EN

• Project: Road Modernization in Federation BH

• Lot Number and Lot Title: “ENGINEER” Services on the Construction Tunnel „Karaula“ BA/RMFBH/EIB/S/ICB/2/13

• Publication reference: OJ/S S133 11/07/2013 229451-2013-EN

• Publication date of the Procurement Notice 11th July 2013

• Promoter’s name: JP Ceste Federacije B&HSarajevo BA

• Contract Value: BAM 914,717.70

• Date of Award of the Contract: 14th April 2014

• Number of bids received is: five (5)

• Name and address of successful bidder JV ROUGHTON Int. Ltd (JV Leader) & IPSA INSTITUT doo with sub-consultant GEOTEHNIČKI STUDIO A2 OMEGA PARK ELECTRONIC WAY CHANDLERS Ford,SO53 4 SE, UNITED KINGDOM