Supplies - 218589-2020

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12/05/2020    S92    European Investment Bank - Supplies - Contract award notice - Not specified 

Ukraine-Kharkiv: EIB - Purchase of new trolleybuses

2020/S 092-218589

Location — Kharkiv, Ukraine

Ukraine Urban Public Transport Project — 2019/S 113-276197

Supply Contract Award Notice

 1.Publication reference
 2.Publication date of the contract notice

12 May 2020
 3.Lot number and lot title

One lot only.
 4.The identification of the Tender process

Supply of new trolleybuses low floor 13.5 metres max. and 18.75 metres max. including a set of spare parts and consumables, a set of equipment and tools for maintenance, repair and related services, up to a total budget of euro 10 (ten) million, sales taxes and customs duties excluded.
 5.Publication date of the Procurement Notice

14 June 2019.
 6.Promoter’s name

Municipal Enterprise „Trolleybus Depot 3”, Kharkiv, UKRAINE
 7.Reference of the Bank’s financing

European Investment Bank.
 8.Contract price

EUR 9 892 606.00 (nine million eight hundred and ninety two thousand six hundred and six euro 00 cents) excluding VAT.
 9.Date of Award Contract

13 April 2020
 10.Number of tenders received

2 (two).
 11.Name and address of successful tenderer

‘Car assembly plant No 1’ subsidiary of PJSC AC ‘Bohdan Motors’ 42, Rivnenska St, Lutsk, Volyn region, UKRAINE, 43010.