Services - 255699-2017

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05/07/2017    S126

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: EIB - Technical Support for the “Abu Tartour” Port Project

2017/S 126-255699


Location: Egypt

 1.Reference code

Forecast Notice: 2015/S 148-272535, TA2015041 EG NIF
Procurement Notice: 2015/S 226-410601, TA2015041 EG NIF
Corrigendum 1: 2015/S 233-422710, TA2015041 EG NIF
Corrigendum 2: 2015/S 248-450613, TA2015041 EG NIF
Shortlist Notice: 2016/S 210-380207, TA2015041 EG NIF
 2.Publication date of the procurement notice

22/11/2015; 02/12/2015; 23/12/2015
 3.Lot number and lot title

Not applicable.
 4.Contract number and value

Contract number TA2015041 EG NIF, EUR 575.000
 5.Date of award of the contract

 6.Number of tenders received

 7.Overall score of the chosen tenderer

 8.Name, address and nationality of the successful tenderer

Maritime & Transport Business Solutions BV (NL) / D’Appolonia S.p.A. (IT) / Eversheds LLP (UK), Wijnhaven 3-E, NL-3000 AP Rotterdam
 9.Duration of the contract

20 months.
 10.Contracting Authority

European Investment Bank, 98-100, boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,
 11.Legal basis

Regulation (EC) no.1638/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 2006 laying down general provisions establishing a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument.