Leveringen - 293172-2019

25/06/2019    S120    - - Leveringen - Vooraankondiging zonder oproep tot mededinging - Niet van toepassing 

Verenigd Koninkrijk-Londen: Kantoormachines en gegevensverwerkende apparatuur, kantooruitrusting en -benodigdheden, uitgez. meubilair en softwarepakketten

2019/S 120-293172


Deze aankondiging dient enkel als vooraankondiging


Legal Basis:

Richtlijn 2014/24/EU

Afdeling I: Aanbestedende dienst

I.1)Naam en adressen
British Council
10 Spring Gardens
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Contactpersoon: Charlotte Morris
E-mail: charlotte.morris@britishcouncil.org
NUTS-code: UK


Hoofdadres: www.britishcouncil.org

I.2)Inlichtingen betreffende gezamenlijke aanbesteding
Nadere inlichtingen zijn te verkrijgen op het hierboven vermelde adres
I.4)Soort aanbestedende dienst
Publiekrechtelijke instelling
Andere activiteit: Registered Charity

Afdeling II: Voorwerp

II.1)Omvang van de aanbesteding

Global Estates Furniture Framework

Referentienummer: BC/00854
II.1.2)CPV-code hoofdcategorie
II.1.3)Type opdracht
II.1.4)Korte beschrijving:

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Each year we reach over 20 000 000 people face-to-face and more than 500 000 000 people online. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. The British Council is seeking to establish a global framework procurement solution for the manufacture/supply of British Council approved furniture to enable modern, flexible, efficient and cost effective workplaces for our staff and in our Educational classrooms.

II.1.5)Geraamde totale waarde
Waarde zonder btw: 7 000 000.00 GBP
II.1.6)Inlichtingen over percelen
Verdeling in percelen: neen
II.2.2)Aanvullende CPV-code(s)
II.2.3)Plaats van uitvoering
NUTS-code: UK
Voornaamste plaats van uitvoering:

Global list is provided at VI.3).

II.2.4)Beschrijving van de aanbesteding:

The British Council intends to launch a procurement through the OJEU restricted process to establish a global framework of manufacturers/suppliers. The global procurement framework will be structured to appoint a limited number of suppliers that can meet the requirements of the British Council’s global footprint, with solutions that are structured to enable efficient global access to furniture products and services that deliver value for money, quality and brand assurance across our varied estate. This procurement will replace the British Council’s current global furniture contract and be designed to deliver optimal furniture solutions for predominantly commercial office and educational furniture and associated equipment that will facilitate new working practices, improve service delivery and act as a catalyst for change.

II.2.14)Nadere inlichtingen
II.3)Vermoedelijke datum van de bekendmaking van de aankondiging van een opdracht:

Afdeling IV: Procedure

IV.1.8)Inlichtingen over de Overeenkomst inzake overheidsopdrachten (GPA)
De opdracht valt onder de GPA: ja

Afdeling VI: Aanvullende inlichtingen

VI.3)Nadere inlichtingen:

The British Council employs over 10 500 staff worldwide. It has headquarters in the UK, with offices in London, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. The British Council has a complex and diverse global property portfolio of circa 380 holdings across 112 countries around the world spanning the following regions; Americas, East Asia European, Union Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa United Kingdom, Wider Europe. If you are interested in expressing an interest for this PIN, please go to https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil

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VI.5)Datum van verzending van deze aankondiging: