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27/06/2019    S122    Banca europea per gli investimenti - Lavori - Avviso di gara - Non specificato 

Bosnia-Erzegovina-Sarajevo: BEI - Lavori di costruzione stradale

2019/S 122-297633

Lot 1: Interchange Počitelj – Beginning of Bridge Počitelj and end of Bridge Počitelj – Interchange Zvirovići) (from km 0+000,00 to km 3+425,00 and from 4+404,00 to km 11+075,00)

No: JPAC 975-B96-18

Bosnia and Herzegovina — Mostar: EIB — Road construction

Bosnia and Herzegovina

 1.Name and address of the Contracting Authority

Public company Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ltd. Mostar, Adema Buća 20, 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Attn: Mr. Tarik Duraković and Ms. Sanela Kosovac, Hamdije Kreševljakovića 19, 71000, Sarajevo, BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA, Tel: +387 33 277 966; +387 33 277 921 - Fax: +387 33 277 901; +387 33 277 942 - E-mail: and
 2.Award procedures chosen. In the case of negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice (Article 28), justification

Single stage, 2-envelope, open tendering procedure
 3.Public works contracts: nature and extent of the contract, general characteristics of the work. Public supply contracts: nature and quantity of products supplied, where appropriate, by the supplier; nomenclature reference number. Public service contracts: category and description of the service; nomenclature reference number; quantity of services bought

Construction of motorway on corridor Vc, Lot 1: Interchange Počitelj – beginning of bridge Počitelj and end of bridge Počitelj –interchange Zvirovići (from km 0+000,00 to km 3+425,00 and from 4+404,00 to km 11+075,00); Contract No. JPAC 975-B96-18 is divided as follows:
Section 1: Motorway between interchange Počitelj and beginning of bridge Počitelj;
Section 2: Motorway between end of bridge Počitelj and interchange Zvirovići.
Construction includes the following main works:
— alignment works,
— interchange Počitelj,
— inter-regional interchange Počitelj (connecting corridor Vc and Adriatic–Ionian motorway),
— underpasses, overpasses, culverts,
— bridge M2 L = 110,5 m (right)/157,5 m (left),
— bridge M3 L = 42,0 m (right)/69,0 m (left),
— bridge M4 L = 100,0 m (right)/122 m (left),
— tunnel Počitelj L = 1163 m (right)/1192 m (left),
— local roads.
The contract will be implemented as per FIDIC conditions of contract for construction for building and engineering works designed by the employer, (red book), First Edition 1999.
 4.Date of contract award

 5.Contract award criteria

The lowest price
 6.Number of tenders received

5 (five)
 7.Name and address of the successful economic operators

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd. No 15, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing, CHINA.
 8.Price or range of prices (minimum/maximum) paid

56 522 840,50 EUR (Price is NET of VAT)
 9.Value of the tender (tenders) retained or the highest tender and lowest tender taken into consideration for the contract award

Highest: 56 522 840,50 EUR (Price is NET of VAT)
Lowest: 69 467 867,96 EUR (Price is NET of VAT)
 10.Where appropriate, value and proportion of contract likely to be subcontracted to third parties

 11.ate of publication of the tender notice in accordance with the technical specifications for publication in Annex VIII

10.7.2018. (OJEU Ref: 2018/S 130-295586)
 12.Date of dispatch of the notice

 13.Name and address of the body responsible for appeal and, where appropriate, mediation procedures. Precise information concerning the deadline for lodging appeals, or if need be the name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the service from which this information may be obtained

Body responsible for appeals and complaints is the independent complaints committee established at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications
Address: Braće Fejića bb, 88000 Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 36 55 00 25
Facsimile: +387 36 55 00 24