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03/09/2016    S170

Denmark-Ballerup: Navigational instruments

2016/S 170-306484

Prior information notice for contracts in the field of defence and security


Directive 2009/81/EC

Section I: Contracting authority/entity

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Official name: Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization
Postal address: Lautrupbjerg 1-5
Town: Ballerup
Postal code: 2750
Country: Denmark
For the attention of: Maria Boesen
Telephone: +45 40728065

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority/entity:

Further information can be obtained from:
Official name: Mercell Danmark A/S
Postal address: Østre Stationsvej 33, Vestfløjen
Town: Odense
Postal code: 5000
Country: Denmark
Telephone: +45 63133700
Internet address:

I.2)Type of the contracting authority
Ministry or any other national or federal authority, including their regional or local sub-divisions
I.3)Main activity
I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities/entities

Section II: Object of the contract

II.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority/entity:
3D Inertial System.
II.2)Type of contract and location of works, place of delivery or of performance
II.3)Information on framework agreement
II.4)Short description of nature and scope of works or nature and quantity or value of supplies or services:
The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (hereinafter referred to as DALO) plans to invite tenders for a Framework Agreement regarding acquisition of a 3D Inertial System (INS) for vehicles and is therefore looking for information on how to structure a possible future tender.
The purpose of this request for information (RFI) is to understand how the best possible tender can be arranged both for DALO and the suppliers according to EC regulation. It should be stressed that this notice is not a call for tenders and participation in the discussions will not be required for later participation.
By a 3D Inertial System, DALO understands a system which is mounted on a vehicle and primarily will be able to provide Position, Navigation and Timing information (PNT) in close connection with a Military GPS (MIL GPS). The INS shall improve the PNT coming from the GPS and the GPS shall stabilize the PNT data from the INS. In circumstances where the GPS signals are denied, the INS shall be able to give the vehicle PNT at a certain time.
As part of the preparation DALO would like to invite potential contractors to a discussion for the purpose of gathering information to be used for the preparation of future tender documents. DALO is conducting the discussion/market survey via Mercell Sourcing Services ( DALO does currently not plan to arrange subsequent technical dialogue meetings with participants. However, based on the information obtained from the RFI, DALO reserves the right to do so if further insight into the information obtained via the RFI questionnaire is deemed desirable. DALO furthermore reserves the right to ask participants to elaborate on the answers provided in the RFI.
For instructions regarding access to documents and practicalities in relation to the technical dialogue / market survey, please see section VI.2).
II.5)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

38110000 Navigational instruments, 35422000 Electronic and electrical spare parts for military vehicles, 34933000 Navigation equipment

II.6)Scheduled date for start of award procedures and duration of the contract
II.7)Additional information:

The purchaser is using Mercell Sourcing Services for this RFI. To notify your interest and get access to documents, you must copy and paste the following link into the address-part on your browser (

If you are not a licensee of Mercell Denmark A/S, fill out a registration of your company. This registration is required for your continued participation and is free of charge. After sending the registration you have free access to all documents. You will receive access codes to during normal working hours and can then access the documents. The potential contractors are expected to be operators within the market for Inertial Systems.

For the discussion DALO has prepared a Request for Information questionnaire where the potential contractors are asked to give their opinion on commercial and technical matters. DALO would like to encourage potential contractors to obtain the questionnaire via Mercell Sourcing Services, see also Annex A.l, and return it in filled out form — in English or in Danish no later than 26.09.2016.
This prior information notice is to inform interested contractors of the possibility to participate in the abovementioned market survey/discussion. Potential contractors are kindly made aware, that aside from the Request for Information mentioned above, no further information regarding tender material, documents, conditions or the tender procedure is available prior to publication of a contract notice. Questions to the procedure can be submitted via the communication ‘tab’ in Mercell.
DALO does currently not plan to arrange subsequent technical dialogue meetings with participants. However, based on the information obtained from the RFI, DALO reserves the right to do so if further clarifying information is deemed desirable. In this case, DALO reserves the right only to invite a limited number of participants.
DALO emphasizes that this notice is not a call for pre-qualification applications, and participation in the discussion will not be required for prequalification in a possible coming call for tenders. It should furthermore be stressed that replies given during the period of discussion will not in any way be part of any later assessment. The purpose of this request for information (RFI) is solely to give DALO wide background knowledge about the possibilities and challenges in the market.

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract
III.1.1)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.2)Conditions for participation
III.2.1)Information about reserved contracts

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about European Union funds
VI.2)Additional information:
VI.3)Information on general regulatory framework
VI.4)Date of dispatch of this notice: