Lieferungen - 355825-2017

12/09/2017    S174    - - Lieferungen - Vorabinformation ohne Aufruf zum Wettbewerb - Entfällt 

Finnland-Helsinki: Steuerungs- und Kontrollsystem, Ausrüstungen für Druck, Grafik, Büroautomation und Datenverarbeitung

2017/S 174-355825


Diese Bekanntmachung dient der Verkürzung der Frist für den Eingang der Angebote


Legal Basis:

Richtlinie 2014/24/EU

Abschnitt I: Öffentlicher Auftraggeber

I.1)Name und Adressen
The Social Insurance Institution of Finland
Nordenskiöldinkatu 12
NUTS-Code: FI1B1



I.2)Informationen zur gemeinsamen Beschaffung
Die Auftragsunterlagen stehen für einen uneingeschränkten und vollständigen direkten Zugang gebührenfrei zur Verfügung unter:
Weitere Auskünfte erteilen/erteilt die oben genannten Kontaktstellen
Angebote oder Teilnahmeanträge sind einzureichen elektronisch via:
I.4)Art des öffentlichen Auftraggebers
Andere: institution under public law

Abschnitt II: Gegenstand

II.1)Umfang der Beschaffung
II.1.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:

High Volume Document Scanning Devices.

II.1.2)CPV-Code Hauptteil
II.1.3)Art des Auftrags
II.1.4)Kurze Beschreibung:

Call for Information

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) is an institution under public law that operates under the oversight of the Finnish Parliament. It provides social security coverage for Finnish residents and many Finns living abroad through the different stages of their lives. Among the social security benefits offered by Kela are family benefits, health insurance, rehabilitation, basic unemployment security, housing benefits, financial aid for students and basic pensions.

In 2016, Kela received 8 300 000 paper documents (approximately 20 000 000 pages) that were scanned and indexed for electronic processing. Due to the increased responsibilities of the organization, the forecasted total for this year is 11 500 000 million documents (almost 32 000 000 pages). Kela intends to increase the productivity of scanning operations by the procurement of high volume scanning devices. Call for offers will be published by the end of this year.

(see section II.2.4).

II.1.5)Geschätzter Gesamtwert
II.1.6)Angaben zu den Losen
Aufteilung des Auftrags in Lose: nein
II.2.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:
II.2.2)Weitere(r) CPV-Code(s)
NUTS-Code: FI1B1
II.2.4)Beschreibung der Beschaffung:

The scope of this call for information is high volume scanning devices to cover 85 % of the estimated scanning needs, which means annually about 27 000 000 pages. The devices to be purchased have to support existing scanning and indexing solutions (see appendices for documentation). Kela currently conducts scanning operations with about 200 desktop scanners. Part of those are planned to be used in local offices also in the future. Scanning personnel work during regular office hours (not in shifts) and the objective is to scan the documents within the same day they are received. There are ongoing activities to centralize most of the scanning operations into 1-2 locations in Finland.

(see section II.2.14).

Der Preis ist nicht das einzige Zuschlagskriterium; alle Kriterien sind nur in den Beschaffungsunterlagen aufgeführt
II.2.6)Geschätzter Wert
II.2.7)Laufzeit des Vertrags, der Rahmenvereinbarung oder des dynamischen Beschaffungssystems
II.2.10)Angaben über Varianten/Alternativangebote
II.2.11)Angaben zu Optionen
II.2.13)Angaben zu Mitteln der Europäischen Union
Der Auftrag steht in Verbindung mit einem Vorhaben und/oder Programm, das aus Mitteln der EU finanziert wird: nein
II.2.14)Zusätzliche Angaben

The purpose of this call for information is to gather information about product selection and potential providers as well as about purchasing options, installation, service, ergonomics and human factors, functionalities and other relevant information concerning the high volume scanning devices that could assist Kela in preparing the procurement.

(see section VI.3).

II.3)Voraussichtlicher Tag der Veröffentlichung der Auftragsbekanntmachung:

Abschnitt III: Rechtliche, wirtschaftliche, finanzielle und technische Angaben

III.1.1)Befähigung zur Berufsausübung einschließlich Auflagen hinsichtlich der Eintragung in einem Berufs- oder Handelsregister
Auflistung und kurze Beschreibung der Bedingungen:

Conditions as stated in the procurement documents.

III.1.2)Wirtschaftliche und finanzielle Leistungsfähigkeit
Eignungskriterien gemäß Auftragsunterlagen
III.1.3)Technische und berufliche Leistungsfähigkeit
Eignungskriterien gemäß Auftragsunterlagen
III.1.5)Angaben zu vorbehaltenen Aufträgen
III.2)Bedingungen für den Auftrag
III.2.2)Bedingungen für die Ausführung des Auftrags:
III.2.3)Für die Ausführung des Auftrags verantwortliches Personal

Abschnitt IV: Verfahren

IV.1.3)Angaben zur Rahmenvereinbarung oder zum dynamischen Beschaffungssystem
IV.1.6)Angaben zur elektronischen Auktion
IV.1.8)Angaben zum Beschaffungsübereinkommen (GPA)
Der Auftrag fällt unter das Beschaffungsübereinkommen: ja
IV.2.5)Voraussichtlicher Beginn der Vergabeverfahren:

Abschnitt VI: Weitere Angaben

VI.2)Angaben zu elektronischen Arbeitsabläufen
VI.3)Zusätzliche Angaben:

Questions for Interested Parties

We have compiled the following set of questions which relate to issues we consider important to our operations. Interested parties are, however, invited to submit any relevant information concerning the procurement of high volume scanning devices.

1 Questions Related to Product Selection.

1.1 What kinds of high volume scanning devices and solutions do you provide.

1.2 Considering our situation, which of them you would propose for us and why.

1.3 What kinds of components (devices, drivers, software licenses etc.) does your scanning solution consist of.

1.4 What kinds of purchase options do you provide (cash purchase, leasing, something else).

2 Questions Related to Deployment, Installation and Maintenance.

2.1 What are the requirements for installing the device (e.g. premises, electricity, air conditioning, software infrastructure).

2.2 What is the supported life cycle of your devices? What is the typical duration of your service agreements.

2.3 Do you have a service agency or partner in Finland? If not, where is the closest one.

2.4 How would you organize service and maintenance in Finland? What would be a minimum viable service response time for Helsinki.

2.5 What kinds of regular services are recommended and how often should they be performed.

2.6 Are you currently providing service and/or support for your devices in the Finnish language.

3 Questions Related to Ergonomics and Human Factors.

3.1 With regard to the work practices and responsibilities of the scanning personnel, what are the most important changes that would be required if we were to replace our current desktop scanners with your high volume scanning devices.

3.2 What kind of ergonomic issues should we take into account with your high volume scanning devices (for instance noise, vibration, working in standing position, need for breaks etc.).

3.3 Would you provide training for our personnel in the Finnish language.

3.4 What are the labor needs with your high volume scanning devices.

3.5 From an operational point of view, is there something else that we should take into account.

4 Questions Related to Functionalities and Features of Your Scanning Devices.

4.1 What are the basic features of your devices (dimensions, speed, paper handling, resolution and image processing, output formats and OCR for instance).

4.2 What kinds of paper (thickness, weight, size etc.) does your scanning device support? Can it handle paper bundles with various types of papers.

4.3 How can scanning quality be controlled? Is it possible to recognize automatically any problems with quality? If there is a need to scan a specific page again, for instance, how does the user proceed (e.g. stop the process and find the right page).

4.4 What kinds of functionalities do you provide to improve automatically the quality of scanned documents, for instance remove whole punch marks or empty pages, or adjust lightness and contrast? How can such features be adjusted.

4.5 What is the expected annual capacity of your devices (taking into account that personnel is not working in shifts).

4.6 What kinds of features do you provide to support document handling and archiving of scanned papers (e.g. sorting, traceability, collecting metadata etc.).

4.7 Is it possible to connect the scanner with an LDAP user registry (AD, for instance).

4.8 Is it possible to adjust how fast scanned documents are transmitted to background systems.


Please send the full name of Your Company and its contact person to Kela's e-mail address Kela will send You back the description of the current scanning system and its interface.

Please send Your answers to questions above via e-mail to no later than 29.9.2017. The questions and answers are non-compulsory. All answers will be handled confidentially. Thank You.

Kela Procurement Services

Helsinki, Finland.

VI.4.1)Zuständige Stelle für Rechtsbehelfs-/Nachprüfungsverfahren
Radanrakentajantie 5
Telefon: +358 295643300
Fax: +358 295643314


VI.4.2)Zuständige Stelle für Schlichtungsverfahren
VI.4.3)Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen
VI.4.4)Stelle, die Auskünfte über die Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen erteilt
VI.5)Tag der Absendung dieser Bekanntmachung: