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Supplies - 372417-2018

TITitleSpain-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy
NDNotice publication number372417-2018
PDPublication date25/08/2018
OJOJ S issue number163
TWTown/city of the buyerLAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA
AUOfficial name of the buyerConsejería de Medio Ambiente y Emergencias del Cabildo de Gran Canaria (P3500001G)
OLOriginal languageES
CYCountry of the buyerES
AAType of buyer3 - Regional or local authority
HAEU institution/agency-
DSDocument sent23/08/2018
NCType of contract2 - Supplies
PRType of procedure1 - Open procedure
TDNotice type7 - Contract award notice
RPRegulation4 - European Union
TYType of bid9 - Not applicable
ACAward criteria2 - The most economic tender
PCCommon procurement vocabulary (CPV)31680000 - Electrical supplies and accessories
24453000 - Herbicides
14310000 - Fertiliser minerals
24452000 - Insecticides
14210000 - Gravel, sand, crushed stone and aggregates
24440000 - Miscellaneous fertilisers
44163000 - Pipes and fittings
14212410 - Topsoil
03450000 - Tree-nursery products
44163200 - Pipe fittings
09000000 - Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy
44316000 - Ironmongery
44810000 - Paints
44512000 - Miscellaneous hand tools
24457000 - Fungicides
44510000 - Tools
24400000 - Fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
44100000 - Construction materials and associated items
42670000 - Parts and accessories of machine tools
RCPlace of performance (NUTS)ES70
IAInternet address (URL)
DILegal basisPublic procurement Directive 2014/24/EU