Services - 384013-2015

31/10/2015    S212    Court of Justice of the European Union - Services - Additional information - Open procedure 

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Eye tests

2015/S 212-384013

Incomplete procedure

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 15.8.2015, 2015/S 157-287588)

Court of Justice of the European Union, attention: Ms Eva Lorincz, boulevard Konrad Adenauer, 2925 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG. Contact: Staff Regulations, Social and Medical Affairs and Working Conditions Unit. Tel. +352 4303-2147. Fax +352 4303-2532. E-mail:


The contract has not been awarded.

The contracting authority has decided to:

— declare the aforementioned open contract award procedure unsuccessful,

— use a negotiated procedure in the future, in accordance with Article 134(1)(a) of the rules of application, without prior publication of a contract notice and under the same conditions as those specified in the invitation to tender documents of the unsuccessful open procedure,

— invite 3 candidates to submit their tenders in accordance with Article 128(2) of the rules of application.