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05/02/2014    S25

Regno Unito-Londra: Lavori di costruzione ferroviari

2014/S 025-040069

Avviso indicativo periodico – Settori speciali


Direttiva 2004/17/CE
Il presente avviso è un bando di gara: no
Il presente avviso mira a ridurre i termini per il ricevimento delle offerte: no

Sezione I: Ente aggiudicatore

I.1)Denominazione, indirizzi e punti di contatto

Denominazione ufficiale: High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd
Indirizzo postale: 2nd Floor, Eland House, Bressenden Place
Città: London
Codice postale: SW1E 5DU
Paese: Regno Unito
Persona di contatto: Supply Chain Manager
Posta elettronica:

I.2)Principali settori di attività
Servizi ferroviari
I.3)Concessione di un appalto a nome di altri enti aggiudicatori
L'ente aggiudicatore acquista per conto di altri enti aggiudicatori: no

Sezione II: Oggetto dell'appalto

II.1)Denominazione conferita all'appalto dall'ente aggiudicatore:
Market Engagement for HS2 Phase One.
II.2)Tipo di appalto
II.3)Breve descrizione dell'appalto o degli acquisti:
About HS2:
Britain is planning its first high-speed rail network that will connect its biggest cities, generate jobs, rebalance the economy, shorten journey times and significantly improve capacity of the UK rail network. HS2 Ltd is the organisation responsible for developing and delivering the UK's high speed rail network.
HS2 will be built in two phases to ensure that the benefits of high speed rail are realised as early as possible. Phase One, connecting London and the West Midlands, is expected to open in 2026.

Further information on HS2 and our work can be found on our website:

The Purpose of this Periodic Indicative Notice:
This Periodic Indicative Notice (PIN) is designed to research the supply market to support the approach to be taken for the procurement of Phase One, which will be described back to the market in Summer 2014. In particular, the outcomes of the market engagement activity may inform the procurement strategy to be adopted, the formulation of requirements and / or specification and timings.
HS2 Ltd is particularly interested in engaging applicants with capability in the following categories:
— Tunnels;
— Stations;
— Surface Route;
— Enabling Works;
— Railway Systems;
— Design Services;
— Rolling Stock and Depots; and
— Systems Integrators
This market engagement may include the following topics:
— testing the approach, size and composition of individual packages of work;
— how to optimise contracting mechanisms;
— understanding potential market constraints and supply chain risks;
— how to embed sustainability into HS2 procurements;
— how to encourage and capture potential innovative solutions; and
— assessing potential interest and gaining appropriate feedback prior to the commencement of a formal procurement exercise, if pursued.
During the market engagement exercise, applicants may be invited to participate in one or more of the following activities:
— market engagement survey;
— events led by Umbrella Trade Associations and Local Enterprise Partnerships;
— plenary meetings; and
— one-to-one meetings.
HS2 will respect the confidentiality of each participant in any market engagement activities subject to any obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Impact Regulations 2004.
This diverse set of market engagement activities has been set out to maximise the involvement from a representative sample of the supply market. If a supplier does not feel that these channels will provide sufficient representation of their organisation, please contact HS2 Ltd on the email address provided in Section I.
The market engagement survey is available to all applicants and allows them to provide their input and feedback. However, because of the expected interest in the market engagement exercise, it is not anticipated that all applicants will be able to participate in all activities. HS2 Ltd will ensure a representative cross-section of organisations will be involved in the market engagement activities.
Please note that this research is an informal market engagement exercise to enable HS2 to benefit from potential suppliers' technical expertise and experience of similar projects. This exercise does not represent the commencement of any formal procurement. Supplier participation in this market engagement exercise will not have any influence on any future supplier selection, which shall be subject to further notification and competition as is required in the circumstances.
How to participate in the market engagement exercise:

Those who wish to participate in the market engagement exercise are asked to complete a registration form and survey between 09:00 GMT 17.2.2014 and 19:00 GMT 23.3.14 on the HS2 eSourcing portal. This may be obtained from the following website: Instructions are set out below:

1. Browse to the eSourcing Portal: and click the ‘Register Now!’ link

2. Review and accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Next’
3. Enter your business and user details – Note down the username you choose
4. Click ‘Save’ to proceed to the market engagement survey
5. Before completing the survey, download and review the supporting ‘Market Information Document’ by following the hyperlink at the top of the survey
6. When completing the market engagement survey, mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk
7. Upon completing (or partially completing) the market engagement survey, click ‘Save’ and ‘Exit’. You may complete or amend your response to the market engagement survey at a later date, as described below
8. You will receive an email with confirmation of your username and temporary password – Please keep this safe and secure
First-time access to the survey is as described above. Should you not be able to answer all questions on your first attempt, you will be able to log-in at a more convenient time by following these instructions:

1. Browse to the eSourcing Portal:

2. Upon first log-in, enter your username and temporary password provided in the registration email you received and click ‘Go’. You will be prompted to create a unique password for your account which will be used to log-in for any future access to the eSourcing portal.
3. Click the ‘Manage Your Profile’ link
4. From within the profile, you will need to click on ‘Basic Profile’ in order to access the market engagement survey
5. Ensure you complete all relevant questions. Mandatory questions are indicated by a red asterisk.
6. Upon completing the market engagement survey, click ‘Save’ and ‘Exit’
If you require any assistance regarding the eSourcing Portal please consult the online help or contact the technical help desk on +44 8003684850 (08:00 am to 18:00 pm Monday to Friday).
II.4)Vocabolario comune per gli appalti (CPV)

45234100 Lavori di costruzione ferroviari, 31300000 Fili e cavi isolati, 45300000 Lavori di installazione di impianti in edifici, 71600000 Servizi di prova tecnica, analisi e consulenza, 24000000 Sostanze chimiche, 31000000 Macchine e apparecchi, attrezzature e articoli di consumo elettrici; illuminazione, 42100000 Macchinari per la produzione e l'uso di energia meccanica, 48000000 Pacchetti software e sistemi di informazione, 42900000 Macchinari vari per usi generali e specifici, 71200000 Servizi architettonici e servizi affini, 50100000 Servizi di riparazione, manutenzione e affini di veicoli e attrezzature connesse, 51000000 Servizi di installazione (escluso software), 50200000 Riparazione, manutenzione e servizi affini connessi a trasporti aerei, ferroviari, strade e servizi marittimi, 38000000 Attrezzature da laboratorio, ottiche e di precisione (escluso vetri), 72000000 Servizi informatici: consulenza, sviluppo di software, Internet e supporto, 42400000 Apparecchiature di sollevamento e movimentazione e loro parti, 90400000 Servizi fognari, 38200000 Strumenti geologici e geofisici, 34600000 Locomotive e materiale rotabile e parti associate ferrotranviarie, 43200000 Macchinari per movimento terra ed escavazione e relative parti, 63700000 Servizi di supporto al trasporto terrestre, per via d'acqua e aereo, 44200000 Prodotti strutturali, 45000000 Lavori di costruzione, 43000000 Macchine per l'industria mineraria, lo scavo di cave, attrezzature da costruzione, 90000000 Servizi fognari, di raccolta dei rifiuti, di pulizia e ambientali, 31600000 Attrezzature e apparecchiature elettriche, 43100000 Macchine per l'industria mineraria, 71000000 Servizi architettonici, di costruzione, ingegneria e ispezione, 34900000 Varie attrezzature di trasporto e parti di ricambio, 43600000 Parti di macchine per miniere, cave e cantieri, 43300000 Macchinari e attrezzature per costruzione, 44100000 Materiali per costruzione e articoli connessi, 50000000 Servizi di riparazione e manutenzione, 90700000 Servizi ambientali, 63000000 Servizi di supporto e ausiliari nel campo dei trasporti; servizi di agenzie di viaggio, 45100000 Lavori di preparazione del cantiere edile, 45200000 Lavori per la costruzione completa o parziale e ingegneria civile, 34000000 Attrezzature di trasporto e prodotti ausiliari per il trasporto, 65300000 Erogazione di energia elettrica e servizi connessi, 45500000 Noleggio di macchinari e attrezzature per lavori edili e di genio civile con operatore, 72200000 Programmazione di software e servizi di consulenza, 44000000 Strutture e materiali per costruzione, prodotti ausiliari per costruzione (apparecchiature elettriche escluse), 24900000 Prodotti chimici fini e vari, 42000000 Macchinari industriali, 45400000 Lavori di completamento degli edifici, 65000000 Servizi pubblici, 42600000 Macchine utensili, 48300000 Pacchetti software per creazione di documenti, disegno, trattamento delle immagini, pianificazione e produttività, 31500000 Apparecchi di illuminazione e lampade elettriche, 51600000 Servizi di installazione di computer e apparecchiature per ufficio, 60000000 Servizi di trasporto (escluso il trasporto di rifiuti), 71300000 Servizi di ingegneria, 43500000 Veicoli cingolati, 51100000 Servizi di installazione di attrezzature elettriche e meccaniche, 60200000 Servizi di trasporto ferroviario, 48100000 Pacchetti software specifici per l'industria, 71700000 Servizi di monitoraggio e controllo, 43400000 Macchinari per la preparazione dei minerali e la modellazione di forme per fonderia

II.5)Data prevista per l'avvio delle procedure di aggiudicazione e durata dell'appalto
II.6)Costo stimato e modalità principali di finanziamento
II.6.1)Costo iniziale stimato
II.6.2)Principali modalità di finanziamento e di pagamento e/o riferimenti alle disposizioni applicabili in materia:
II.7)Informazioni relative all'accordo sugli appalti pubblici (AAP)
II.8)Informazioni complementari:
Additional CPV Objects:
24950000-8 Specialised chemical products
24951000-5 Greases and lubricants
24951110-9 Drilling mud
24951130-5 Drilling fluids
24957000-7 Chemical additives
24957200-9 Additives for cements, mortars or concretes
31320000-5 Power distribution cables
31321000-2 Electricity power lines
31321100-3 Overhead power lines
31321700-9 Signalling cable
31510000-4 Electric filament lamps
31518000-0 Signalling lights
31520000-7 Lamps and light fittings
31524000-5 Ceiling or wall light fittings
31524100-6 Ceiling light fittings
31524200-7 Wall light fittings
31530000-0 Parts of lamps and lighting equipment
31532000-4 Parts of lamps and light fittings
31610000-5 Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles
31650000-7 Insulating fittings
31680000-6 Electrical supplies and accessories
31682000-0 Electricity supplies
31682400-4 Overhead electrical equipment
31682410-7 Overhead cable carriers
34610000-6 Rail locomotives and tenders
34611000-3 Locomotives
34612000-0 Locomotive tenders and cable cars
34612100-1 Locomotive tenders
34620000-9 Rolling stock
34621000-6 Railway maintenance or service vehicles, and railway freight wagons
34621100-7 Railway freight wagons
34621200-8 Railway maintenance or service vehicles
34622000-3 Railway and tramway passenger coaches, and trolleybuses
34622200-5 Railway passenger coaches
34622400-7 Railway carriages
34622500-8 Luggage vans and special-purpose vans
34630000-2 Parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; railways traffic-control equipment
34631000-9 Parts of locomotives or rolling stock
34631100-0 Monobloc wheels
34631200-1 Buffers and drawgear
34631300-2 Rolling-stock seats
34631400-3 Wheel axles and tyres and other parts of locomotives or rolling stock
34632000-6 Railways traffic-control equipment
34632100-7 Mechanical signalling
34632200-8 Electrical signalling equipment for railways
34632300-9 Electrical installations for railways
34940000-8 Railway equipment
34941000-5 Rails and accessories
34941100-6 Rods
34941200-7 Track rails
34941500-0 Crossheads
34941600-1 Crossovers
34941800-3 Railway points
34942000-2 Signalling equipment
34942100-3 Signal posts
34942200-4 Signalling boxes
34943000-9 Train-monitoring system
34944000-6 Points heating system
34945000-3 Track-alignment machinery
34946000-0 Railway-track construction materials and supplies
34946100-1 Railway-track construction materials
34946110-4 Rails
34946120-7 Railway materials
34946121-4 Fishplates and sole plates
34946122-1 Check rails
34946200-2 Railway-track construction supplies
34946210-5 Current-conducting rails
34946220-8 Switch blades, crossing frogs, point rods and crossing pieces
34946221-5 Switch blades
34946222-2 Crossing frogs
34946223-9 Point rods
34946224-6 Crossing pieces
34946230-1 Rail clips, bedplates and ties
34946231-8 Rail clips
34946232-5 Bedplates and ties
34946240-4 Chairs and chair wedges
34947000-7 Sleepers and parts of sleepers
34947100-8 Sleepers
34947200-9 Parts of sleepers
34990000-3 Control, safety, signalling and light equipment
34993000-4 Road lights
34993100-5 Tunnel lighting
38290000-4 Surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic and hydrological instruments and appliances
38296000-6 Surveying instruments
42410000-3 Lifting and handling equipment
42415000-8 Forklift trucks, works trucks, railway-station platforms tractors
42416000-5 Lifts, skip hoists, hoists, escalators and moving walkways
42416100-6 Lifts
42416120-2 Goods lifts
42416130-5 Mechanical lifts
42419000-6 Parts of lifting and handling equipment
42419500-1 Parts of lift, skip hoists or escalators
42419510-4 Parts of lifts
42640000-4 Machine tools for working hard materials except metals
42641000-1 Machine tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete or glass
42641300-4 Machine tools for working concrete
42990000-2 Miscellaneous special-purpose machinery
42995000-7 Miscellaneous cleaning machines
42995100-8 Tunnel washer
43120000-0 Coal or rock cutters and tunnelling machinery, and boring or sinking machinery
43123000-1 Tunnelling machinery
43124000-8 Boring machinery
43210000-8 Earthmoving machinery
43320000-2 Construction equipment
43324000-0 Drainage equipment
43410000-0 Mineral-processing machinery
43413000-1 Concrete or mortar mixers
43610000-2 Parts for boring machinery
43614000-0 Parts of tunnelling machinery
44110000-4 Construction materials
44111000-1 Building materials
44111100-2 Bricks
44111200-3 Cement
44111500-6 Insulators and insulating fittings
44111530-5 Electrical insulating fittings
44112000-8 Miscellaneous building structures
44114000-2 Concrete
44114100-3 Ready-mixed concrete
44114200-4 Concrete products
44114210-7 Concrete piles
44114220-0 Concrete pipes and fittings
44114250-9 Concrete slabs
44115000-9 Building fittings
44115800-7 Building internal fittings
44160000-9 Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items
44161000-6 Pipelines
44161100-7 Gas pipelines
44161110-0 Gas-distribution network
44161200-8 Water mains
44163000-0 Pipes and fittings
44163100-1 Pipes
44163110-4 Drainage pipes
44163112-8 Drainage system
44163200-2 Pipe fittings
44167000-8 Various pipe fittings
44167300-1 Bends, tees and pipe fittings
44210000-5 Structures and parts of structures
44212000-9 Structural products and parts except prefabricated buildings
44212100-0 Bridge
44212120-6 Structures of bridges
44212300-2 Structures and parts
44212317-4 Scaffolding structures
44212320-8 Miscellaneous structures
44212380-6 Parts of structures
45110000-1 Building demolition and wrecking work and earthmoving work
45111000-8 Demolition, site preparation and clearance work
45111100-9 Demolition work
45111200-0 Site preparation and clearance work
45111213-4 Site-clearance work
45111240-2 Ground-drainage work
45112000-5 Excavating and earthmoving work
45112500-0 Earthmoving work
45120000-4 Test drilling and boring work
45122000-8 Test boring work
45210000-2 Building construction work
45213000-3 Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport
45213300-6 Buildings associated with transport
45213320-2 Construction work for buildings relating to railway transport
45213321-9 Railway station construction work
45220000-5 Engineering works and construction works
45221000-2 Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways
45221100-3 Construction work for bridges
45221112-0 Railway bridge construction work
45221122-3 Railway viaduct construction work
45221200-4 Construction work for tunnels, shafts and subways
45221211-4 Underpass
45221213-8 Covered or partially-covered railway excavations
45221214-5 Covered or partially-covered road excavations
45221220-0 Culverts
45221230-3 Shafts
45221240-6 Construction work for tunnels
45221241-3 Road tunnel construction work
45221242-0 Railway tunnel construction work
45221243-7 Pedestrian tunnel construction work
45221244-4 Canal tunnel construction work
45221245-1 Under-river tunnel construction work
45221247-5 Tunnelling works
45221248-2 Tunnel linings construction work
45221250-9 Underground work other than tunnels, shafts and subways
45222000-9 Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways
45223000-6 Structures construction work
45223200-8 Structural works
45223210-1 Structural steelworks
45223500-1 Reinforced-concrete structures
45230000-8 Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and railways; flatwork
45231000-5 Construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines
45231200-7 Construction work for oil and gas pipelines
45231220-3 Construction work for gas pipelines
45231400-9 Construction work for electricity power lines
45232000-2 Ancillary works for pipelines and cables
45232100-3 Ancillary works for water pipelines
45232150-8 Works related to water-distribution pipelines
45232151-5 Water-main refurbishment construction work
45232200-4 Ancillary works for electricity power lines
45232400-6 Sewer construction work
45232450-1 Drainage construction works
45232451-8 Drainage and surface works
45232452-5 Drainage works
45233000-9 Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads
45233100-0 Construction work for highways, roads
45233130-9 Construction work for highways
45233131-6 Construction work for elevated highways
45233139-3 Highway maintenance work
45233200-1 Various surface works
45233210-4 Surface work for highways
45233300-2 Foundation work for highways, roads, streets and footpaths
45233310-5 Foundation work for highways
45234000-6 Construction work for railways and cable transport systems
45234100-7 Railway construction works
45234110-0 Intercity railway works
45234111-7 City railway construction work
45234112-4 Railway depot construction work
45234113-1 Demolition of tracks
45234114-8 Railway embankment construction work
45234115-5 Railway signalling works
45234116-2 Track construction works
45234120-3 Urban railway works
45234122-7 Underground railway works
45234123-4 Partially underground railway works
45234124-1 Underground passenger railway transport
45234125-8 Underground railway station
45234129-6 Urban railway track construction works
45234130-6 Ballast construction works
45234170-8 Locomotive-substations construction works
45234180-1 Construction work for railways workshop
45240000-1 Construction work for water projects
45260000-7 Roof works and other special trade construction works
45310000-3 Electrical installation work
45311000-0 Electrical wiring and fitting work
45311200-2 Electrical fitting work
45315000-8 Electrical installation work of heating and other electrical building-equipment
45315100-9 Electrical engineering installation works
45315300-1 Electricity supply installations
45316000-5 Installation work of illumination and signalling systems
45316200-7 Installation of signalling equipment
45317000-2 Other electrical installation work
45330000-9 Plumbing and sanitary works
45333000-0 Gas-fitting installation work
45350000-5 Mechanical installations
45351000-2 Mechanical engineering installation works
45450000-6 Other building completion work
45451000-3 Decoration work
45451100-4 Ornamentation fitting work
45520000-8 Hire of earthmoving equipment with operator
48140000-1 Railway traffic control software package
48320000-7 Drawing and imaging software package
48321000-4 Computer-aided design (CAD) software package
48321100-5 Computer-aided design (CAD) system
50190000-3 Demolition services of vehicles
50220000-3 Repair, maintenance and associated services related to railways and other equipment
50225000-8 Railway-track maintenance services
51140000-5 Installation services of engines
51143000-6 Installation services of railway engines
51610000-1 Installation services of computers and information-processing equipment
51611000-8 Installation services of computers
51611100-9 Hardware installation services
51611120-5 Installation services of railway real-time departures and arrival display screens or boards
60210000-3 Public transport services by railways
63710000-9 Support services for land transport
63711000-6 Support services for railway transport
63711100-7 Train monitoring services
65310000-9 Electricity distribution
71250000-5 Architectural, engineering and surveying services
71251000-2 Architectural and building-surveying services
71310000-4 Consultative engineering and construction services
71311000-1 Civil engineering consultancy services
71311200-3 Transport systems consultancy services
71311210-6 Highways consultancy services
71311220-9 Highways engineering services
71311230-2 Railway engineering services
71313000-5 Environmental engineering consultancy services
71313400-9 Environmental impact assessment for construction
71313420-5 Environmental standards for construction
71313430-8 Environmental indicators analysis for construction
71313440-1 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services for construction
71313450-4 Environmental monitoring for construction
71315000-9 Building services
71315300-2 Building surveying services
71320000-7 Engineering design services
71322000-1 Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works
71322100-2 Quantity surveying services for civil engineering works
71323000-8 Engineering-design services for industrial process and production
71323100-9 Electrical power systems design services
71324000-5 Quantity surveying services
71350000-6 Engineering-related scientific and technical services
71351000-3 Geological, geophysical and other scientific prospecting services
71351700-0 Scientific prospecting services
71351720-6 Geophysical surveys of archaeological sites
71351800-1 Topographical and water divining services
71351811-1 Topographical surveys of archaeological sites
71351900-2 Geology, oceanography and hydrology services
71351923-2 Bathymetric surveys services
71352000-0 Subsurface surveying services
71352100-1 Seismic services
71352110-4 Seismographic surveying services
71352300-3 Magnetometric surveying services
71353000-7 Surface surveying services
71353100-8 Hydrographic surveying services
71353200-9 Dimensional surveying services
71354000-4 Map-making services
71354300-7 Cadastral surveying services
71355000-1 Surveying services
71355200-3 Ordnance surveying
71630000-3 Technical inspection and testing services
71631000-0 Technical inspection services
71631400-4 Technical inspection services of engineering structures
71631470-5 Railway-track inspection services
72210000-0 Programming services of packaged software products
72212000-4 Programming services of application software
72212100-0 Industry specific software development services
72212140-2 Railway traffic control software development services
72212300-2 Document creation, drawing, imaging, scheduling and productivity software development services
72212321-5 Computer-aided design (CAD) software development services
72220000-3 Systems and technical consultancy services
72227000-2 Software integration consultancy services
72228000-9 Hardware integration consultancy services
80540000-1 Environmental training services
90490000-8 Sewer survey and sewage treatment consultancy services
90491000-5 Sewer survey services
90710000-7 Environmental management
90711000-4 Environmental impact assessment other than for construction
90711200-6 Environmental standards other than for construction
90712000-1 Environmental planning
90712100-2 Urban environmental development planning
90712500-6 Environmental institution building or planning
90713000-8 Environmental issues consultancy services
90714000-5 Environmental auditing
90714100-6 Environmental information systems
90714200-7 Corporate environmental auditing services
90714300-8 Sectoral environmental auditing services
90714400-9 Activity specific environmental auditing services
90714500-0 Environmental quality control services
90714600-1 Environmental security control services
90720000-0 Environmental protection
90721000-7 Environmental safety services
90722000-4 Environmental rehabilitation
90722200-6 Environmental decontamination services
90730000-3 Pollution tracking and monitoring and rehabilitation
90733000-4 Services related to water pollution
90733500-9 Surface water pollution drainage services
90733800-2 Groundwater pollution drainage services

Sezione VI: Altre informazioni

VI.1)Informazioni sui fondi dell'Unione europea
VI.2)Informazioni complementari:
VI.3)Valore totale stimato dell'appalto di forniture o di servizi
VI.4)Data di spedizione del presente avviso: