Supplies - 410310-2020

01/09/2020    S169

United Kingdom-Glasgow: Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories

2020/S 169-410310

Contract notice


Legal Basis:
Directive 2014/24/EU

Section I: Contracting authority

I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Glasgow City Council
Postal address: Chief Executives Department, City Chambers
Town: Glasgow
NUTS code: UKM82 Glasgow City
Postal code: G2 1DU
Country: United Kingdom
Contact person: Lindsay McGibbon
Telephone: +44 1412876964
Fax: +44 1412879399

Internet address(es):

Main address:

Address of the buyer profile:

I.2)Information about joint procurement
The procurement documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, at:
Additional information can be obtained from the abovementioned address
Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically via:
I.4)Type of the contracting authority
Regional or local authority
I.5)Main activity
General public services

Section II: Object

II.1)Scope of the procurement

Supply and Delivery of Outdoor Clothing

Reference number: GCC005049CPU
II.1.2)Main CPV code
18000000 Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories
II.1.3)Type of contract
II.1.4)Short description:

The council invites tender bids for the supply and delivery of outdoor clothing.

The main objective for this procurement exercise is to appoint suppliers to provide high-quality and robust products whilst delivering a reliable delivery service to the 300 educational establishments within the Glasgow Boundary and Blairvadoch Outdoor Resource Centre.

Bidders products must adhere to the specifications as detailed within the tender documents.

The estimated value of this framework will range from GBP 200 000 upto GBP 400 000.

II.1.5)Estimated total value
Value excluding VAT: 400 000.00 GBP
II.1.6)Information about lots
This contract is divided into lots: no
II.2.2)Additional CPV code(s)
18000000 Clothing, footwear, luggage articles and accessories
18220000 Weatherproof clothing
18221000 Waterproof clothing
35113400 Protective and safety clothing
II.2.3)Place of performance
NUTS code: UKM82 Glasgow City
Main site or place of performance:

Glasgow, UK.

II.2.4)Description of the procurement:

Supply and delivery of outdoor clothing to 300 educational establishments within the Glasgow Boundary and Blairvadoch Outdoor Education Centre based in Helensburgh. This equipment will be utilised to provide adequate weather appropriate protection to pupils who are undertaking outdoor learning experiences.

II.2.5)Award criteria
Criteria below
Quality criterion - Name: Key personnel / Weighting: 7.5 %
Quality criterion - Name: Complaints / Weighting: 7 %
Quality criterion - Name: Methodology / Weighting: 29 %
Quality criterion - Name: Returns policy / Weighting: 6.5 %
Quality criterion - Name: Management information / Weighting: 4 %
Quality criterion - Name: Sustainable social/economic requirements / Weighting: 4.5 %
Quality criterion - Name: Environmental impact / Weighting: 6.5 %
Quality criterion - Name: Fair work practices / Weighting: 5 %
Price - Weighting: 30
II.2.6)Estimated value
Value excluding VAT: 400 000.00 GBP
II.2.7)Duration of the contract, framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system
Duration in months: 48
This contract is subject to renewal: yes
Description of renewals:

The initial contract period will run from 9 November 2020 until 8 November 2022 with two extension periods being available of up to 1 year each. The first extension will be reviewed mid 2022. Should the first extension period of up to 12 months be taken up the second extension period of up to 12 months will be reviewed mid 2023.

II.2.10)Information about variants
Variants will be accepted: no
II.2.11)Information about options
Options: no
II.2.12)Information about electronic catalogues
II.2.13)Information about European Union funds
The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
II.2.14)Additional information

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions for participation
III.1.1)Suitability to pursue the professional activity, including requirements relating to enrolment on professional or trade registers
List and brief description of conditions:

As stated in invitation to tender.

III.1.2)Economic and financial standing
List and brief description of selection criteria:


Bidders must comply with the undernoted financial requirements in order to participate in the tendering process:

There is a minimum financial requirement that affects trading performance, balance sheet strength and current liquidity.

Financial requirements for trading performance and balance sheet strength should be calculated on latest filed accounts with Companies House.

Trading performance

An overall positive outcome on pre tax profits over a 3-year period exceptional items can be excluded from the calculation.

The above would be expressed in the ratio pre-tax profit/turnover.

Balance sheet strength: net worth of the organisation must be positive at the time of evaluation and organisation must not be subject to an insolvency process.

Intangibles can be included for purposes of the total assets figure.

The above would be expressed in the ratio total assets/total liabilities

Applicants who have been trading for less than the 3 years noted above must provide evidence that they are complying with the above minimum financial requirements for the period in which they have been trading.

Applicants who do not comply with the above financial requirements but are part of a group, can provide a parent guarantee if the parent company satisfies the financial requirements stipulated above.

Glasgow City Council also requires assurance regarding current liquidity of the bidding company.

The bidder may provide a Letter of Comfort from its own bank to satisfy the above financial requirement.

Glasgow City Council would also be prepared to consider other documentation that provided evidence that the bidder had adequate financial resources to undertake the contract Glasgow City Council reserves the right, at its own discretion, to seek such other information from the bidder in accordance with Regulations 61(7) or Regulation 61 (8) of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 to prove the bidder's economic and financial standing.

Minimum level(s) of standards possibly required:


All insurance figures are reviewable by Glasgow City Council for each project being tendered. Glasgow City Council will make the final decision on the level required for each project. There may be an option to require a lower level of insurance cover depending on the risk involved however all changes to the standard insurance requirements must be approved in advance by financial services (Insurance section).

Glasgow City Council’s insurance requirements are:

Bidder shall take out and maintain, throughout the period of the contract, employer’s liability insurance to the value of at least ten million pounds sterling (GBP 10 000 000) in respect of any one claim and unlimited in the period.

Bidder shall take out and maintain, throughout the period of the contract, public liability insurance to the value of at least five million pounds sterling (GBP 5 000 000) in respect of any one claim and unlimited in the period..

Bidder shall take out and maintain, products liability insurance to the value of at least five million pounds sterling (GBP 5 000 000) in respect of any one claim and in the aggregate.

Policies should contain an indemnity to principal clause.

The above insurances shall be with an insurance company registered with financial conduct authority (FCA) in the UK or equivalent body for other EU member states by the council and any organisation shall not sub-let or subcontract any part of the commission unless the subcontractor is similarly insured, unless the council agrees otherwise. It is the express responsibility of the lead organisation to ensure this is the case.

Should the bidder not have the specified insurances at the time of tendering then, the bidder must certify in their response to this ITT that the specified insurance will be obtained.

If the bidder does not have the specified insurances or not certify an undertaking to do so, this WILL result in the bidder not being taken to the next stage in the evaluation process

Confirmation of insurances

The bidder is required to confirm that these levels of insurance would be in place should the bidder be awarded this contract.

All successful suppliers will be required to sign an insurance mandate, which will be issued in conjunction with the award letter authorising the Council to request copies of insurance documents from the supplier’s insurance provider.

III.1.3)Technical and professional ability
List and brief description of selection criteria:

Please refer to supplier guidance document within the attachment area of the portal within PCST of which bidders must answer all the questions.

4C.1.2 ESPD

Please provide three relevant examples of supplies carried out during the last 3 years as specified in the contract notice: (examples from both public and/or private sector).

For each example the bidder must complete the template provided and provide the following information but not be limited to:

1) full scope of the contract to include what supplies are being supplied,

2) customer name,

3) contract start date and contract end dates,

4) contract value,

5) contract description.

The weighting will be 33.3 % for each example with a total of 100 % attributed to three examples.

A minimum pass mark of 60 % out of 100 % is required in total for this section.

Any bidder who fails to achieve the minimum score for this section will be excluded at this stage.

III.1.5)Information about reserved contracts
III.2)Conditions related to the contract
III.2.2)Contract performance conditions:

Key performance indicators as detailed within the terms and conditions.

III.2.3)Information about staff responsible for the performance of the contract

Section IV: Procedure

IV.1.1)Type of procedure
Open procedure
IV.1.3)Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system
The procurement involves the establishment of a framework agreement
Framework agreement with several operators
Envisaged maximum number of participants to the framework agreement: 4
IV.1.4)Information about reduction of the number of solutions or tenders during negotiation or dialogue
IV.1.6)Information about electronic auction
IV.1.8)Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: yes
IV.2)Administrative information
IV.2.1)Previous publication concerning this procedure
IV.2.2)Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate
Date: 30/09/2020
Local time: 12:00
IV.2.3)Estimated date of dispatch of invitations to tender or to participate to selected candidates
IV.2.4)Languages in which tenders or requests to participate may be submitted:
IV.2.6)Minimum time frame during which the tenderer must maintain the tender
Duration in months: 4 (from the date stated for receipt of tender)
IV.2.7)Conditions for opening of tenders
Date: 30/09/2020
Local time: 12:00


Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about recurrence
This is a recurrent procurement: yes
Estimated timing for further notices to be published:

This framework is for 24 months with the option to extend for two additional periods of up to 12 months each. Therefore it is estimated that the notice for this re-tender will be issued in 2024.

VI.2)Information about electronic workflows
Electronic ordering will be used
Electronic invoicing will be accepted
Electronic payment will be used
VI.3)Additional information:

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any situations referred to in regulation 58 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015.

Information regarding the European Single Procurement document and contracting authority specific requirements can all be found in supplier guidance document, which is available within the attachment area of Public Contracts Scotland.

For ESPD Questions 4D.1, 4D1.1, 4D1.2, 4D2, 4D2.1 and 4D2.2; applicants should hold the relevant certificates for Quality Control, Environmental management services and health and safety. If bidders do not hold the relevant certificates, they will be required to respond to supporting questions as detailed in Invitation to tender document at the request for documentation stage.

Freedom of Information Act — information on the FOI Act is contained in Appendix A of the ITT. Applicants must note the implications of this legislation and ensure that any information they wish the council to consider withholding is specifically indicated on the FOI certificate (NB the council does not bind itself to withhold this information).

Tenderers Amendments — applicants must enter any clause, condition, amendment to specification or any other qualification they may wish to make conditional to this offer.

Prompt Payment — the successful tenderer shall, as a condition of being awarded the tender, be required to demonstrate to the council's satisfaction that all funds due to the tenderer's permitted subcontractors in respect of these works are paid timeously and that as a minimum invoices rendered by subcontractors shall (unless formally disputed by the tenderer) be paid within 30 days of receipt. The successful tenderer shall also impose this condition on its sub-contractors in respect of payments due to any sub-subcontractors, if any.

Non Collusion — applicants will be required to complete the non collusion certificate.

Insurance Mandate — all successful suppliers will be required to sign an insurance mandate, contained in the buyers attachments area within the PCS tender portal authorising the Council to request copies of insurance documents from the supplier’s insurance provider. If the mandate is not signed and returned the Council reserves the right to request copies of insurance certificates from bidders at any point during the contract period.

Terms and conditions are located within the attachments area within the PCS tender portal

Additional information pertaining to this contract notice is contained in the invitation to tender and ESPD statements documents situated within the attachments area of PCS-T.

Bidders must ensure they read all the attachments available in the suppliers attachment area in line with this contract notice.

The buyer is using PCS-Tender to conduct this ITT exercise. The project code is 16600

For more information see:

Community benefits are included in this requirement. For more information see:

A summary of the expected community benefits has been provided as follows:

The council is seeking mandatory community benefits, please refer to invitation to tender document.

(SC Ref:625893)

VI.4)Procedures for review
VI.4.1)Review body
Official name: Glasgow Sheriff Court and Justice of the Peace Court
Postal address: PO BOX 23 1 Carlton Place
Town: Glasgow
Postal code: G5 9DA
Country: United Kingdom

Internet address:

VI.4.2)Body responsible for mediation procedures
VI.4.3)Review procedure
Precise information on deadline(s) for review procedures:

Glasgow City Council must, by notice in writing as soon as possible after the decision has been made, inform all tenderers and candidates concerned of its decision to award the contract. The Council must allow a period of at least the relevant standstill period (where the notice is sent by facsimile or electronic means the period is 10 days ending at midnight at the end of the 10th day after that on which the last notice is sent, when sent by other means the period is 15 days) to elapse between the date of despatch of the notice referred to in Regulation 86 of the Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations 2015 (‘the Regulations’). The Council is obliged to comply with the Regulations and any eligible economic operator can bring an action in the Sheriff Court or the Court of Session where as a consequence of a breach by the Council, suffers or risks suffering loss or damage. The bringing of court proceedings during the standstill period means that the Council must not enter into the contract unless the proceedings are determined, discontinued or disposed of or the court, by interim order, brings to an end the prohibition. The bringing of court proceedings after the standstill period has elapsed and the remedies that are available to the courts are detailed in the Regulations. Economic operators can write to the Council seeking further clarification on the notice, to which the Council must respond within 15 days. Economic operators should be mindful to seek their own independent legal advice when they consider appropriate to do so.

VI.4.4)Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained
VI.5)Date of dispatch of this notice: