Supplies - 412980-2014

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05/12/2014    S235

Germany-Aachen: Telemetry surveillance system

2014/S 235-412980

Universitätsklinikum Aachen AöR, Pauwelsstraße 30, Aachen52074, Germany

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 9.10.2014, 2014/S 194-342388)

CPV:32441100 Telemetry surveillance system, 48814000 Medical information systems, 32441300 Telematics system, 48814400 Clinical information system

Telemetry surveillance system

Medical information systems

Telematics system

Clinical information system

Incomplete procedure
The awarding procedure has been discontinued
The contract may be the object of a re-publication

Other additional information

Due to a misunderstanding the choice of the category ‘supply’ was made instead of ‘services’ and the R&D CPV code wasn't flagged. Unfortunately it is not possible to change the category after publishing the call for tender.

Additional to this issue a lot of questions to prolong the time limit to take part or to provide the tender with a better solution have been made.

A prolongation of the actual time limit for this call for tender is due to technical reasons impossible. There are still a few questions unanswered sufficiently up to now.

Taking all this into account the decision to cancel the actual call for tender and give it a restart after making some clarifications on behalf of the questions was made.

After making some clarifications the THALEA call for tender is given a restart, so tenderer can provide us with an actual or an improved solution design. The now longer period of development gives the tenderer the opportunity to review their actual solution design and maybe make some improvements if they think they are necessarily.

Actual is planned to publish the revised call for tender in the beginning of the year 2015.

Tenderer are asked not to hesitate to send their tender again.

All actual tenders are invalid for the revised call for tender.

It is necessary to send a new tender to take part.