Lavori - 437806-2018

06/10/2018    S193    - - Lavori - Avviso di gara - Procedura competitiva con negoziato 

Norvegia-Oslo: Lavori di costruzione

2018/S 193-437806

Bando di gara


Legal Basis:

Direttiva 2014/24/UE

Sezione I: Amministrazione aggiudicatrice

I.1)Denominazione e indirizzi
Statens vegvesen Region vest
971 032 081
Postboks 6706 Etterstad
Persona di contatto: Sveinung Brude
Codice NUTS: NO

Indirizzi Internet:

Indirizzo principale:

Indirizzo del profilo di committente:

I.2)Appalto congiunto
I documenti di gara sono disponibili per un accesso gratuito, illimitato e diretto presso:
Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili presso l'indirizzo sopraindicato
Le offerte o le domande di partecipazione vanno inviate in versione elettronica:
Le offerte o le domande di partecipazione vanno inviate all'indirizzo sopraindicato
I.4)Tipo di amministrazione aggiudicatrice
Ministero o qualsiasi altra autorità nazionale o federale, inclusi gli uffici a livello locale o regionale
I.5)Principali settori di attività
Servizi generali delle amministrazioni pubbliche

Sezione II: Oggetto

II.1)Entità dell'appalto

E39 Rogfast — Contract E02 Kvitsøy

Numero di riferimento: 17/176164
II.1.2)Codice CPV principale
II.1.3)Tipo di appalto
II.1.4)Breve descrizione:

The Kvitsøy tunnel and middle section of the Boknafjord tunnel, contract — E02. The contract comprises drill and blast tunneling and securing of the tunnel, as well as road construction and all internal works in the tunnel excluding electro installations. Also included in the contract are open air road and bridge works, concrete works and vertical shafts for ventilation. In addition, stone deposits will be established and secured in the sea.

II.1.5)Valore totale stimato
II.1.6)Informazioni relative ai lotti
Questo appalto è suddiviso in lotti: no
II.2.2)Codici CPV supplementari
II.2.3)Luogo di esecuzione
Codice NUTS: NO
Luogo principale di esecuzione:


II.2.4)Descrizione dell'appalto:

E02 – The Kvitsøy tunnel and middle section of the Boknafjord tunnel, 2 ventilation shafts and 2 Km of open air county road, local roads and 5 bridges. The Boknafjord tunnel is being built with 2 carriage ways with cross section T10.5. Each carriageway has 2 lanes and elevated side area (verge). The Kvitsøy tunnel is built with one carriageway with cross section T10.5. The crossing between these 2 tunnels is designed as a rock fly-over with 2 roundabouts. The ramps in the crossing are designed with extra width so that the crossing can be used when switching traffic over in the opposite carriageway when closing of one carriageway and the deviation of 2-way traffic in the opposite carriageway. The Boknafjord tunnel will be clad throughout with concrete elements in both walls and ceiling. The Kvitsøy tunnel will have concrete elements in walls and arches of shotcrete in the ceiling. The tunnels are longitudinally ventilated with hanging pulse fans. These are primarily located near the technical buildings c/c 1 500 m. 2 ventilation shafts will be built, each with a diameter of 10 m. The shafts will each be approx. 250 m long and worked with shaft sinking from the open air vertically down to the rock hall for the shaft fans. These rock halls are connected to the main carriageways through individual shafts for air intake and air emission. The sink shafts will be sealed by pregrouting. Technical buildings will be established every third breakdown lay-by. This provides a distance of approx. 1 500 m between the structures. There will be separate electrical installations, with their own technical buildings for each carriageway. The buildings will be established in their own niches in the tunnel. The buildings contain high voltage, low voltage, emergency power, battery and tele/radio rooms. The tunnel will have comprehensive fire extinguishing water pipelines with associated pressure reduction systems. The tunnel is equipped with separate collections of washing water from extinguishers in the roadway that connect to oil separators and individual sedimentation basins and intake pools as a joint solution for both tunnel carriageways. The water is pumped up in steps with approximately 80 m elevation height. The drainage basins have an overcapacity for leaking water as preparedness for unforeseen events. The water pumps up into the open air through a pump pipeline in the Kvitsøy tunnel. At Kvitsøy, a 2 km 2 lane open air road will be built from Krossøy to crossing the existing County Road 551. A round-about, bus stop, rest area, parking space and technical installations will be built at the tunnel mouth. In addition, a new access road will be built in the current route to Krågøy, a total of approx. 1,5 km. Also approx. 1 km of other access roads, tractor roads and footpath and bicycle roads will be built. At Kvitsøy, a portal structure shall be for the Kvitsøy tunnel, as well as a service building for the public transport terminal, inlet and outlet structure for the ventilation shafts and four cast on site bridges with a width of 11 m. The bridges have the following lengths:

— bridge over Leiasundet, 3 spans with a total length of 77 m,

— bridge at Skjermen, a span of 20 m,

— bridge at Kjørkjesundet I, a span of 16 m,

— bridge at Kjørkjesundet II, a span of 16 m,

— a narrow bidge at Vadvika, a span of 10 m.

There is much uncertainty regarding the geology of the area. There are many zones registered with low, in places extremely low (<3 000 m/2) seismic speeds. Some of these zones are up to tens of metres wide, and some of the assumed bad zones have not been investigated with drilling. A zone with particularly poor rock mass quality, and where adverse permeability and tension conditions result in water-borne cracks with high water pressure, could cause major problems for the tunneling, rock support and grouting of the tunnel. 2 sea filling will be established where the most stone from the tunnel will be placed. Furthermore, a quantity of tunnel mass will be freighted to other disposal sites by boat/barge.

II.2.5)Criteri di aggiudicazione
Il prezzo non è il solo criterio di aggiudicazione e tutti i criteri sono indicati solo nei documenti di gara
II.2.6)Valore stimato
II.2.7)Durata del contratto d'appalto, dell'accordo quadro o del sistema dinamico di acquisizione
Fine: 21/09/2026
Il contratto d'appalto è oggetto di rinnovo: no
II.2.9)Informazioni relative ai limiti al numero di candidati che saranno invitati a partecipare
Numero previsto di candidati: 3
Criteri obiettivi per la selezione del numero limitato di candidati:

Minimum of 3

II.2.10)Informazioni sulle varianti
Sono autorizzate varianti: no
II.2.11)Informazioni relative alle opzioni
Opzioni: sì
Descrizione delle opzioni:

Options for driving length and moving of section borders, see chapter E2 point 36,5 (as well as processes in chapter D1).

II.2.12)Informazioni relative ai cataloghi elettronici
II.2.13)Informazioni relative ai fondi dell'Unione europea
L'appalto è connesso ad un progetto e/o programma finanziato da fondi dell'Unione europea: no
II.2.14)Informazioni complementari

The tender conference will take place 16.10.2018, meeting at the project office in Mekjarvik,

10:00 departing 10:30 in a collective bus. Vehicles can park for free at the project office. See the tender documentation for further information.

Sezione III: Informazioni di carattere giuridico, economico, finanziario e tecnico

III.1)Condizioni di partecipazione
III.1.1)Abilitazione all’esercizio dell’attività professionale, inclusi i requisiti relativi all'iscrizione nell'albo professionale o nel registro commerciale
Elenco e breve descrizione delle condizioni:

Tenderers must be a legally established company. Documentation requirement: Company Registration Certificate from a Register of Business Enterprises Foreign tenderers shall instead deliver equivalent certificates determined by the law of the state where the tenderer is established. The tenderer must have good economic and financial capacity to implement the contract.

III.1.2)Capacità economica e finanziaria
Elenco e breve descrizione dei criteri di selezione:

In assessing whether the Tenderer is considered to have good economic and financial capacity, the following requirements will be emphasised: The tenderer's equity must be more than 250 000 000 NOK and the equity ration must be at least 15 %. Average annual turnover must be a minimum 1 500 000 000 NOK excluding VAT in the last 3 financial years. The tenderer must be able to demonstrate a credit rating that is at least 'satisfactory’ or equivalent, and that does not contain advise against credit or other negative conditions related to the tenderer's economic and financial capacity. The tenderer should have a liquidity ratio of one (-1-) or more for each of the 3 last financial years. Liquidity ratio means liquid assets divided into short term liabilities. The requirement applies to each individual party. Tenderers should have an interest coverage ratio (regular results + financial expenses/financial expenses) of two (-2-) or higher each of the last 3 financial years.

Livelli minimi di capacità eventualmente richiesti:

Tenderers must have the requisite financial foundation to comply with the contractual obligations. Tenderers are required to be credit worthy. See the tender documentation for detailed information.

III.1.3)Capacità professionale e tecnica
Elenco e breve descrizione dei criteri di selezione:

The tenderer shall have sufficient experience of a relevant nature and complexity for the following works: Construction of major, complex road tunnel installations based on drill and blast tunneling with a requirement for execution of heavy rock protection, and comprehensive rock grouting under high pressure. Construction of sink shafts, i.e. vertical shafts that are worked from above and down. Driving of shaft sinking shall be carried out by drill and blast Construction of road and bridge installations, and sea filling.

Livelli minimi di capacità eventualmente richiesti:

Documentation Requirement: A list of up to 5 and no less than 3 contracts that the tenderer has implemented or begun during the last 10 years calculated from the tender deadline. For sink shafts, a list must be presented of at least one contract, that the tenderer has implemented or begun during the last 5 years calculated from the tender deadline. The list must, according to the form in chapter E, contain the following for each of the contracts: Name of the recipient (Contracting Authority). Description of what the contract works included, hereunder relevance in relation to the Qualification Requirements point 1 and 2. What works were carried out by the tenderer and what works were carried out by sub-contractors (contract facilitators). Date for the delivery. Value of the contract. Reference person/contact person at the Contracting Authority with contact information (telephone number and email address) and a statement of the person’s role at the Contracting Authority during the contract. The tenderer is responsible for ensuring that the reference person is available and will provide a reference. How the tenderer's key personnel have participated in the reference projects, including role and responsibility, as well as what relevant tasks they participated in on the reference project. See the tender documentation for further information.

III.1.5)Informazioni concernenti contratti d'appalto riservati
III.2)Condizioni relative al contratto d'appalto
III.2.2)Condizioni di esecuzione del contratto d'appalto:

C1: The applicable general contract terms are NS 8405:2008 Norwegian building and construction contract.

C2: Special contractual regulations for construction works, the National Public Roads Administration.

C3: The contract document.

III.2.3)Informazioni relative al personale responsabile dell'esecuzione del contratto d'appalto
Obbligo di indicare i nomi e le qualifiche professionali del personale incaricato dell'esecuzione del contratto d'appalto

Sezione IV: Procedura

IV.1.1)Tipo di procedura
Procedura competitiva con negoziazione
IV.1.3)Informazioni su un accordo quadro o un sistema dinamico di acquisizione
IV.1.4)Informazioni relative alla riduzione del numero di soluzioni o di offerte durante la negoziazione o il dialogo
IV.1.5)Informazioni relative alla negoziazione
IV.1.6)Informazioni sull'asta elettronica
IV.1.8)Informazioni relative all'accordo sugli appalti pubblici (AAP)
L'appalto è disciplinato dall'accordo sugli appalti pubblici: sì
IV.2)Informazioni di carattere amministrativo
IV.2.1)Pubblicazione precedente relativa alla stessa procedura
IV.2.2)Termine per il ricevimento delle offerte o delle domande di partecipazione
Data: 21/11/2018
Ora locale: 14:00
IV.2.3)Data stimata di spedizione ai candidati prescelti degli inviti a presentare offerte o a partecipare
IV.2.4)Lingue utilizzabili per la presentazione delle offerte o delle domande di partecipazione:
IV.2.6)Periodo minimo durante il quale l'offerente è vincolato alla propria offerta
L'offerta deve essere valida fino al: 19/11/2019
IV.2.7)Modalità di apertura delle offerte

Sezione VI: Altre informazioni

VI.1)Informazioni relative alla rinnovabilità
Si tratta di un appalto rinnovabile: no
VI.2)Informazioni relative ai flussi di lavoro elettronici
VI.3)Informazioni complementari:

The contract language is Norwegian. All formal communication during the implementation of the contract must take place in Norwegian.

VI.4)Procedure di ricorso
VI.4.1)Organismo responsabile delle procedure di ricorso
Statens vegvesen Region vest
Askedalen 4

Indirizzo Internet:

VI.4.2)Organismo responsabile delle procedure di mediazione
VI.4.3)Procedure di ricorso
VI.4.4)Servizio presso il quale sono disponibili informazioni sulle procedure di ricorso
VI.5)Data di spedizione del presente avviso: