Supplies - 446249-2015

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19/12/2015    S246

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: Disposable catering supplies

2015/S 246-446249

Incomplete procedure

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 10.9.2015, 2015/S 175-317517)

European Commission, attention: Office for Infrastructure and Logistics — Luxembourg, Unit OIL.06, Sector 002 Procurement Procedures and Contracts, Jean Monnet Building, Office A1/029, 2920 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG. Fax +352 4301-32109. E-mail:


The contract has not been awarded.

The contract may be the object of a re-publication.

Subsequent to the analysis of the mandatory product characteristics, and failure to comply with the technical specifications, no tenders were shortlisted for the award stage.