Services - 465367-2019

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04/10/2019    S192

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: BEI - Assistance technique au ministère des transports en vue de la création d’une unité d’investissement

2019/S 192-465367

Location – Southern Neighbourhood, Egypt

Service Contract award Notice

 1.Publication reference

TA2018112 EG DTF
Prior information notice: 2018/S 226-516066, 23.11.2018
Contract notice: 2018/S 249-575294, 28.12.2018
Shortlist notice: 2019/S 053-120808, 15.3.2019
 2.Type of Procedure

 3.Publication date of the contract notice

 4.Lot number and lot title

Not Applicable
 5.Contract value

899 500 EUR.
 6.Date of award of the contract

 7.Number of tenders received

 8.Overall score of the chosen tenderer

80,00 + 20,00 = 100,00
 9.Name, address and nationality of successful tenderer

NTU International A/S (DK) in consortium with ROM Transportation Engineering Ltd (IL)
 10.Duration of contract

24 months
 11.Contracting Authority

European Investment Bank (EIB) , 98-100 boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG,