Suministros - 497843-2018

10/11/2018    S217    - - Suministros - Anuncio periôdico indicativo - que no sirve de convocatoria de licitaciôn- - No procede 

Islandia-Reykjavik: Granja eólica

2018/S 217-497843

Anuncio periódico indicativo – sectores especiales

El presente anuncio es solo un anuncio periódico indicativo


Legal Basis:

Directiva 2014/25/UE

Apartado I: Entidad adjudicadora

I.1)Nombre y direcciones
Haaleitisbraut 68
Persona de contacto: Procurement Department
Teléfono: +354 5159000
Correo electrónico:
Fax: +354 5159006
Código NUTS: IS001

Direcciones de internet:

Dirección principal:

I.2)Información sobre contratación conjunta
Puede obtenerse más información en la dirección mencionada arriba
I.6)Principal actividad

Apartado II: Objeto

II.1)Ámbito de la contratación

Búrfell and Blanda Windfarm Projects

II.1.2)Código CPV principal
II.1.3)Tipo de contrato
II.1.4)Breve descripción:

In order to increase its wind energy generation, Landsvirkjun is currently exploring the feasibility of developing 2 wind energy projects with a capacity of up to 300 MW (200 MW Búrfell Wind Farm and 100 MW Blanda WindFarm). Should these projects proceed, then the expectation is that construction would be anticipated to start in 2021 (Búrfell) and 2023 (Blanda). In order for Landsvirkjun to assess whether these projects are feasible from a technical, financial and operational point of view, we invite interested parties with the relevant experience(as explained further below) to participate in a preliminary market consultation process. Organisations with the relevant experience who are interested in taking part in this consultation process will be required to complete and return a non-disclosure agreement in the manner described in Section VI.3). Landsvirkjun does not commit to undertake any procurement process in respect of these projects and/or award any contract(s).

II.1.5)Valor total estimado
II.1.6)Información relativa a los lotes
El contrato está dividido en lotes: no
II.2.2)Código(s) CPV adicional(es)
II.2.3)Lugar de ejecución
Código NUTS: IS0
Código NUTS: IS
Emplazamiento o lugar de ejecución principal:

Búrfell and Blanda, Iceland.

II.2.4)Descripción del contrato:

Currently, renewable energy from wind accounts for only a very small proportion of total electricity generation in Iceland. However, in 2012, Landsvirkjun erected two 900 kW Enercon E44 wind turbines close to the proposed Búrfell wind farm project. Initially, this project was part of Landsvirkjun’s research and development (R&D)programme into the potential advantages of wind power in Iceland. This was the first R&D feasibility study of wind energy in Iceland and the results clearly indicate that Iceland has significant potential for electricity generation utilising wind power. Owing to the success of the initial R&D phase, Landsvirkjun is now keen to examine the feasibility of two particular wind farm projects, at Búrfell and Blanda. Landsvirkjun is considering a number of delivery options in respect of these proposed projects and it is interested in exploring these with experienced wind turbine manufacturers before potentially commencing a formal procurement process. The purpose of this notice is therefore to invite expressions of interest from wind turbine manufacturers (OEMs only) who have experience in delivering wind farm projects with a capacity of 50 MW or above to participate incertain preliminary market consultations. It should be noted that, if a formal procurement process is initiated in respect of either or both of these projects, Landsvirkjun will conduct an open process and invite expressions of interest from all interested parties. However, at this stage, Landsvirkjun wants to ensure that its engagement with the market is very much targeted at organisations which can assist Landsvirkjun in understanding better the challenges that may arise in delivering projects of this nature. Accordingly, participation in these preliminary market consultations is focussed on manufacturers with the stated experience. Further information on how interested parties with the relevant, necessary experience can participate in this consultation process is set out in Section VI.3) below.

II.2.14)Información adicional
II.3)Fecha estimada de publicación del anuncio de licitación:

Apartado IV: Procedimiento

IV.1.8)Información acerca del Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública
El contrato está cubierto por el Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública: sí
IV.2)Información administrativa

Apartado VI: Información complementaria

VI.3)Información adicional:

By publication of this notice, Landsvirkjun notifies turbine manufacturers with the relevant experience that it intends to undertake certain preliminary market consultation activities in respect of the proposed Búrfell and Blanda wind farm projects. We therefore invite turbine manufacturers to contact us by email to express your interest in participating in this consultation process. In that email, we would ask interested parties to include details of at least one wind farm project that they have successfully delivered which has a capacity of 50 MW or above. Expressions of interest should be made no later than Friday 30.11.2018. Following receipt of expressions of interest, Landsvirkjun will review the example projects provided and determine which organisations are best suited to take part in the preliminary market consultations.Such parties will then be provided with a Non Disclosure Agreement which they must complete and return,following which Landsvirkjun will release a Preliminary Market Consultation document, which includes a questionnaire for interested parties.

Parties should note that participation in this preliminary market consultation process is not a prerequisite to participating in any subsequent procurement process (should there be 1). Landsvirkjun is committed to ensuring that all parties are treated equally and any information shared on behalf of Landsvirkjun during the preliminary market consultation will be made available to all organisations short-listed through any subsequent procurement process.

Interested parties should note that Landsvirkjun accepts no liability for any costs howsoever incurred by interested parties in respect of participating in this process.

VI.5)Fecha de envío del presente anuncio: