Supplies - 503383-2019

TITitleSpain-Madrid: Parts of military vehicles
NDDocument number503383-2019
PDPublication date24/10/2019
OJEdition number206
AUAuthority nameJAEMALE (S2800811H)
OLOriginal languageES
AAType of authority1 - Ministry or any other national or federal authority
HAEU Institution-
DSDocument sent21/10/2019
NCContract2 - Supplies
PRProcedureV - Contract award without prior publication
TDType of document7 - Contract award notice
RPRegulation4 - European Union
TYType of bid9 - Not applicable
ACAward criteria2 - The most economic tender
PCCPV code35420000 - Parts of military vehicles
IAInternet address (URL)!ut/p/b1/0wcA1NLTeQ!!/
DILegal basisDefence Directive 2009/81/EC