Dienstleistungen - 530616-2019

08/11/2019    S216    Dienstleistungen - Bekanntmachung über vergebene Aufträge - Offenes Verfahren 

das Vereinigte Königreich-Edinburgh: Museumsausstellungen

2019/S 216-530616

Bekanntmachung vergebener Aufträge

Ergebnisse des Vergabeverfahrens


Richtlinie 2014/24/EU

Abschnitt I: Öffentlicher Auftraggeber

I.1)Name und Adressen
Offizielle Bezeichnung: National Library of Scotland
Nationale Identifikationsnummer: SC011086
Postanschrift: George IV Bridge
Ort: Edinburgh
Postleitzahl: EH1 1EW
Land: Vereinigtes Königreich
Kontaktstelle(n): Emma Smith
E-Mail: e.smith2@nls.uk
Telefon: +44 1316233742
Fax: +44 1316233701


Hauptadresse: http://www.nls.uk

Adresse des Beschafferprofils: https://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/search/Search_AuthProfile.aspx?ID=AA11622

I.2)Informationen zur gemeinsamen Beschaffung
Der Auftrag wird von einer zentralen Beschaffungsstelle vergeben
I.4)Art des öffentlichen Auftraggebers
Einrichtung des öffentlichen Rechts
Freizeit, Kultur und Religion

Abschnitt II: Gegenstand

II.1)Umfang der Beschaffung
II.1.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:

Semi Permanent Exhibition — Design, Build and Digital Interpretation Services and Ongoing Support

Referenznummer der Bekanntmachung: 2018.19.060
II.1.2)CPV-Code Hauptteil
92521100 Museumsausstellungen
II.1.3)Art des Auftrags
II.1.4)Kurze Beschreibung:

The National Library of Scotland requires a contractor to provide exhibition design, build, and digital interpretation plus ongoing support contract for up to 5 years,in the newly converted treasures gallery in the George IV Bridge Building in Edinburgh. The design, build and digital interpretation services are for a semi-permanent exhibition, with a minimum life span of 5 years, in order to showcase iconic items from the Library’s collections.

This will be a fully project managed service, subcontracted as required and will comprise of the following:

Exhibition design and build services

Digital interpretation services

Graphic artwork

Software and interactives and hardware

Project management services

Lighting design in collaboration with the Library’s directly appointed lighting contractor

Ongoing support of the physical and digital content (Term Contract)

Consideration for regular/annual small scale refresh — with the rotation of collection material on display as appropriate.

II.1.6)Angaben zu den Losen
Aufteilung des Auftrags in Lose: nein
II.1.7)Gesamtwert der Beschaffung (ohne MwSt.)
Wert ohne MwSt.: 196 687.00 GBP
II.2.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:
II.2.2)Weitere(r) CPV-Code(s)
79950000 Veranstaltung von Ausstellungen, Messen und Kongressen
79952000 Event-Organisation
79952100 Organisation von Kulturveranstaltungen
92000000 Dienstleistungen in den Bereichen Erholung, Kultur und Sport
79415200 Entwurfsberatung
32321200 Audiovisuelle Geräte
32321300 Audiovisueller Bedarf
32322000 Multimediaausrüstung
NUTS-Code: UKM75 Edinburgh, City of
Hauptort der Ausführung:

National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.

II.2.4)Beschreibung der Beschaffung:

The Library requires exhibition design, build, digital interpretation plus ongoing support services contract. The technical solution proposed for the design, build and digital interpretation must be robust and built to last for a minimum of 5 years.

Exhibition design and build services

Design and build of a semi-permanent exhibition in the newly converted treasures gallery within the operational parameters of the newly fitted out space and in collaboration with the Library project team.


The primary focus of the treasures gallery is:

To provide a showcase experience where visitors can view a selection of ‘must see’ items from the Library’s collections which collectively communicate the span of the collections (the earliest item dates from the 9th century, with new material added daily) and the significance of the collections to an understanding of Scotland’s history and culture.

Within this the space should deliver:

1) A build of quality and elegance (within the budget parameters) on a par with the Library’s national status;

2) An environment which allows for an integrated and seamless display of a wide variety of items of different sizes and formats: historic, modern, intimate, large scale, cased, framed, manuscript, print, audio visual and born-digital items;

3) An atmosphere which aims to actively engage the visitor, through language and interpretation which is welcoming and inclusive;

4) A feeling of shared ownership and continuity of collecting which reflects the Library’s status as a ‘memory institution’;

5) A range of digital presentations to showcase moving image, sound and digital items held within the Library’s collections, and which encourage visitor engagement.

Digital interpretation

To provide digital interpretation services i.e. interactives and audio visual displays including the physical infrastructure, hardware, software and content. Digital interpretation will be integrated throughout the new treasures gallery. Digital elements will provide multiple pathways for audiences to engage with the collections – both those which are on display in the gallery and those which are not. When designing the digital interpretation it must be done in a way that allows easy access to the hardware provided for repairs.

Project management services

The appointed designer will project manage the delivery of all the services in the design, build and digital interpretation of the treasures gallery redisplay. They will work collaboratively with the Library Project Team and in liaison with the internally appointed named Library Project Manager. They will be expected to attend monthly project management meetings with the Library Project Team as appropriate (approximately 7) and meet with the Library Project Manager out with the monthly project management meetings as required. The delivery of the project will be managed in accordance with key dates; any significant changes to the programme will be in agreement with Library Project Manager. The appointed designer will hold responsibility for managing the contracts of all their directly appointed sub-contractors and ensuring the project is adequately resourced at all stages of delivery.

On-going support services

The ongoing support and refresh contract will run for a minimum of 2 years with an option to extend for a further 3 x 12 month period. The support contract will commence the day following the actual snagging sign off date. The Library requires a reactive support service for the hardware and software provided for the digital interpretation. In addition small scale refreshes of the Treasures Gallery will be required with the rotation of collections material on display as appropriate and/or on an annual basis.

The contract will not be divided into lots as it would make the execution of the contract overly complicated.

Qualitätskriterium - Name: Tender Schedules / Gewichtung: 80
Preis - Gewichtung: 20
II.2.11)Angaben zu Optionen
Optionen: nein
II.2.13)Angaben zu Mitteln der Europäischen Union
Der Auftrag steht in Verbindung mit einem Vorhaben und/oder Programm, das aus Mitteln der EU finanziert wird: nein
II.2.14)Zusätzliche Angaben

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in Regulations 58 of Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations 2015.

Abschnitt IV: Verfahren

Offenes Verfahren
IV.1.3)Angaben zur Rahmenvereinbarung oder zum dynamischen Beschaffungssystem
IV.1.6)Angaben zur elektronischen Auktion
IV.1.8)Angaben zum Beschaffungsübereinkommen (GPA)
Der Auftrag fällt unter das Beschaffungsübereinkommen: ja
IV.2.1)Frühere Bekanntmachung zu diesem Verfahren
Bekanntmachungsnummer im ABl.: 2019/S 140-344854
IV.2.8)Angaben zur Beendigung des dynamischen Beschaffungssystems
IV.2.9)Angaben zur Beendigung des Aufrufs zum Wettbewerb in Form einer Vorinformation

Abschnitt V: Auftragsvergabe

Auftrags-Nr.: 2018.19.060
Ein Auftrag/Los wurde vergeben: ja
V.2.1)Tag des Vertragsabschlusses:
V.2.2)Angaben zu den Angeboten
Anzahl der eingegangenen Angebote: 2
Anzahl der eingegangenen Angebote von KMU: 2
Anzahl der eingegangenen Angebote von Bietern aus anderen EU-Mitgliedstaaten: 0
Anzahl der eingegangenen Angebote von Bietern aus Nicht-EU-Mitgliedstaaten: 0
Anzahl der elektronisch eingegangenen Angebote: 2
Der Auftrag wurde an einen Zusammenschluss aus Wirtschaftsteilnehmern vergeben: nein
V.2.3)Name und Anschrift des Wirtschaftsteilnehmers, zu dessen Gunsten der Zuschlag erteilt wurde
Offizielle Bezeichnung: Studio MB Ltd
Nationale Identifikationsnummer: SC366590
Postanschrift: 20 Hill Street
Ort: Edinburgh
NUTS-Code: UKM75 Edinburgh, City of
Postleitzahl: EH2 3JZ
Land: Vereinigtes Königreich
E-Mail: hello@studiomb.co.uk
Telefon: +44 1315559355
Der Auftragnehmer ist ein KMU: ja
V.2.4)Angaben zum Wert des Auftrags/Loses (ohne MwSt.)
Ursprünglich veranschlagter Gesamtwert des Auftrags/des Loses: 240 000.00 GBP
Gesamtwert des Auftrags/Loses: 196 687.00 GBP
V.2.5)Angaben zur Vergabe von Unteraufträgen
Es können Unteraufträge vergeben werden
Kurze Beschreibung des Anteils des an Unterauftragnehmer vergebenen Auftrags:

Exhibition build and fit out, AV Hardware, AV Software

Abschnitt VI: Weitere Angaben

VI.3)Zusätzliche Angaben:

Award criteria questions can be found in the schedules to tender — quality (technical) response along with weightings issued with the ITT. Unless stated otherwise in the ITT and associated schedules to tender the award scoring methodology will be as follows.

0 = Unacceptable — nil or inadequate response. Fails to demonstrate an ability to meet the requirement.

1 = Poor — response is partially relevant but generally poor. The response addresses some elements of the requirement but contains insufficient/limited detail or explanation to demonstrate how the requirement will be fulfilled and or may be overly generic.

2 = Acceptable — response is relevant and acceptable. The response addresses a broad understanding of the requirement but may lack details on how the requirement will be fulfilled in certain areas and or may be generic in part.

3 = Good — response is relevant and good. The response is sufficiently detailed to demonstrate a good understanding and provides details on how the requirements will be fulfilled.

4 = Excellent — response is completely relevant and excellent overall. The response is comprehensive, unambiguous and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the requirement and provides details of how the requirement will be met in full.

Bidders conference — a bidders’ conference/site viewing/meet the buyer event will be held on 30.7.2019:

National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EW.

This will consist of a short presentation by Library staff and the opportunity for you to ask questions on anything arising from your reading of the ITT documents.

You should note that places are limited to a maximum of two representative(s) and that the Library is unable to pay any travel costs or expenses.

The bidders’ conference will commence at 10.00 on 30.7.2019 and will conclude no later than 12.30. The name(s) of your representative(s) attending the bidders’ conference should be emailed to e.smith2@nls.uk by 26.7.2019.

The Library is not bound to accept the lowest priced or any offer

Form of contract — the successful supplier will be required to enter into a formal service contract in the form as detailed in SG Model Form of contract for services available for download with the ITT.

Tenders must be submitted in the format as detailed in Annex B, Appendix 3 of the ITT

(SC Ref:603387)

VI.4.1)Zuständige Stelle für Rechtsbehelfs-/Nachprüfungsverfahren
Offizielle Bezeichnung: National Library of Scotland
Postanschrift: George IV Bridge
Ort: Edinburgh
Postleitzahl: EH1 1EW
Land: Vereinigtes Königreich
E-Mail: l.hamilton@nls.uk
Telefon: +44 1316233708
Fax: +44 1316233701

Internet-Adresse: http://www.nls.uk

VI.4.2)Zuständige Stelle für Schlichtungsverfahren
VI.4.3)Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen
Genaue Angaben zu den Fristen für die Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen:

The Library will incorporate a minimum of 10 calendar days standstill period at the point of which information on the decision to award the contract is communicated to tenderers (the standstill notification). An economic operator that suffers, or risk suffering, loss or damage attributable to a breach of duty under the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 may bring proceedings in the Sheriff Court or court of Session after informing the Library of its intention.

VI.4.4)Stelle, die Auskünfte über die Einlegung von Rechtsbehelfen erteilt
VI.5)Tag der Absendung dieser Bekanntmachung: