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Supplies - 561910-2023

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Belgium - Fish, crustaceans and aquatic products - Poissons durables bis


Contract or concession notice – standard regime

1. Buyer
1.1 Buyer
Official name: Intercommunale de Soins Spécialisés de Liège
1.1 Buyer
Official name: Le Centre Hospitalier Régional de la Citadelle
2. Procedure
2.1 Procedure
Title: Poissons durables bis
Type of procedure: Open
2.1.1 Purpose
Main classification(cpv): 03310000Fish, crustaceans and aquatic products
2.1.3 Value
Estimated value excluding VAT: 490,000EUR
2.1.4 General information
Directive 2014/24/EU
5. Lot
5.1 Lot: LOT-0001
Title: 36Bbis - 1
5.1.1 Purpose
Main classification(cpv): 03310000Fish, crustaceans and aquatic products
5.1.2 Place of performance
Country subdivision (NUTS): Arr. Liège(BE332)
Country: Belgium
5.1.3 Estimated duration
Start date: 2024-01-01+01:00
End date: 2024-12-31+01:00
5.1.5 Value
Estimated value excluding VAT: 490,000EUR
5.1.12 Terms of procurement
Terms of submission:
Deadline for receipt of tenders: 2023-10-24+02:0009:00:00+02:00