Fournitures - 565716-2019

29/11/2019    S231

Royaume-Uni-St Asaph: Kits de diagnostic

2019/S 231-565716

Avis de préinformation

Le présent avis est un avis de préinformation uniquement


Base juridique:
Directive 2014/24/UE

Section I: Pouvoir adjudicateur

I.1)Nom et adresses
Nom officiel: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership
Adresse postale: Alder House, Alder Court, St Asaph Business Park
Ville: St Asaph
Code postal: LL17 0JL
Pays: Royaume-Uni
Point(s) de contact: Joanne Liddle
Téléphone: +44 1745366820

Adresse(s) internet:

Adresse principale:

Adresse du profil d’acheteur:

I.1)Nom et adresses
Nom officiel: RESAH
Ville: Paris
Code postal: 75011
Pays: Royaume-Uni
Point(s) de contact: Louis Potel

Adresse(s) internet:

Adresse principale:

I.2)Informations sur la passation conjointe de marchés
Le marché fait l'objet d'une procédure conjointe
En cas de procédure conjointe impliquant différents pays, législation nationale applicable relative aux marchés:

Assistance Publique-Hospitaux de Paris, France

CGS UniHA, France

Societa Regionale per la Sanita, Italy

Reseau des acheteurs hospitaliers, France

Adresse à laquelle des informations complémentaires peuvent être obtenues: le ou les point(s) de contact susmentionné(s)
I.4)Type de pouvoir adjudicateur
Organisme de droit public
I.5)Activité principale

Section II: Objet

II.1)Étendue du marché

Hospital Acquired Respiratory Infections (ICU) including Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

II.1.2)Code CPV principal
33141625 Kits de diagnostic
II.1.3)Type de marché
II.1.4)Description succincte:

Suppliers who are able to offer any solution, either in part or in full, to diagnose VAP earlier than current culture methods; or offer solutions which may push the boundaries of innovation to prevent VAP infections are invited to register their interest.

II.1.5)Valeur totale estimée
II.1.6)Information sur les lots
Ce marché est divisé en lots: non
II.2.2)Code(s) CPV additionnel(s)
33100000 Équipements médicaux
33140000 Consommables médicaux
33157400 Respirateurs médicaux
33692000 Solutions médicamenteuses
33124100 Appareils de diagnostic
33124110 Systèmes de diagnostic
33141625 Kits de diagnostic
II.2.3)Lieu d'exécution
II.2.4)Description des prestations:

NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (NWSSP), hosted by Velindre NHS Trust, is publishing this prior information notice (PIN) on behalf of the European wide Innovative Procurement of Health and care Innovation (EURIPHI) project. EURIPHI is a consortium of 25 leading organisations in procurement and health care from across Europe created as a result of EU Coordination and Support Action (CSA) under Horizon 2020 ‘Innovation in Healthcare’. The aim of the project is to create a Europe-wide consortium which will define unmet needs in order to implement innovation and integrated solutions through a value-based procurement approach.

The purpose of this PIN is to open communication between the EURIPHI consortium and the market in relation to Hospital Acquired Respiratory Infections within ICU, specifically Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).

VAP is defined as pneumonia that occurs more than 48 hours after intubation. Its diagnosis is based on clinical signs and symptoms such as new infiltrate on the chest X-ray. Culture-based identification of the causative pathogen is slow and often only confirms an initial diagnosis and might guide antibiotic treatment.

Earlier detection of the presence of pathogens and their antibiotic resistance/susceptibility may assist in appropriate treatment being administered more rapidly thus positively impacting on recovery times; mortality rates; length of stay; reduction in overall costs and better antibiotic stewardship.

Further, prevention to detect VAP earlier, e.g. before suspected; or avoid VAP infections would improve perceived benefits.

Suppliers who are able to offer any solution, either in part or in full, to diagnose VAP earlier than current culture methods; or offer solutions which may push the boundaries of innovation to prevent VAP infections are invited to register their interest with NHS Wales in order to enter into open market consultation with the EURIPHI consortium.

Interested parties are requested to complete the attached short questionnaire and return to Joanne Liddle, Senior Category Manager, NWSSP by email to and include contact name; company name; telephone number and contact email address.

Please note publication of this PIN is a follow up to original open market consultation held by EURIPHI in Paris in 2019 as part of this project. This PIN does not guarantee a procurement exercise will follow as this will be subject to funding of individual health organisations.

II.2.14)Informations complémentaires

We wish to enter into discussions with interested suppliers during January and February 2020, interested suppliers are asked to ensure their interest is registered by no later than 10.1.2020.

II.3)Date prévue pour le lancement de la procédure de passation:

Section IV: Procédure

IV.1.8)Information concernant l’accord sur les marchés publics (AMP)
Le marché est couvert par l'accord sur les marchés publics: oui

Section VI: Renseignements complémentaires

VI.3)Informations complémentaires:

Note: to register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Sell2Wales Web Site at

(WA Ref:97691)

VI.5)Date d’envoi du présent avis: