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04/12/2019    S234

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: EIB - EIB - Luxembourg — Call for Expression of Interest to Select Financial Intermediaries that will receive Resources from a Fund of Funds established under the Cooperation of the Directorate General for European Programmes Coordination and Development (‘DG EPCD’) of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Investment Bank (‘EIB’) to Implement a Financial Instrument

2019/S 234-572906

Notice of Call for Expressions of Interest

Reference: MHA-1580


(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 4.11.2019, 2019/S 212-519041)

The Energy Fund of Funds Cyprus, represented for the purpose of this call for expression of interest by the European Investment Bank, 98–100, boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG. Email: which is acting as the procuring entity.

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5. Deadline for submission of proposals:



5. Deadline for submission of proposals: