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Services - 625435-2021

07/12/2021    S237

Poland-Krosno: Snow-clearing services

2021/S 237-625435

Modification notice

Modification of a contract/concession during its term

Legal Basis:
Directive 2014/24/EU

Section I: Contracting authority/entity

I.1)Name and addresses
Official name: Powiatowy Zarząd Dróg w Krośnie
Postal address: ul. Bieszczdzka 1
Town: Krosno
NUTS code: PL821 Krośnieński
Postal code: 38-400
Country: Poland
E-mail: kowalska@pzdkrosno.pl
Telephone: +48 134375797
Fax: +48 134375829
Internet address(es):
Main address: www.pzdkrosno.pl

Section II: Object

II.1)Scope of the procurement

Zimowe Utrzymanie dróg powiatowych w sezonie 2020/2021, 2021/2022, 2022/2023 zlokalizowanych na terenie powiatu krośnieńskiego

Reference number: ADT.
II.1.2)Main CPV code
90620000 Snow-clearing services
II.1.3)Type of contract

Miejsce Piastowe 1

Lot No: 4
II.2.2)Additional CPV code(s)
90620000 Snow-clearing services
II.2.3)Place of performance
NUTS code: PL821 Krośnieński
II.2.7)Duration of the contract, framework agreement, dynamic purchasing system or concession
Start: 29/10/2020
End: 15/04/2023

Section IV: Procedure

IV.2)Administrative information
IV.2.1)Contract award notice concerning this contract
Notice number in the OJ S: 2020/S 230-567448

Section V: Award of contract/concession

Contract No: ADT.
Lot No: 4

Miejsce Piastowe 1

Section VII: Modifications to the contract/concession

VII.1)Description of the procurement after the modifications
VII.1.1)Main CPV code
90620000 Snow-clearing services
VII.1.3)Place of performance
NUTS code: PL821 Krośnieński
VII.1.4)Description of the procurement:

nie uległ zmianie

VII.1.5)Duration of the contract, framework agreement, dynamic purchasing system or concession
Start: 29/10/2020
End: 15/04/2023
VII.1.6)Information on value of the contract/lot/concession (excluding VAT)
Total value of the contract/lot/concession: 114 000.00 PLN
VII.1.7)Name and address of the contractor/concessionaire
Official name: Usługi Budowlane i Transportowe Krzysztof Stachurski
Postal address: ul. Dukielska 88A
Town: Nowy Żmigród
NUTS code: PL821 Krośnieński
Postal code: 38-230
Country: Poland
The contractor/concessionaire is an SME: no
VII.2)Information about modifications
VII.2.2)Reasons for modification
Need for modification brought about by circumstances which a diligent contracting authority/entity could not foresee (Art. 43(1)(c) of Directive 2014/23/EU, Art. 72(1)(c) of Directive 2014/24/EU, Art. 89(1)(c) of Directive 2014/25/EU)
Description of the circumstances which rendered the modification necessary and explanation of the unforeseen nature of these circumstances:

W związku z nieprzewidywanymi obfitymi opadami śniegu i deszczu (gołoledź) zwiększył się zakres wykonywanych usług, co spowodowało wzrost wartości umowy.

VII.2.3)Increase in price
Updated total contract value before the modifications (taking into account possible earlier contract modifications and price adaptions and, in the case of Directive 2014/23/EU, average inflation in the Member State concerned)
Value excluding VAT: 105 600.00 PLN
Total contract value after the modifications
Value excluding VAT: 114 000.00 PLN