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Servizi - 304081-2019

01/07/2019    S124    Servizi - Avviso indicativo periodico - non utilizzato come mezzo di indizione di gara- - Non applicabile 

Regno Unito-Londra: Servizi architettonici, di costruzione, ingegneria e ispezione

2019/S 124-304081

Avviso periodico indicativo – Settori di pubblica utilità

Il presente avviso è solo un avviso periodico indicativo


Base giuridica:

Direttiva 2014/25/UE

Sezione I: Ente aggiudicatore

I.1)Denominazione e indirizzi
Denominazione ufficiale: Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd
Indirizzo postale: 1 Eversholt Street
Città: London
Codice NUTS: UK
Codice postale: NW1 2DN
Paese: Regno Unito
E-mail: Briony.Toogood@networkrail.co.uk
Tel.: +44 7809376901

Indirizzi Internet:

Indirizzo principale: https://www.networkrail.co.uk

Indirizzo del profilo di committente: https://networkrail.bravosolution.co.uk/esop/guest/go/opportunity/detail?opportunityId=43639

I.2)Appalto congiunto
Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili presso l'indirizzo sopraindicato
I.6)Principali settori di attività
Servizi ferroviari

Sezione II: Oggetto

II.1)Entità dell'appalto

Pre-Procurement Market Engagement — Automated Tunnel Examinations (Subsurface Defect Detection)

Numero di riferimento: project_18299 - #10011
II.1.2)Codice CPV principale
II.1.3)Tipo di appalto
II.1.4)Breve descrizione:

Network Rail are seeking to explore ways in which to replace manual tunnel inspections with more efficient and safer automated methods. These new technologies are predicted to significantly improve the cost of the inspections and increase safety of the inspectors. A recent study suggests that cost savings could be in the order of 80 % in comparison to the cost of manual inspections.

To improve the accuracy of current examination techniques it is expected that this project will determine an appropriate method that can be deployed on a repetitive basis to examine defects within, or behind, tunnel linings that cannot be seen visually.

Network Rail would like to undertake market research to understand the availability of this technology.

II.1.5)Valore totale stimato
II.1.6)Informazioni relative ai lotti
Questo appalto è suddiviso in lotti: no
II.2.2)Codici CPV supplementari
II.2.3)Luogo di esecuzione
Codice NUTS: FR
Codice NUTS: UK
II.2.4)Descrizione dell'appalto:

The rise in passenger and freight traffic means reduced access time for inspection and repair. The current forecast for 2030 is 34 % increase in passenger traffic and 40 % increase in freight traffic (compared to a 2005 baseline).

Our current policy is to maintain the tunnels for continued serviceability, extending tunnel service life is seen as a major priority to facilitate the UK and Europe’s rail transport ambitions.

Network Rail is responsible for nearly 700 operational tunnels throughout the network, which equates to approximately 335 km of structures. The majority of existing tunnel assets currently require an annual examination which is undertaken manually. Manual inspections performed by humans are time consuming, costly and can be dangerous for workers.

The expected impacts and benefits of this project are:

1) More trustworthy data;

2) Lower cost examinations;

3) Improved safety of workforce;

4) Improved risk evaluation of serviceability and structural stability of operational tunnels;

5) Less disruption for the TOCs.

The purpose of this pre-market engagement is to request information from the market in relation to available technologies for automated Tunnel Subsurface Defect Detection. The responses to this RFI will be used for information purposes only.

The scope of any future procurement event is likely to include the following activities:

— feasibility study,

— demonstrator development,

— prototype laboratory testing,

— demonstrator testing in UK tunnel,

— demonstrator testing in French tunnel.

For more information regarding this RFI and how to respond, please review the additional documents which can be accessed through Network Rail's sourcing platform — BravoNR via this link.


From the welcome screen, click the ‘View Current Opportunities’ link and select #10011 — Shift2Rail In2Track2 — Automated Tunnel Examination (SDT)’. Please note you do not need to login to BravoNR at this stage to access this opportunity listing.

Please note that any content received via response to this RFI will be used purely for information purposes only and will not be deemed as forming part of any proposed bid now, or any potential future tender. Network Rail is committed to ensuring fairness, openness and transparency, and to following EU procurement regulations. The periodic indicative notice is issued solely for the purpose of conducting pre-procurement market engagement via a request for information and does not constitute any commitment to undertake any procurement in the future. Interested parties will not be prejudiced by any response or failure to respond to the PIN event and a response to this PIN does not guarantee any invitation to participate in this event or any future procurement.

This PIN does not constitute a call for competition to procure any services, supplies or works mentioned in this PIN and Network Rail will not accept any proposals offered in response to this PIN. Network Rail is not liable for any costs, fees, or expenses incurred by any party in replying to or attending any PIN event. Any procurement of any services, supplies or works by Network Rail will be carried out strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016.

II.2.14)Informazioni complementari

This procurement receives funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 826255. The EU is however not participating as a Contracting Authority in this procurement.

II.3)Data prevista di pubblicazione del bando di gara:

Sezione IV: Procedura

IV.1.8)Informazioni relative all'accordo sugli appalti pubblici (AAP)
L'appalto è disciplinato dall'accordo sugli appalti pubblici: no
IV.2)Informazioni di carattere amministrativo

Sezione VI: Altre informazioni

VI.3)Informazioni complementari:
VI.5)Data di spedizione del presente avviso: