Lavori - 378401-2019

09/08/2019    S153

Regno Unito-Birmingham: Lavori di costruzione ferroviari

2019/S 153-378401

Avviso periodico indicativo – Settori di pubblica utilità

Il presente avviso è solo un avviso periodico indicativo


Base giuridica:
Direttiva 2014/25/UE

Sezione I: Ente aggiudicatore

I.1)Denominazione e indirizzi
Denominazione ufficiale: High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd
Indirizzo postale: High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd, Two Snowhill, Queensway
Città: Birmingham
Codice postale: B4 6GA
Paese: Regno Unito
Persona di contatto: HS2 Procurement
Indirizzi Internet:
Indirizzo principale:
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I.6)Principali settori di attività
Servizi ferroviari

Sezione II: Oggetto

II.1)Entità dell'appalto

Industry Day to Launch Revised Strategy for the Overhead Catenary System

II.1.2)Codice CPV principale
45234100 Lavori di costruzione ferroviari
II.1.3)Tipo di appalto
II.1.4)Breve descrizione:

HS2 Ltd is hosting an Industry Day on 3.9.2019 to re-engage with the market and launch its revised strategy based on market appetite and conditions for the following contracts:

1) Overhead catenary system:

To register your interest for this event, please use the following link:

Registration deadline is 12.00 (UK Time) on 21.8.2019.

HS2 have recognised the current market conditions are challenging and the increasing concern regarding risk transfer and have therefore revised our position to provide a better balance and overall outcome.

The industry day will provide an opportunity to re-engage with the market and outline our revised strategy which we believe will attract a larger number of bidders, reduce risk and thereby produce a more competitive process.

II.1.5)Valore totale stimato
II.1.6)Informazioni relative ai lotti
Questo appalto è suddiviso in lotti: no
II.2.2)Codici CPV supplementari
45232210 Costruzione di linee aeree
45234160 Lavori di costruzione di catenarie
II.2.3)Luogo di esecuzione
Luogo principale di esecuzione:


II.2.4)Descrizione dell'appalto:

The Overhead Catenary System (OCS) scope of works includes the design, build, installation, testing and commissioning of OCS for the entirety of the route for HS2 Phase 1 and Phase 2a.

The scope includes foundations and steelwork, small parts steelwork, support and registration equipment, In span assemblies including tensioning devices, neutral sections, asset condition monitoring equipment, switches and sectioning arrangements, registration and panning, earthing and bonding and electrification signage.

II.2.14)Informazioni complementari
II.3)Data prevista di pubblicazione del bando di gara:

Sezione IV: Procedura

IV.1.8)Informazioni relative all'accordo sugli appalti pubblici (AAP)
L'appalto è disciplinato dall'accordo sugli appalti pubblici: sì
IV.2)Informazioni di carattere amministrativo

Sezione VI: Altre informazioni

VI.3)Informazioni complementari:

This PIN is not a call for competition and is not published to reduce time limits for the receipt of tenders.

The procurement process for the Overhead Catenary System will be re-launched in 2019 by the publication of further PIN(s) and/or contract notice(s).

HS2 Ltd reserves the right not to commence any procurement or award any contract(s) in respect of the Overhead Catenary System and to amend the information in this PIN (including any arrangements for the industry day).

The decision to accept the registration of any supplier to the industry day shall be HS2 Ltd's and final. Non-participation in the industry day shall not prevent any supplier from participating in these 2 separate procurements.

Given the early stage of these 2 procurements and the anticipated impact of market engagement, information in this PIN may change. Insofar as permitted by law, HS2 Ltd shall not be liable for any losses incurred by any party as a result of reliance on such information.

VI.5)Data di spedizione del presente avviso: