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06/02/2019    S26

Regno Unito-Bedford: Lavori di costruzione

2019/S 026-056978

Avviso di preinformazione

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Base giuridica:
Direttiva 2014/24/UE

Sezione I: Amministrazione aggiudicatrice

I.1)Denominazione e indirizzi
Denominazione ufficiale: Highways England
Numero di identificazione nazionale: 9346363
Indirizzo postale: Woodlands, Manton Lane
Città: Bedford
Codice NUTS: UKH2 Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire
Codice postale: MK41 7LW
Paese: Regno Unito

Indirizzi Internet:

Indirizzo principale:

I.2)Appalto congiunto
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I.4)Tipo di amministrazione aggiudicatrice
Agenzia/ufficio nazionale o federale
I.5)Principali settori di attività
Servizi generali delle amministrazioni pubbliche

Sezione II: Oggetto

II.1)Entità dell'appalto

Lower Thames Crossing Infrastructure Works

II.1.2)Codice CPV principale
45000000 Lavori di costruzione
II.1.3)Tipo di appalto
II.1.4)Breve descrizione:

Highways England (HE) is the government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England's motorways and major A roads. We have a huge road investment programme to deliver and want to engage with suppliers to inform our approach to procuring our larger complex infrastructure projects.

Supplier feedback and providing for genuine two-way dialogue opportunity to take place between Highways England and the market, listening to what interested parties have to say and using this to shape the project and procurement development is extremely important to us; it is imperative that we work collaboratively to achieve the optimum solutions. At this stage we are primarily considering supplier feedback on the Lower Thames Crossing roads, tunnels, early works delivery manager, archaeology and information technology services procurements.

II.1.5)Valore totale stimato
II.1.6)Informazioni relative ai lotti
Questo appalto è suddiviso in lotti: no
II.2.2)Codici CPV supplementari
45100000 Lavori di preparazione del cantiere edile
45112000 Lavori di scavo e movimento terra
45112730 Lavori di architettura paesaggistica per strade e autostrade
45221000 Lavori di costruzione di ponti e gallerie, pozzi e sottopassaggi
45221100 Lavori di costruzione per ponti
45221110 Lavori di costruzione di ponti
45221111 Lavori di costruzione di ponti stradali
45221121 Lavori di costruzione di viadotti stradali
45221200 Lavori di costruzione di gallerie, pozzi e sottopassaggi
45221245 Lavori di costruzione di gallerie subalvee
45221247 Scavo di galleria
45233000 Lavori di costruzione, di fondazione e di superficie per autostrade e strade
45233100 Lavori di costruzione di strade e autostrade
45233110 Lavori di costruzione di autostrade
45233120 Lavori di costruzione di strade
45233121 Lavori di costruzione di strade principali
45233122 Lavori di costruzione di circonvallazioni
45233125 Lavori di costruzione di nodi stradali
45233128 Lavori di costruzione di rotatorie
45233131 Lavori di costruzione di strade sopraelevate
45233224 Lavori di costruzione di strade a doppia carreggiata
45233227 Lavori di costruzione di strade di raccordo
63712320 Servizi di gestione gallerie
71351500 Servizi di investigazione del terreno
71351720 Indagini geofisiche di siti archeologici
71351914 Servizi archeologici
II.2.3)Luogo di esecuzione
Codice NUTS: UKH32 Thurrock
Codice NUTS: UKJ4 Kent
Luogo principale di esecuzione:

Kent, East of Gravesend, Thurrock and Tilbury.

II.2.4)Descrizione dell'appalto:

Highways England commenced an engagement process in 2018 to identify suppliers who are interested in working with us on the Lower Thames Crossing project for the tunnels and roads elements of the scheme. This PIN now supersedes the original and allows for wider Market engagement on archaeological, enabling works, information technology services as well as an updated market engagement process relating to the tunnels and roads aspects in relation to the Lower Thames Crossing project only.

This project is the largest in Highways England’s Road Investment Programme, with the overall project estimate being between 5 300 000 000-6 800 000 000 GBP, and represents a major opportunity for the construction sector Although this Prior Information Notice (PIN) covers all contracts for consultation, each element listed above will be procured separately with independent and separate procurements.

Following the completion of the Lower Thames Crossing pre-application consultation in December 2018, we are now developing the development consent order application to seek permission to build the crossing. Over 28 000 people responded to the consultation, which makes it the largest ever response to a consultation of its type.

Following the government’s announcement on the future of Private Finance, Highways England will continue to work closely with government to progress the projects to the required timescales.

This is a large and complex project, which will require critical capabilities from balanced, diverse and sustainable supply chain partners. Highways England remain committed and look forward to talking to all those in the UK, European and International markets who are interested in helping us deliver these projects.

As a 14,5-mile scheme, the Lower Thames Crossing project comprises of two bored tunnels beneath the River Thames with interconnecting link roads to the M25, A13, and A2. At 16 metres in diameter, it will be one of the largest bored tunnels in the world. The crossing will feature three lanes in both directions with a maximum speed limit of 70 mph and is the largest single road investment project in the UK since the M25 was completed more than 30 years ago. At 2,4 miles, it will also be the longest road tunnel in the country and we expect it to add 90 % extra capacity for customers crossing the Thames east of London. The roads element of the project covers the northern link roads between the tunnel and the M25, at 15,9 km in length. The roads element also includes the southern link roads between the tunnel and the A2 at 3 km in length. Plans to improve and widen the highway will increase capacity on the A2 and M25.

Highways England intends to use an e-Sourcing portal (Bravo) to communicate and undertake further market engagement activities for the above scheme. Please register on the portal in order to be involved in market engagement for any aspect of the Lower Thames Crossing project.

It is anticipated that initial market engagement for the enabling works and roads and tunnels packaging will commence in Q1 2019 and further engagement will follow in the near future. Details of any further events will be provided to those registered to this PIN and your comments sought, on more specific elements of the projects. Invites to specialist events will be targeted to suit those relevant specialisms.

II.2.14)Informazioni complementari
II.3)Data prevista di pubblicazione del bando di gara:

Sezione IV: Procedura

IV.1.8)Informazioni relative all'accordo sugli appalti pubblici (AAP)
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Sezione VI: Altre informazioni

VI.3)Informazioni complementari:

By issuing this PIN, Highways England wishes to formally make the market aware of potential opportunities in relation Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) project.

We will be carrying out a programme of engagement with interested parties in respect of a range of categories of works and services in relation to the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) project, which may include:

— design consultancy,

— construction,

— archaeology,

— early and enabling works,

— logistics including road and river transportation of materials and disposal,

— Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls, and Automation (MEICA),

— protection and mitigation works to third-party infrastructure,

— provision of tunnel boring machines,

— materials and equipment supply; and,

— other specialist works/services related to roads/tunnels construction activities.

Collaboration is at the heart of the relationships necessary to deliver at the scale and pace required. We have planning to hold further supplier engagement events to provide an overview of Lower Thames Crossing opportunities available to the market in the forthcoming year in relation to major infrastructure projects and to provide an overview of the procurement vehicle options proposed specifically for the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) project.

Highways England is committed to ensuring fairness, openness, and transparency. The overarching aim of all the market consultation exercises is for genuine 2-way dialogue to take place between Highways England and the market, listening to what interested parties have to say and using this to shape the commercial and procurement strategies which set out the approach to the market.

This Prior Information Notice (PIN) is issued solely for the purpose of commencing a market consultation exercise and does not constitute any commitment by Highways England to undertake any public procurement exercise.

To the extent Highways England carries out any procurement, Highways England reserves the right to award contracts in lots or groups of lots. Interested parties will not be prejudiced by any response or failure to respond to this PIN. Nor shall a response to this PIN guarantee an invitation to participate in this market consultation exercise or any future procurement process that Highways England may conduct. This PIN does not constitute a call for competition to procure any works or services and is not published to reduce time limited for the receipt of tenders. Highways England is not bound to accept any proposals offered.

Highways England is not liable for any costs, fees or expenses incurred by any party responding to this PIN or any party who may participate in the market consultation exercise. In the event that Highways England decides to proceed with any procurement, it is currently assumed that such procurement will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 unless any legal requirement requires a different procedure to be adopted.

For additional information please visit:

For more information on the Lower Thames Crossing project please visit:

VI.5)Data di spedizione del presente avviso: