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15/02/2018    S32    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Works - Contract notice - Not specified 

Ukraine-Kharkiv: EBRD - Kharkiv Metro Extension Project

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Project name: Kharkiv Metro Extension Project

Country: Ukraine

Business sector: Municipal and environmental infrastructure

Project ID: 8979-EOI-46411(NM)

Funding source: EBRD, EIB

Type of contract: Project goods, works and services

Type of notice: Invitation for expression of interest

Issue date: 9.2.2018

Closing date: 16.3.2018 at 15:00 local time

This invitation for expression of interest follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this Project which was published on the EBRD’s web-site ( in procurement notices section on 29.9.2012 (Ref 8838-GPN-46411).

Project description:

Ukraine as the borrower will receive financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the "EBRD" or the "Bank") and, as expected, from the European Investment Bank (the "EIB"), to implement the Kharkiv Metro Extension Project (the "Project"). The project will be carried out by communal enterprise "Kharkivsky Metropoliten" (Kharkiv Metro Company) (the "Client") with financial assistance from Ukraine and support from Kharkiv City Council (the "City").

The objective of the Project is to expand the current metro (underground /subway) system and improve the provision of mass transit in the City of Kharkiv (the "City") as part of an overall strategy to achieve sustainable urban transport in the city. Taking into account that the registered population of Kharkiv is about 1 500 000, not including large number of labour living in suburban areas and students, the current transport system, based primarily on buses and minibuses, no longer enables efficient passenger transportation, especially in the face of rising car ownership, leading to congestion.

The project will finance the following investment components:

— Construction of a 3,47 km extension of the existing Green Metro Line in the southern part of the city of Kharkiv including construction of 2 new underground metro stations:

—— Derzhavinska is a shallow station located on the east side of Gagarin Avenue, partially on a private development area. Access to the underground stations halls from opposite sides of the Gagarina Avenue is ensured by a passageway underneath Gagarina Avenue,

—— Odeska is a shallow station located under the Gagarina Avenue in the area of Odesskaya and Herojev Stalingrada streets. It will function as an end station with 4 tracks for turn-around. Access to the underground station halls from opposite sides of the Gagarina Avenue is ensured by a passageway underneath the Gagarina Avenue,

— Construction of a new metro wagon depot and connecting rail for the Green Metro Line, with a capacity for 100 metro cars (20 trains); and,

— Supply of up to 100 new metro carriages to service the new metro line extension (6 nos. 5-car trains) and to renew the rolling stock of the existing Green Metro Line (14 nos. 5-car trains).

Assignment description:

To support the client in all aspects of the project’s implementation, including preparation of tender documents, assisting with tendering, tender evaluation, contract finalisation and administration and works supervision, the Client intends to engage a firm or group of firms (the "Consultant") (the "Assignment"). The overall objective of the assignment is to facilitate the timely and effective implementation of theproject by rendering assistance to the client in the implementation of the project, including design, all aspects of procurement and disbursement, contract administration and works supervision, environmental and social (E&S) requirements, local legislation requirements, and in line with equality of opportunity principles.

The client invites for expression of interest from suitable qualified firms which are interested in providing services of the project procurement and iimplementation consultant and carrying out the duties of the works supervision (FIDIC) engineer. The works contracts will be based on FIDIC conditions of contract for plant and design-build (First Edition, 1999) and conditions of contract for construction (First Edition, 1999).

Assignment start date and duration: It is expected to that the works for the assignment shall commence in the first quarter of 2018 and the duration is approximately 60 months (plus 12 months of the defect notification period).

Funding source: Loan funded (EBRD and EIB loans)

Eligibility: Interested firms or group of firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest. The proceeds of the EBRD and EIB loans will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, of for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

Consultant profile: corporate services are required. The consultant will be a firm, or consortium of firms, and is expected to have appropriate experience in the implementation of infrastructure projects in accordance with the policies and rules of multilateral development banks such as EBRD, World Bank, Asian Development Bank etc. and supervision of works in comparable conditions and in accordance with FIDIC conditions of contract.

The consultant’s expert team is expected to include key experts as follows:

1— project manager;

2— deputy project manager /transport facilities construction expert,

3— procurement and contracts manager,

4— tunnel supervision engineer,

5— railway construction expert,

6— design expert;

7— financial and accounting specialist,

8— environmental and social specialist,

9— rolling stock specialist.

All key experts shall have at least 10 years of previous professional experience in assignments of similar scope related to metro or rail sector, experience with FIDIC contracts and proficiency in English language.

Pool of additional experts consisting of at least:

—supervision engineers,

— environmental and social specialist,

— legal /contract management (FIDIC) expert,

— claims expert (FIDIC),

— fire safety expert,

— train traffic safety expert,

— electrical engineer,

— quality assurance engineer,

— communications /signalling expert,

— geologist /geotechnical engineer,

— surveyors.

The consultant shall ensure that the team includes sufficient number of experts with knowledge and practical experience of relevant Ukrainian legislation. Verifying any licensing and/or certification requirements for any of the experts is the responsibility of the consultant.

Submission requirements: in order to determine the capability and experience of consulting firms seeking to be short listed, the information for submission should include the following:

— company profile, organization structure and qualification of staff personnel,

— details of successful experience of participation or participation in similar assignments undertaken in the previous 5 years, including their location (submitted information should include for each project, as a minimum, following: a project title; contractual role of the firm; the presence of any affiliate or parent companies and their respective roles; location; start and completion dates; value; name of the Client; funding sources; objectives and brief narrative description of the project, functions and tasks carried out, including applicable national and /or international codes and standards, certification),

— CVs of key experts who could carry out the Assignment detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments, including information on contracting entity /client, project location /country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided, assignment budget, main activities, objectives,

— completed consultant declaration form and contact sheet, the template for which is available from the following web-link.

The above information should not exceed 30 pages excluding CVs and contact/declaration sheet.

The complete expression of interest in English and Ukrainian languages (including CVs, Consultant Declaration and Contact Sheet), shall be sent to the client as follows:

a) One electronic copy in PDF format

b) One original and two hard copies

The information should be submitted In the envelope to the address below clearly marked “Expression of interest for Kharkiv Metro expression of interest for Kharkiv Metro extension project - Procurement and implementation support and construction works supervision” and should be delivered to the client not later than XX:XX (local time) on XX XXXX 2017.

The delivery of the expression of interest to the client at the address specified will be decisive regarding timely delivery of proposals as per the closing date. The client reserves the right to reject applications of firms (not applicable to sub-contractors) submitting more than one expression of interest.

Important notes:

The client reserves the right not to shortlist consulting firms that have been found to have engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices regardless of the results of technical evaluation of the expression of interest.

The short-listed qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals following this invitation.

In case if a firm considers that it does not possess all required expertise for the assignment, it may consider forming a joint venture partnership with other firms. In such cases the Expression of Interest should provide the aforementioned details for each partner and an indication which firm is the lead partner.

The evaluation criteria are as follows:

c— Firm(s)’s previous experience in similar assignments (construction supervision in metro (including electrical depot), rail (including electrical depot), tunnel and road sector) – 15 %

d— Firm(s)’s previous experience with supervision of metro, rail, electrical depot, tunnelling and road works contracts under FIDIC conditions of contract – 15 %

e— Firm’s previous project experience in the region (Ukraine and Eastern and Central Europe) – 5 %;

f— CVs of key experts – 65 % broken down as follows:

— Key expert 1: Project Manager – 20 %,

— Key expert 2: Deputy Project Manager / Transport Facilities Construction Expert – 10 %,

— Key expert 3: Procurement and Contracts Manager – 20 %,

— Key expert 4: Tunnel Supervision Engineer – 15 %,

— Key expert 5: Railway Construction Expert – 15 %,

— Key expert 6: Design Expert – 10 %,

— Key expert 7: Financial and Accounting Specialist – 5 %,

— Key expert 8: Environmental and Social Specialist – 5 %,

— Key expert 6: Rolling Stock Specialist – 10 %.

One (1) original and one (1) copy in English and Russian languages (including scanned full copy in PDF format on the CD-R disk) of the abovementioned information should be submitted In the envelope to the address below clearly marked “Expression of interest for Kharkiv Metro expression of interest for Kharkiv Metro extension project - Procurement and implementation support and construction works supervision” and should be delivered to the client not later than 15:00 (local time) on 16.3.2018.

The further information may be obtained at the address below:

Contact person: Mr. Igor Pashnev, Deputy General Director, Secretary of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), Communal Enterprise "Kharkivsky Metropoliten", 29, Rizdviana Str., Kharkiv, 61052, UKRAINE, Tel: +380 57 731 59 83, Fax: +380 57 731 21 41, E-mail: