Servicios - 232054-2019

20/05/2019    S96

Reino Unido-Londres: Servicios de reinserción

2019/S 096-232054

Anuncio de información previa

El presente anuncio solo proporciona información previa


Base jurídica:
Directiva 2014/24/UE

Apartado I: Poder adjudicador

I.1)Nombre y direcciones
Nombre oficial: Ministry of Justice
Dirección postal: 102 Petty France
Localidad: London
Código postal: SW1H 9AJ
País: Reino Unido
Persona de contacto:
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: +44 2033343555
Direcciones de internet:
Dirección principal:
Puede obtenerse más información en la dirección mencionada arriba
I.4)Tipo de poder adjudicador
Ministerio o cualquier otra autoridad nacional o federal, incluidas sus delegaciones regionales o locales
I.5)Principal actividad
Orden público y seguridad

Apartado II: Objeto

II.1)Ámbito de la contratación

Rehabilitation and Resettlement Dynamic Framework

Número de referencia: prj_3657
II.1.2)Código CPV principal
75231240 Servicios de reinserción
II.1.3)Tipo de contrato
II.1.4)Breve descripción:

The Ministry of Justice intends to tender intervention and rehabilitation services in England and Wales. These services form part of the probation services.

The services to be procured are expected to comprise:

— rehabilitative interventions, delivered as part of Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RARs),

— resettlement interventions,

— provision of unpaid work (or community payback), and

— accredited programmes.

Enabling services and interventions to support offenders’ desistance will also be available to procure via the dynamic framework.

This prior information notice has been issued for rehabilitative interventions and resettlement interventions. A separate notice has been issued for innovation partners to deliver accredited programmes and unpaid work and support the NPS to identify and deliver wider innovation.

This PIN is being issued for market engagement purposes only.

Any information provided is indicative only of the Authority’s current intentions and is subject to change.

II.1.5)Valor total estimado
Valor IVA excluido: 2 600 000 000.00 GBP
II.1.6)Información relativa a los lotes
El contrato está dividido en lotes: sí

Rehabilitation and Resettlement Dynamic Framework

Lote nº: Dynamic framework Lots will be based on offender needs and cohort types
II.2.2)Código(s) CPV adicional(es)
33693300 Tratamientos contra la adicción
75100000 Servicios de administración pública
75110000 Servicios públicos generales
75130000 Servicios de apoyo a los poderes públicos
75200000 Prestación de servicios para la comunidad
75230000 Servicios de justicia
75231200 Servicios relacionados con el encarcelamiento y la rehabilitación de delincuentes
75231230 Servicios penitenciarios
75310000 Servicios de prestaciones sociales
79611000 Servicios de búsqueda de trabajo
80000000 Servicios de enseñanza y formación
80400000 Servicios de enseñanza para adultos y otros servicios de enseñanza
80500000 Servicios de formación
80510000 Servicios de formación especializada
80521000 Servicios de programación de la formación
80530000 Servicios de formación profesional
85000000 Servicios de salud y asistencia social
85100000 Servicios de salud
85300000 Servicios de asistencia social y servicios conexos
85312300 Servicios de orientación y asesoramiento
85312400 Servicios de bienestar social no prestados por instituciones residenciales
85312500 Servicios de rehabilitación
85312510 Servicios de rehabilitación profesional
85321000 Servicios sociales administrativos
85322000 Programa de acción municipal
98000000 Otros servicios comunitarios, sociales o personales
98300000 Servicios diversos
98341000 Servicios de alojamiento
II.2.3)Lugar de ejecución
Emplazamiento o lugar de ejecución principal:

England and Wales.

II.2.4)Descripción del contrato:

The Ministry of Justice intends to use a dynamic framework primarily to purchase the following services:

1) Rehabilitative interventions:

Rehabilitative Interventions are delivered as part of a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR) of a Community Sentence and for Custodial Sentences from pre-release through post-release licence and Post Sentence Supervision (PSS). These are intended to support offenders and reduce re-offending by addressing a range of needs such as accommodation, education, relationships, etc.

2) Resettlement interventions:

Resettlement activity starts 12 weeks before release, continues after release and aims to help offenders to resettle in the community after custody. Resettlement interventions aim at addressing the specific resettlement needs such as accommodation, education, relationships, etc.

3) Other desistance interventions:

The dynamic framework will facilitate the purchase of enabling services and interventions for the Authority and other commissioning bodies. These services will be used to enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitative interventions delivered as part of the sentence and will provide additional support beyond those specified as part of an offender’s sentence. This will promote desistance and enable fair sentence delivery.

The dynamic framework will operate as an open panel, which eligible suppliers can qualify to join, providing they meet the minimum criteria, at any point in time. No upper limit will be placed on the number of providers who can qualify. Suppliers will be required to qualify for lots, it is anticipated that lots will be based on offender needs and cohort. The dynamic framework will operate nationally, however, call off competitions will state geography for delivery; current thinking indicates that geographical scope will vary by competition and may range from Local Authority to region wide. Mini-competitions will be run to source specific rehabilitative and resettlement interventions. Mini-competitions are anticipated to range in value based on requirements, between 25 000 GBP and 1 000 000 GBP, and have a contract length between 1 and 4 years. Additionally, the Authority is considering offering grant agreements via the dynamic framework. Whilst the Ministry of Justice will be the main commissioner of services, other commissioning bodies may also use the dynamic framework.

The procurement activity for the dynamic framework is expected to commence in late 2019 with the dynamic framework operational from the end of July 2020.

The Authority will conduct a series of market engagement events between May and October 2019 to inform service and contract design, all interested suppliers are invited to attend. Details regarding initial events can be found below; additional events will be publicised in due course. If you would like to register to hear more about these events, please email

Launch events (28th to 30th May).

The launch events will outline:

— our vision for probation services and what we want to achieve,

— indicative procurement timelines.

These will be joint events covering 2 procurements:

1) Accredited programmes and unpaid work; and

2) Rehabilitative and resettlement interventions. Dates have been scheduled for:

— London: 28.5.2019 (10:30 — 13:00),

— Cardiff: 29.5.2019 (10:30 — 13:00),

— Manchester: 30.5.2019 (10:30 — 13:00).

If you are unable to attend in person but would like to attend remotely, the launch event in London will be broadcast via webinar.

Webinars: overview of services:

Webinars, providing an overview of the services to be procured are scheduled for the week commencing the 3rd of June. We will repeat the same event twice.

Please register for all launch events and webinars at the following link:

II.2.14)Información adicional
II.3)Fecha estimada de publicación del anuncio de licitación:

Apartado IV: Procedimiento

IV.1.8)Información acerca del Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública
El contrato está cubierto por el Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública: sí

Apartado VI: Información complementaria

VI.3)Información adicional:

This PIN replaces the following 2 PINS: (1) 2018/S 145-331899 — dispatch date of 26.7.2018, and (2) 2018/S 145-331911 — dispatch date of 27.7.2018.

The services within scope of the Authority’s anticipated requirements are listed within Schedule 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR) and so, pursuant to Regulation 74 of the PCR, will be subject to the Light Touch Regime under which the Authority is not obliged to comply with the full requirements of the PCR. The Authority intends to conduct a 2-stage selection and award procurement process and reserves the right to conduct negotiations, dialogue and/or clarifications with bidders. The Authority will comply with its obligations of equal treatment, transparency, non-discrimination and proportionality throughout the procurement.

This PIN is being issued for Market Engagement purposes only. Any information about the proposed procurement is indicative only of the Authority’s current intentions and is subject to change.

The proposed dynamic framework will cover England and Wales only.

The proposed duration of the dynamic framework is 84 months with a possible extension of up to 36 months.

It is the Authority’s intention to share draft tender documents, including the draft Dynamic Framework Agreement, with interested suppliers ahead of the competition. If you would like to receive these documents, please register your interest by emailing the following address:

In accordance with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, the Authority must consider:

(a) how what is proposed to be procured might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area where it exercises its functions; and

(b) how in conducting the process of procurement it might act with a view to securing that improvement. Accordingly, the subject matter of the dynamic framework and call-off contracts will be scoped to take into account the priorities of the Authority relating to economic, social and environmental well-being. These priorities will also be reflected in the award evaluation criteria for the award of the call-off contracts, to the extent that the Authority considers it relevant and proportionate to the subject matter of the call-off contracts.

The Authority is not liable for any costs incurred by candidates or suppliers including in respect of participating in the market engagement nor expressing an interest or in tendering for this opportunity. The Authority reserves the right to abandon or terminate the procurement (or any part of it) at its own discretion.

Important Note: This PIN must be read in full. Applicants are reminded that participation in any subsequent procurement process will be subject to the terms and conditions set out in the selection questionnaire and the e-sourcing portal terms of use. The Authority intends to use an eTendering system in this procurement exercise and reserves the right to use a reverse auction.

VI.5)Fecha de envío del presente anuncio: