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Obras - 243543-2019

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27/05/2019    S101

Serbia-Belgrado: BEI - Rehabilitación de carreteras

2019/S 101-243543

Section: Pozega — Ivanjica from Km 209 + .141.00 to Km 248+079,38, L=38,938 Km

Contract ID No RRSP/RRW-IB21PI/2019-03

Republic of Serbia Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project

Project ID: P127876

EIB Loan No 82.640

Invitation for Tenders (IFT)

1) The Republic of Serbia has received financing from the European Investment Bank (EIB) toward the cost of the road rehabilitation project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for design and heavy maintenance works (road rehabilitation — upgrading) of the state road IB 21, Section: Pozega – Ivanjica, from km 209+141,00 to km 248 + 079,38 L=38,938 km, contract ID No RRSP/RRW-IB21PI/2019-03. The general conditions of contract shall be the ‘Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build’ 1st edition 1999, prepared by the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC). This contract will be jointly financed by the European Investment Bank and Republic of Serbia. Tendering process will be governed by the EIB’s rules and procedures;

2) The Public Enterprise ‘Roads of Serbia’ (hereinafter referred to the employer) invites sealed tenders from eligible and qualified tenderers for the preparation of the main design and civil works for heavy maintenance works (road rehabilitation-upgrading), consisting of the following:

— preparation of main design for heavy maintenance works (road rehabilitation-upgrading) on the basis of the preliminary design solution provided by the employer.

The time for preparation of the main design is 4 months.

— civil works in accordance with approved main design for heavy maintenance.

the time for civil works execution is 14 months.

the civil works on the heavy maintenance (road rehabilitation-upgrading) shall be performed in accordance with the main design. they will consist of (but shall not be limited to) the following:

— preliminary works which include removal of excessive vegetative material and waste, demolition of road elements on access roads (curbs and pavement), demolition and removal of elements of the damaged constructions, surface preparation of the existing pavement for application of new layers (milling of the existing pavement, repair of wide cracks, construction of leveling layers),

— substructure works which include widening, excavation of ditches, topsoiling of shoulders and other surfaces, and works on construction of asphalt access roads and bus stops,

— superstructure works which include pavement construction on access roads; placement of geo-grid over base layers, works on improvement of pavement (construction of bituminous bearing course, construction of wearing asphalt concrete course), as well as placement of concrete curbs and asphalt gutters,

— works on structures (bridges) which include milling of the existing asphalt layer, repair and reinforcement of substructure and superstructure, construction of pedestrian paths, construction of waterproofing, construction of asphalt layers (bituminous wearing course, wearing course of asphalt concrete), replacement of pedestrian paths and guardrails and regulation of hydraulic watercourse profile in the bridge area,

— works on culverts which include cleaning and repair of elements of the existing culverts, culverts extension and construction of new culverts in accordance with the prepared main design,

— works on protection of slopes and on remedy of damaged slopes and embankments in accordance with the designed solution,

— roadside arrangement and placement of traffic signalization and road furniture.

The works will be performed under traffic with a strong emphasis on maintaining safe conditions for both the flow of traffic and works in progress.

The tenderer should meet the following qualification criteria and capabilities:

Financial requirements:

— submission of the audited balance sheets or, if not required by the laws of the tenderer’s country, other financial statements acceptable to the employer, for the last 5 (five) years to demonstrate the current soundness of the tenderer’s financial position and indicate its prospective long-term profitability. In the case of JV, each partner must meet requirement,

— minimum average annual construction turnover of 18 000 000 EUR, (eight million EUR) calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress and/or completed within the last five (5) years, divided by 5 years. In the case of JV, all partners combined must meet requirement, the lead partner must meet sixty percent (60 %) of the requirement and each other partner must meet thirty percent (30 %) of the requirement,

— the tenderer must demonstrate access to, or availability of financial resources such as liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and other financial means other than any contractual advance payments to meet the following cash flow requirements: min. 4 000 000 EUR (four million EUR). In the case of JV, all partners combined must meet requirement, the lead partner must meet sixty percent (60 %) of the requirement and each other partner must meet thirty percent (30 %) of the requirement.

Experience requirements:

— general experience – experience under construction contracts in the role of prime contractor, JV member, sub-contractor, or management contractor for at least the last five (5) years, starting 1.1.2014. In the case of JV, each partner must meet requirement.

— specific experience:

— participation as prime contractor, joint venture member, management contractor or sub-contractor, in two (2) contracts between 1.1.2014 and application submission deadline, each of minimum value 7 000 000 EUR (seven million EUR) or one (1) contract between 1.1.2014 and application submission deadline, with a minimum value of 14 000 000 EUR (fourteen million EUR). In the case of JV, all partners combined must meet one of these 2 requirements,

— for the above and any other contracts completed and under implementation as prime contractor, joint venture member, management contractor or sub-contractor, a minimum construction experience in the following key activities successfully completed: average annual production and laying of asphalt mixtures (asphalt concrete and bituminous base) over the last three (3) years of not less than 40 000 tons/year. In the case of JV, all partners combined must meet requirements.

Above and all other qualification requirements related to the eligibility, litigation history, and technical capabilities are specified in the Section III. Evaluation and Qualification Criteria of the tender documents.

3) Tendering will be conducted through the international procurement open procedures specified in accordance with ‘Guide to Procurement for projects financed by the EIB’ issued in September 2018 (‘Procurement Guidelines’), and is open to all eligible tenderers as defined in the procurement guidelines. In addition, please refer to paragraph 1.5 setting forth the Bank’s policy on conflict of interest;

4) Interested eligible tenderers may obtain further information and inspect the tender documents during office hours from 10:00 to 14:00 (local time) at the following address:

Public Enterprise ‘Roads of Serbia’

19a, Vlajkovićeva St

11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

Contact Persons:

Ms. Milena Vuksanović Petrović

Tel. +381 11 3398 438

Fax. +381 11 3398 440


5) DVD with complete set of tender documents in English language may be obtained by interested tenderers, upon submission of the Application of intent to obtain the tender documents by e-mail to the following e-address:

If requested, the DVD with tender documents will be promptly dispatched by courier, but no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery.

6) Tenders must be delivered to the address below on or before 28.6.2019, 10:00 a.m. (local time). Electronic tendering will not be permitted. Late tenders will be rejected. Tenders will be publicly opened in the presence of the tenderers’ designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address below on 28.6.2019 at 10:00 a.m. (local time).

7) All tenders must be accompanied by a Tender-Securing Declaration.

8) The address referred to above is:

Attn: Gordana Subotički-Đorđević, dipl-ing (C.E.), Project Coordinator, Public Enterprise ‘Roads of Serbia’, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 282, 11 000 Belgrade, Republic of SERBIA