Suministros - 300038-2018

12/07/2018    S132    - - Suministros - Información previa sin convocatoria de concurso - No procede 

Reino Unido-Norwich: Equipo y material informático

2018/S 132-300038

Anuncio de información previa

El presente anuncio solo proporciona información previa


Legal Basis:

Directiva 2014/24/UE

Apartado I: Poder adjudicador

I.1)Nombre y direcciones
The Minister for the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service
Rosebery Court, St Andrews Business Park
Reino Unido
Teléfono: +44 3450103503
Correo electrónico:
Código NUTS: UK

Direcciones de internet:

Dirección principal:

Dirección del perfil de comprador:

I.2)Información sobre contratación conjunta
Puede obtenerse más información en la dirección mencionada arriba
I.4)Tipo de poder adjudicador
Ministerio o cualquier otra autoridad nacional o federal, incluidas sus delegaciones regionales o locales
I.5)Principal actividad
Otra actividad: Public Procurement

Apartado II: Objeto

II.1)Ámbito de la contratación

Technology Products 3

Número de referencia: RM6068
II.1.2)Código CPV principal
II.1.3)Tipo de contrato
II.1.4)Breve descripción:

CCS, working with other departments and partner public buying organisations, aims to provide a market leading commercial solution for commodity technology product and associated service requirements.

The resulting contract will drive value, benefits and savings for the public sector and support customers through digital transformation.

Further details of this procurement and our stakeholder engagement can be found here:

For the avoidance of doubt any competitive activity resulting from this Notice will focus on establishing a procurement route for commodity technology products and associated services.

II.1.5)Valor total estimado
Valor IVA excluido: 5 000 000 000.00 GBP
II.1.6)Información relativa a los lotes
El contrato está dividido en lotes: sí
Número máximo de lotes que pueden adjudicarse a un único licitador: 5

Technology Products

Lote nº: 1
II.2.2)Código(s) CPV adicional(es)
II.2.3)Lugar de ejecución
Código NUTS: UK
II.2.4)Descripción del contrato:

This Lot is for holding purposes only.

The structure of the arrangement has not been determined and will be developed with stakeholders prior to the publication of any subsequent award notice.

II.2.14)Información adicional
II.3)Fecha estimada de publicación del anuncio de licitación:

Apartado IV: Procedimiento

IV.1.8)Información acerca del Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública
El contrato está cubierto por el Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública: sí

Apartado VI: Información complementaria

VI.3)Información adicional:

Crown Commercial Service invites suggestions and feedback on the proposed framework structure, service lines or processes detailed in the Lots from the market.

A workshop session is currently being planned, please check on the procurement pipeline for details of up and coming dates.

Discussion topics will be:

— Scope: Structure — working group to focus on various elements of the framework such as discussing options for lot structure, statement of requirements, ordering process etc,

— Terms and Conditions: working group to focus on changes to the template to include review of new Public Sector Contract,

— ITT Pack: working group to focus on question set design for selection and award, including price evaluation options,

— Digitisation: working group to identify opportunities to digitise commodity tech content.

Attendance is limited and will be on a first-come-first served basis.

We are looking for a good mix of both commercial and technical representation and welcome your input and involvement.

Further information regarding TP3, including access to the new Public Sector Contract can be found on our Procurement Pipeline

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) will use an eSourcing system for this competition and reserves the right to use an electronic auction. The eSourcing system we will use is

Please note that, to register, you must have a valid DUNS number (as provided by Dun and Bradstreet) for the organisation which you are registering, who will be entering into a contract if invited to do so.

Please refer to the CCS pipeline page for updates and monitor Tenders Electronic Daily for the publication of the OJEU contract notice.

Please be advised that in preparation to participate in this competition for this framework that:

The Cyber Essentials scheme is mandatory for Central Government Contracts which involve handling personal information and providing certain ICT products and services. The Government is taking steps to further reduce the levels of cyber security risk in its supply chain through the Cyber Essentials scheme. The scheme defines a set of controls which, when properly implemented, will provide organisations with basic protection from the most prevalent forms of threat coming from the internet.

To participate in the procurement for the Technology Products 3 agreement, bidders will be required to demonstrate that they comply with the technical requirements prescribed by Cyber Essentials for the services under and in connection with the procurement.

Bidders may be awarded a framework contract but shall not enter into any call off contracts with buyers until they are able to demonstrate to CCS that they meet the technical requirements prescribed by the Cyber Essentials Scheme for services under and in connection with this procurement.

The services that arise from this framework will involve the supplier holding material that has been assigned a protective marking under the Government Security Classifications Scheme (April 2014) of Official. It will be a condition of this contract that this material must be protected.

Baseline protection controls are defined in ISO27001:2013 and further defined by the Security Policy Framework

VI.5)Fecha de envío del presente anuncio: