Suministros - 452829-2020

25/09/2020    S187

Reino Unido-Londres: Equipamiento médico

2020/S 187-452829

Anuncio de adjudicación de contrato

Resultados del procedimiento de contratación


Base jurídica:
Directiva 2014/24/UE

Apartado I: Poder adjudicador

I.1)Nombre y direcciones
Nombre oficial: Department of Health and Social Care
Dirección postal: 39 Victoria Street
Localidad: London
Código NUTS: UKI32 Westminster
Código postal: SW1H 0EU
País: Reino Unido
Correo electrónico:
Direcciones de internet:
Dirección principal:
Dirección del perfil de comprador:
I.4)Tipo de poder adjudicador
Ministerio o cualquier otra autoridad nacional o federal, incluidas sus delegaciones regionales o locales
I.5)Principal actividad

Apartado II: Objeto

II.1)Ámbito de la contratación

Oxygen and Ventilator Workstream: Clinical Items — Sino Medical-Device Technology Co. Ltd (2)

II.1.2)Código CPV principal
33100000 Equipamiento médico
II.1.3)Tipo de contrato
II.1.4)Breve descripción:

The purchase of medical equipment and medical consumables by the Department of Health and Social Care direct from suppliers as part of the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom.

II.1.6)Información relativa a los lotes
El contrato está dividido en lotes: no
II.1.7)Valor total de la contratación (IVA excluido)
Valor IVA excluido: 2 395 400.00 USD
II.2.2)Código(s) CPV adicional(es)
33140000 Material médico fungible
33140000 Material médico fungible
II.2.3)Lugar de ejecución
II.2.4)Descripción del contrato:

The purchase of medical equipment and medical consumables by the Department of Health and Social Care direct from suppliers as part of the response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom.

II.2.5)Criterios de adjudicación
Criterio relativo al coste - Nombre: Cost / Ponderación: 100
II.2.11)Información sobre las opciones
Opciones: no
II.2.13)Información sobre fondos de la Unión Europea
El contrato se refiere a un proyecto o programa financiado con fondos de la Unión Europea: no
II.2.14)Información adicional


Apartado IV: Procedimiento

IV.1.1)Tipo de procedimiento
Adjudicación de un contrato sin publicación previa de una convocatoria de licitación en el Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea en los casos enumerados a continuación
  • Situación de extrema urgencia resultante de hechos imprevisibles para el poder adjudicador y con arreglo a las condiciones estrictas que se establecen en la Directiva

In March the NHS across the UK had access to approximately 8 000 ventilators. Modelling based the trajectory of other European countries forecast the need for significant and extremely rapid increase in the UK ventilator capacity. The Prime Minister outlined the need in March 2020 for a rapid increase in ventilator capacity recognising that Coronavirus is the biggest threat this country had seen for decades and that we faced a moment of national emergency. Significant quantities of extra ventilators would be required to treat seriously ill patients during the first wave of infections. Shortfalls in equipment and consumable stocks were identified globally. Pressure to increase manufacturing capacity was immense, requiring urgent action and rapid delivery to meet demand. In these circumstances a procurement following the usual PCR 2015 timescales, including accelerated options, was impossible. Manufacturers and supply chains were under immediate and unprecedented global pressure to provide products. A delay in engaging with the market by running a usual procurement process ran the risk of failing to acquire the necessary stock of equipment and consumables essential for the safe operation of ventilators and presented a significant risk to life. The Department is satisfied the tests in Regulation 32(2)(c) are met:

1) purchasing these items was identified as strictly necessary to meet anticipated demand;

2) it is responding to Covid-19 immediately because of public health risks presenting a genuine emergency;

3) events leading to the need for extreme urgency were unforeseeable: the EC itself confirmed: ‘The current Coronavirus crisis presents an extreme and unforeseeable urgency — precisely for such a situation our European rules enable public buyers to buy within a matter of days, even hours, if necessary.’;

4) there was no time to run an accelerated PCR process particularly in light of the corresponding delays to timelines associated with securing increased manufacturing capacity and component supply within the required timescales;

5) it has not done anything to cause or contribute to the need for extreme urgency.

IV.1.3)Información sobre un acuerdo marco o un sistema dinámico de adquisición
IV.1.8)Información acerca del Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública
El contrato está cubierto por el Acuerdo sobre Contratación Pública: sí
IV.2)Información administrativa
IV.2.8)Información sobre la terminación del sistema dinámico de adquisición
IV.2.9)Información sobre la anulación de la convocatoria de licitación en forma de anuncio de información previa

Apartado V: Adjudicación de contrato

Se adjudica un contrato/lote: sí
V.2)Adjudicación de contrato
V.2.1)Fecha de celebración del contrato:
V.2.2)Información sobre las ofertas
Número de ofertas recibidas: 1
Número de ofertas recibidas por medios electrónicos: 1
El contrato ha sido adjudicado a un grupo de operadores económicos: no
V.2.3)Nombre y dirección del contratista
Nombre oficial: Sino Medical-Device Technology Co. Ltd
Dirección postal: Sixth Floor, Building 15, No 1008 Songbai Road, Nanshan District
Localidad: Shenzhen
Código NUTS: 00 Not specified
País: China
Correo electrónico:
Dirección de internet:
El contratista es una PYME: no
V.2.4)Información sobre el valor del contrato/lote (IVA excluido)
Valor total inicial estimado del contrato/lote: 2 395 400.00 USD
Valor total del contrato/lote: 2 395 400.00 USD
V.2.5)Información sobre la subcontratación

Apartado VI: Información complementaria

VI.3)Información adicional:

Covid-19 is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern as declared by the World Health Organisation on 30 January 2020. The WHO Director General characterised Covid-19 as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. The use of ventilator equipment is critical in treating patients with Covid-19 to take over the body's breathing process when the disease has caused the lungs to fail and allow the patient time to fight off the infection and recover. The ‘Ventilator Challenge’ was created by the UK government and delivered across several government departments (Department of Health and Social Care, Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence) as part of the drive to increase ventilator supply and support the UK National Health Service (NHS) in its response to the Coronavirus disease global pandemic (Covid-19). A key part of this requirement was to ensure that sufficient medical equipment and medical consumables were available to operate the existing and increased ventilator capacity It was recognised that buying sufficient items to support the increased ventilator capacity was going to be a challenge and a dedicated sourcing team was established within the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to be responsible for procuring medical equipment and medical consumables required for the operation of ventilators from suppliers. Suppliers worldwide were considered by the sourcing team. The sourcing team worked in conjunction with NHS Supply Chain who have also ordered medical equipment and medical consumables through their existing framework arrangements. This contract award notice is one a number of notices that cover all of the direct purchases by DHSC for the purchase of medical equipment and consumables from a range of suppliers. The approach to procuring medical equipment and medical consumables from the market was identical for all direct purchases. These purchases occurred across the world with an emphasis, due to the availability of stock and manufacturing capacity, on the People’s Republic of China. International purchases have been supported and facilitated by UK Embassies with Embassies conducting due diligence checks, confirming stock existed and following up on leads and referrals from across Government. This facilitation includes arranging contracts with suppliers with DHSC paying for the purchasing of all goods directly. All medical equipment and medical consumable offers were assessed primarily against clinical need and the ability to supply and deliver the orders within timescales required.

VI.4)Procedimientos de recurso
VI.4.1)Órgano competente para los procedimientos de recurso
Nombre oficial: The High Court
Dirección postal: Strand
Localidad: London
Código postal: WC2A 2LL
País: Reino Unido
Dirección de internet:
VI.5)Fecha de envío del presente anuncio: