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08/10/2019 :

Minor release of TED XML schema – 10 October 2019

Dear re-users,
We inform you that the go-live of the minor release of TED XML schema R2.0.9.S03.E01- Intermediate release number 009-20190628 will take place on the 10 October 2019.
This minor release increases the maximum length of the following fields:

  • email, url: string_250;
  • CA_TYPE_OTHER: string_400;
  • AC_CRITERION: string_1000;
  • AC_WEIGHTING: string_30;
  • PARTICIPANT_NAME: string_400;
  • MEMBER_NAME: string_500.

The TED XML schema is available on our FTP server, at the address:, under
    . Resources
      -> XML_schema_2.0.9
        -> XSD_current

14/10/2016 :

TED HTTP and FTP Usage thresholds

Dear User,

To enable access to our services for as many users as possible, please note the following:

HTTP related service (Website and SOAP)

  • More than 500 UDL requests (HTTP GET) on the website in less than 6 minutes - access denied for 24 h (renewed on each UDL request);
  • More than 10 000 HTTP requests in the last 15 minutes - Access denied as considered as DOS/Bad bot for 5 minutes;
  • Too many unfollowed HTTP redirect requests (~100) in the last 10 minutes with a check every minute - Access denied as considered as DOS/Bad bot for 15 minutes;

Any download of daily/monthly XML packages from the website is counted in the HTTP related service.

FTP service

There is a restriction on the maximum number of connections, with the following criteria:

  • Maximum number of overall connections - ~1050, but this number can be decreased to ~525 if the server is under maintenance;
  • Maximum 3 concurrent connections by IP or user;
  • A maximum of 100 concurrent connections for “legacy” users (i.e. not guest account) as same account could be used by several IPs.

For the FTP service, once the limit is reached, the server will refuse new connections from the IP/user. Once the connection is released, a new one will be accepted.

SOAP rendition service

SOAP rendition service is meant also to be on demand and not massively used.
Recommended usage is limited to 50k by month outside of the peak concurrent user timeframe (before 8h45, after 14h CET).