We are happy to announce that the new version of the TED portal is going live on 29.01.2024 (indicative date - to be confirmed!) Interested in discovering the new functionalities, improvements and impact on the users? We invite you to visit our article and find out more about the main new changes and functionalities.

There are some bugs affecting the way eForms notices are displayed. We are working on solving the problem. In the meanwhile, please check our dedicated page for more information and guidance.

Registration is open for our 4th Workshop with TED reusers, on the 14th of December 2023


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01/12/2023 :

launch of the brand-new ted.europa.eu portal, on 29/01/2024

Welcome to the enhanced new TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), packed with a myriad of improvements, new features and expanded functionalities. To make your experience even more seamless, we have compiled the main changes and new functionalities awaiting you in the new portal. Discover the full potential of the new ted.europa.eu!

These changes implement the eForms regulation, which establishes a series of new fields and restructures the data in standard forms and notices. In addition, to improve quality and encourage more efficient reuse, the new TED offers you an upgraded user interface, streamlined content, customised functionalities and a more powerful search.

The revamped TED will feature a new look and integrate state-of-the-art IT technologies. You will enjoy intuitive navigation and new options to personalise their accounts. The search function will be supported by a highly performant search engine for fast and easy information retrieval.

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of the main new functionalities.


- Quick Search:

o The search is multilingual meaning that you will be able to search in languages other than the language of the interface.

o You will be able to search the entire text of the notices.

o You can search labels of code values, example: searching comp-tend will give you all notices with a type of procedure Competitive tendering.

- Expert Search

o As eForms notices are fully indexed, new search fields are available from the expert search page.

o You can choose how the query will be displayed in the query box, either as code or text. Two extra sections are introduced that allow you to see all search fields and their respective values and select among them to easily update your query.

o A filtering function is also available to help you to quickly locate the search fields and/or values you desire with the use of keywords.

o An auto-suggestion feature is available to assist you if you prefer to type directly in the query box.

o A new 'Check syntax' function is available to confirm that the query is valid or to highlight invalid points that you need to resolve.

- Search Results:

o In the Search Results page, you may refine the results via facets such as: business opportunity, CPV, nature of contract, a specific country, type of procedure, year of publication, country of buyer.

o You are able to export the result list in various formats.

o You are able to download the notices from the results page in various formats.

o The URL of the search result includes the search criteria for all searches.

- Notice visualisation:

o The notice view page is more comprehensible

o The visualisation of the notices is harmonized and there is a table of contents to help you navigate through the content of the notice.

o The notice can be downloaded in various formats

o The notice can be automatically translated

My dashboard:

You can easily create ‘search alerts’ for the queries of their preference. Additionally, you may select several notices and create notice alerts, download notices in different file formats and finally export the results list after selecting the desired metadata.


The new website will also provide an improved access to SIMAP (Système d'Information pour les Marchés Publics, i.e. Information system for public procurement), the one-stop shop on EU public procurement as defined by the EU Procurement Directives and frequently visited by TED users. The new TED will fully rely on eForms, which are digital standard forms used by public buyers to publish notices. This has been presented and explained in numerous workshops for eSenders and Reusers of TED data organised by the Publications Office.

We hope you will enjoy the new TED portal! If you have any queries, please contact us directly via the Helpdesk: OP-TED-HELPDESK@publications.europa.eu


TED Team at the Publications Office of the EU

01/03/2022 :

TED HTTP and FTP usage thresholds

Dear users,

To enable as many users as possible to access our services, please note the following:

HTTP-related service (website and REST API)

  • More than 500 UDL requests (HTTP GET) on the website in less than 6 minutes: access denied for 24 hours (renewed for each UDL request)
  • More than 666 HTTP requests in the last minute: access denied as considered DOS/bad bot for 5 minutes
  • Too many unfollowed HTTP redirect requests (approx. 100) in the last 10 minutes, with a check every minute: access denied as considered DOS/bad bot for 15 minutes.

Any downloads of daily/monthly XML packages from the website are counted in the HTTP-related service.

FTP service

There is a restriction on the maximum number of connections:

  • Maximum number of overall connections approx.1,050, but this number can be decreased to approx. 525 if the server is under maintenance
  • Maximum of 3 concurrent connections by IP or user
  • Maximum of 100 concurrent connections for ‘legacy’ users (i.e. not guest accounts) as same account could be used by several IPs.

For the FTP service, once the limit is reached, the server will refuse new connections from the IP/user. Once the connection is released, a new one will be accepted.

TED Notice Viewer API

The TED Notice Viewer API service is also meant to be on demand and not used excessively.

Recommended usage is limited to 50,000 calls to the API per month outside of the peak concurrent user timeframe (before 8.45, after 14.00 CET):

  • Maximum of 1 concurrent request by IP, with no limit on the total number of requests.

Contact form usage

Sending more than 4 requests through the TED contact form over a 1-day period means that you cannot access the full system for 10 minutes.