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02/09/2022 :

European Week of Regions and Cities 2022: info session TED - innovating EU public procurement

Dear users,

As part of the European Week of Regions and Cities, we would like to invite you to participate in our virtual info session ʻTED: innovating EU public procurementʼ.

TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) helps public authorities reach out to businesses across the EU, and for European enterprises it provides access to over 670 000 public procurement notices per year. Join the session to master the functions of TED and get familiar with the latest innovations, including procurement forms (eForms) for easy access to markets abroad and the Public Procurement Data Space.

To register, access the EU Week of Regions 2022 platform, click on the button ʻJOIN THE EVENTʼ and create your profile. Once your profile is created you can add the TED session to your schedule. For more detailed information read this short user guide.

07/07/2022 :

eForms: new TED schema

Dear users,

On 14 November 2022, the format of notices published in TED will change.

The Publications Office will start publishing eForms notices.

  • TED will display both the current standard forms and eForms and make them available for reuse
  • If you reuse TED data, your systems must be ready to process both types of notices.

To help adapt your systems, you can find resources, models and schemas in the eForms Software Development Kit on GitHub. Documentation is available on the Ted Developers Documentation site, including eForms FAQs.

01/03/2022 :

TED HTTP and FTP usage thresholds

Dear users,

To enable as many users as possible to access our services, please note the following:

HTTP-related service (website and REST API)

  • More than 500 UDL requests (HTTP GET) on the website in less than 6 minutes: access denied for 24 hours (renewed for each UDL request)
  • More than 666 HTTP requests in the last minute: access denied as considered DOS/bad bot for 5 minutes
  • Too many unfollowed HTTP redirect requests (approx. 100) in the last 10 minutes, with a check every minute: access denied as considered DOS/bad bot for 15 minutes.

Any downloads of daily/monthly XML packages from the website are counted in the HTTP-related service.

FTP service

There is a restriction on the maximum number of connections:

  • Maximum number of overall connections approx.1,050, but this number can be decreased to approx. 525 if the server is under maintenance
  • Maximum of 3 concurrent connections by IP or user
  • Maximum of 100 concurrent connections for ‘legacy’ users (i.e. not guest accounts) as same account could be used by several IPs.

For the FTP service, once the limit is reached, the server will refuse new connections from the IP/user. Once the connection is released, a new one will be accepted.

TED Notice Viewer API

The TED Notice Viewer API service is also meant to be on demand and not used excessively.

Recommended usage is limited to 50,000 calls to the API per month outside of the peak concurrent user timeframe (before 8.45, after 14.00 CET):

  • Maximum of 1 concurrent request by IP, with no limit on the total number of requests.

Contact form usage

Sending more than 4 requests through the TED contact form over a 1-day period means that you cannot access the full system for 10 minutes.

02/12/2021 :

Correction: New version of TED XML schema R2.0.9.S05.E01 – implemented on 25 November 2021

Dear users,

The new version of the TED XML schema R2.0.9.S05.E01 was implemented on 25 November 2021 instead of mid-December as planned.

This release includes an update of the Prior information notice for public service contract (form T1): section IV.1 ‘Type of procedure’.

The TED XML schemas are available on the FTP server under:

  • Resources > XML_schema_2.0.9 > XSD_current

We apologise for any inconvenience.