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Legislation and useful links

EU: Policy on Public Procurement

Single European market: Public procurement

Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom

Digital Europe Programme

SME portal: access to information to Europe's small and medium-sized enterprises

Solvit: Internal Market Problem Solving System

Your Europe - Business: to carry out company business in another country.

e-CERTIS: documents / certificates for international procurement
e-CERTIS provides detailed information on the certificates and documents commonly required in procurement in the various EU countries. It is targeted at national practitioners. It helps economic operators, when preparing a tender, to identify evidentiary documents fulfilling evidence required in a foreign call for tender. It helps awarding authorities, when receiving tenders, to identify and recognise forms submitted by foreign tenderers and to relate contents of partner country forms to local equivalents. 

CEN: European Committee for Standardization, contributing to the objectives of the European Union and European Economic Area with voluntary technical standards which promote free trade, the safety of workers and consumers, interoperability of networks, environmental protection, exploitation of research and development programmes, and public procurement.

Seminars on European Public Procurement by the European Institute of Public Administration 

Funding and Tenders Portal

Enterprise Europe Network
The Enterprise Europe Network provides SMEs with advice and support for international growth and innovation. It has more than 500 partner organizations in the EU and beyond. The services provided by Network partners in EU-27 countries include information and advice for SMEs on public procurement rules, information/alert services on tender opportunities and international partnership services. These are provided free of charge.