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Sending electronic notices

Sending procurement notices to publish on TED

Public authorities who must or want to publish announcements in the Supplement to the Official Journal on the TED website have a choice of methods to submit their forms, which may depend on national legislation.

eSenders are public or private organisations who act as intermediate service providers to submit procurement notices in the required XML format to TED’s data interface (TED API of eNotices2). eSenders provide the application and online forms for buyers to fill in and submit, often adapted to national needs or integrated in an eProcurement platform.

Typical eSenders include national Official Journals, public or private bodies acting on behalf of buyers and eProcurement software developers. In some Member States all notices for the country are sent by a central government organisation with legal mandate; in other countries there may be a variety of public or commercial service providers.

In countries where there is no eSender or where the buyer can choose their application, the Publications Office provides the eNotices2 web application that enables the validation and submission of notices in the eForms format available since November 2022.

Use of the eNotices2 web application is subject to the acceptance of its terms of service. The application applies certain business and technical validation rules to procurement notices, but it is the responsibility of public buyers to ensure that the content of the notices is correct and comply with the relevant legislation and guidelines.

Submissions of the former standard forms format were closed for Member States in January 2024.

How to be become a TED eSender

To become a TED eSender, an organisation must ensure that it has the business and technical capacity to support its clients to collect and send valid procurement notices for publication on TED.

eSenders use the TED API of eNotices2 to validate, submit and search their notices. More information is available in the API section of the TED Developer Docs.

The technical specifications for eForms are described in the Software Development Kit in the TED Developer Docs. The SDK components on GitHub can be used directly by eSender development teams.

There is no formal qualification procedure to become an eSender but they must be familiar and comply with the terms of service for TED publishing services.