Works - 110021-2015

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31/03/2015    S63    - - Works - Additional information - Restricted procedure 

United Kingdom-Norwich: Overhaul and refurbishment work

2015/S 063-110021

Eastern Procurement Ltd, UK, The Old Granary, Grange Farm, Ashwellthorpe, For the attention of: Mark Fisher, Norwich NR16 1ET, United Kingdom. Telephone: +44 1508488244. E-mail:

(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 21.3.2015, 2015/S 57-098659)

CPV:45453000, 45421151, 50711000, 45211310, 51110000, 45310000, 45311000, 45311100, 45317000, 45342000, 77314000, 45260000, 45442110, 45442180, 45320000, 45261410, 09330000, 09331000, 09331200, 09332000, 45261215, 45262330, 45261900, 45261200, 45262100, 45261100, 45261300, 45261400

Overhaul and refurbishment work

Installation of fitted kitchens

Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations

Bathrooms construction work

Installation services of electrical equipment

Electrical installation work

Electrical wiring and fitting work

Electrical wiring work

Other electrical installation work

Erection of fencing

Grounds maintenance services

Roof works and other special trade construction works

Painting work of buildings

Repainting work

Insulation work

Roof insulation work

Solar energy

Solar panels

Solar photovoltaic modules

Solar installation

Solar panel roof-covering work

Concrete repair work

Roof repair and maintenance work

Roof-covering and roof-painting work

Scaffolding work

Roof-framing work

Flashing and guttering work

Sheeting work

Incomplete procedure
The awarding procedure has been discontinued
The contract may be the object of a re-publication