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Services - 195068-2015

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06/06/2015    S108    European Commission - Services - Prior information notice without call for competition - Not applicable 

Belgium-Brussels: Framework contract COM 2015 — evaluation, communication and event organisation

2015/S 108-195068

Prior information notice


Directive 2004/18/EC

Section I: Contracting authority

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Official name: European Commission, Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development, Unit R.5 — Finance, Contracts, Audit
Postal address: rue de la Loi 41, office 03/030
Town: Brussels
Postal code: 1049
Country: Belgium
For the attention of: Jean-Hervé Ramat

Further information can be obtained from:
The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Type of the contracting authority
European institution/agency or international organisation
I.3)Main activity
Other: Services related to the implementation of EU external assistance.
I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities
The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: no

Section II.B: Object of the contract (Supplies or services)

II.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:
Framework contract COM 2015.
II.2)Type of contract and place of delivery or of performance
Service category No 27: Other services
All countries.
II.3)Information on framework agreement
The notice involves the establishment of a framework agreement: yes
II.4)Short description of nature and quantity or value of supplies or services:
Multiple framework contract for short-term contracts for evaluation, communication and event organisation in the field of development cooperation. This framework contract will be entered into with several economic operators for a maximum term of 2 years, renewable once for 2 years at most.


This contract is divided into lots: yes
II.5)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

98910000, 79419000

II.6)Scheduled date for start of award procedures
II.7)Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
II.8)Additional information:

Information about lots

Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority: Lot No: 1 Lot title: Evaluation
1)Short description:
Evaluations of geographic (regions/countries) cooperation strategies and programmes; thematic multi-country evaluations; evaluations of selected policy issues and aid modalities, particularly budget support operations. Support to dissemination of the results: lessons learned and evaluation recommendations, support for development of appropriate methodological approaches and tools for evaluation.
Evaluations will cover EU strategies worldwide and will require sound knowledge of EU methodology for evaluations and the OECD DAC approach for evaluation of budget support operations. Both are online and available at:

2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


3)Quantity or scope:
Between 5 500 000 EUR and 8 000 000 EUR per year.
5)Additional information about lots:
Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority: Lot No: 2 Lot title: Communication
1)Short description:
This lot covers communication activities, particularly public awareness-raising campaigns, social media services, development of new or existing websites and databases and communication and visibility strategies. These activities may take place in countries benefiting from international cooperation or external aid.
2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


3)Quantity or scope:
Between 3 000 000 EUR and 5 000 000 EUR per year.
5)Additional information about lots:
Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority: Lot No: 3 Lot title: Organisation of events
1)Short description:
This involves logistical organisation of events which may take place within or outside the European Union. These events are mainly organised in the context of implementing international cooperation or external aid and may require the following services: transport of participants, reservation of hotels and conference rooms, interpreters, catering, public awareness-raising activities, identifying speakers/trainers, etc.
2)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)


3)Quantity or scope:
Between 5 000 000 EUR and 7 000 000 EUR per year.
5)Additional information about lots:

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract
III.1.1)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.2)Conditions for participation
III.2.1)Information about reserved contracts

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about European Union funds
VI.2)Additional information:
This is a prior information notice published to inform interested parties of the upcoming launch of the tender procedure. All current available information regarding the contract is contained in this notice and interested parties should not contact the contracting authority for more information. Full details of the contract and how to apply will be published in the contract notice and tender dossier in the upcoming months.
VI.3)Information on general regulatory framework
VI.4)Date of dispatch of this notice: