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Services - 207883-2018

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15/05/2018    S91

Italy-Frascati: Research and development services and related consultancy services

2018/S 091-207883

Notice on a buyer profile

This notice relates to the publication of a: Prior information notice (Directive 2004/18/EC)

Section I: Contracting authority/entity

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Official name: European Space Agency (ESRIN)
Postal address: Largo Galileo Galilei, 1
Town: Frascati
Postal code: 00044
Country: Italy
For the attention of: Luc Govaert
E-mail: luc.govaert@esa.int

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority/entity: http://www.esa.int

Address of the buyer profile: http://emits.sso.esa.int

Electronic access to information: http://emits.sso.esa.int

Electronic submission of tenders and requests to participate: http://emits.sso.esa.int

Further information can be obtained from:
The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Type of the contracting authority
European institution/agency or international organisation
I.3)Main activity
Other: Space
I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities/entities

The contracting authority/entity is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities/entities: yes

Official name: European Space Agency / ESRIN
Postal address: Largo Galileo Galilei 1
Town: Frascati
Postal code: 00044
Country: Italy

Section II: Object of the contract

II.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority/entity:
PRISM: Copernicus Contributing Missions Access Support Functions and Platform
II.2)Type of contract
II.3)Short description of the contract or purchase(s):
Objective of the Copernicus Contributing Missions access support functions and platform (PRISM) is the provision of the Coordinated Data Access System (CDS) service, which includes the operations, maintenance and evolution of the ensemble of existing supporting functions, processes, tools and infrastructures that coordinate the overall data access and information flow between the Copernicus Contributing Missions and the Copernicus Services and also eligible European Union Institutions, Public Authorities, Union Research Projects. This procurement takes into consideration the evolution of the remote sensing data offer, of the Copernicus Services needs and cloud-based solutions.
The procurement intends to cover initially the continuity of the CDS service and subsequently the enhancement (e.g., adapt and/or replace as needed) of the current CDS support functions (i.e., its processes, the tools, infrastructure and knowledge) and re-alignment the overall service to the user expectations and in particular providing state of the art data access (i.e. discovery, view, download, exploitation) from all data supply entities with scalable solutions, and integrate web service functionalities, hosted processing and data analytics environments as necessary.
The procurement will accept only offers that include the full scope of the work, responding to all tender requirements. Such comprehensive offers can be submitted either by a single entity or by a consortium led by a prime. Consequently, un-coordinated partial offers (e.g., bidding only for parts of the service provision, or only for specific support functions) will not be accepted, as they would jeopardise the successful accomplishment of the undertaking.
II.4)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

73000000 Research and development services and related consultancy services

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Additional information:
This iITT will be found in EMITS under the following reference numbers AIRN number 18.187.04 and AO number: 1-9421.
This Invitation to Tender will be issued by the European Space Agency (ESA). It will be open exclusively to economic operators that have their registered office in an EU Member State or Iceland or Norway.

The European Space Agency (ESA) will make the ITT (Cover Letter, Statement of Work, Special Conditions of Tender, Draft Contract) available on its tendering website (EMITS http://emits.sso.esa.int/emits/owa/emits.main) and on its dedicated Copernicus server (https://copernicus-emits.esa.int/).

In order to access the ITT package from EMITS, a Tenderer must be registered as a potential ESA Tenderer. Any potential Tenderers wishing to register with ESA as a potential Tenderer is requested to complete the online questionnaire on the “esa-star registration” website: https://esastar-emr.sso.esa.int. While the registration process is underway, Tenderers may access the ITT package through ESA’s dedicated.

Copernicus server, which is accessible at: https://copernicus-emits.esa.int/.

Tenderers are informed, however, that before submitting a proposal they must at least have completed the “light Registration” as described in the following “esa-star” Registration Manual: http://esamultimedia.esa.int/docs/business_with_esa/CG-EM-ORR-S-16_End_User_Manual_v1.2.pdf.

Further information on the registration process can be found on the Industry Portal pages available at: http://www.esa.int/About_Us/Business_with_ESA/How_to_do/esa-star_Registration_Process.

VI.2)Date of dispatch of this notice: