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19/05/2018    S95

Luxembourg-Luxembourg: EIB - Call for Expression of Interest to select financial intermediaries that will receive resources from a fund of funds established under the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy and Development of the Hellenic Republic (“MED”) and the European Investment Bank (“EIB”) to implement a financial instrument

2018/S 095-214646

Reference: MHA-1484

Notice of call for expressions of interest

 1.Contracting authority

The EIB Fund of Funds Greece, represented for the purpose of this call for expression of interest by the
European Investment Bank, 98-100 boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-2950 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG, Email:
Which is acting as the procuring entity.
 2.Objective of the Call for Expression of Interest

As part of the National Operational Programme “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020” (“OP”), with the purpose of tackling the market failure identified by the ex-ante assessment carried out by the MED and finalised in November 2016 (“Ex-ante Assessment”), the MED, acting as Managing Authority (“MA”), has dedicated resources to the implementation of an Infrastructure Fund of Funds (“InfraFoF”) managed by EIB in accordance with Article 38 (4)(b)(i) of the CPR (as defined below) and the provisions of a funding agreement entered into on 19.12.2017 between MED and the EIB (the “Funding Agreement”). The InfraFoF is co-financed by European Structural and Investment Funds, namely including OP resources and national funds.
Relevant rules for implementing the Financial Instrument (“FI”) dedicated to Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Urban Development (“Infrastructure Investments”) are primarily stipulated in the CPR (Regulation (EU) nº 1303/2013 of 17.12.2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council), the CDR (the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) nº 480/2014 of 3.3.2014 supplementing the CPR), the Implementing Regulation (the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) nº 821/2014 of 28.7.2014 laying down rules for the application of the CPR) and the ERDF Regulation (Regulation (EU) nº 1301/2013 of 17.12.2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council), and applicable Greek law and regulations.
This Call for Expression of Interest is addressed to eligible financial institutions in Greece, which are interested in receiving resources from the InfraFoF for implementation of the FI throughout Greece, thus covering all Greek Regions, in accordance with the allocations stipulated in Section 3.a. of the Terms of Reference. Such activity shall be carried out in accordance with the contractual agreements to be entered into by the EIB, acting as manager of the InfraFoF, and the selected Applicants.
The Terms of Reference including annexes can be requested by sending an email to with the subject MHA-1484 EIB Fund of Funds Greece — Request for documents.
 3.Application procedure

The Proposals should be submitted in English by post to the address indicated in Point 1, in strict compliance with the specific instructions laid down in the Terms of Reference.
 4.General description of the procedure

This Call for Expression of Interest does not represent a public procurement procedure in the sense of Directives 2004/18/EC or 2014/24/EU.
Interested parties are invited to submit their Proposals in accordance with the rules set out in this notice and in the Terms of Reference.
The principles and method applicable to the evaluation process, as well as the stages of the evaluation process are described in the Terms of Reference.
 5.Deadline for submission of proposals

 6.Protection of personal data

The personal data provided by you will be processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18.12.2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data. The information requested for the CEoI is necessary in order to assess your proposal and will be used solely for that purpose under the authority of the EIB purchasing division (CS/IMP/PROCUR), in accordance with the EIB guide for procurement, approved by the Management Committee of the EIB. Please note that for your proposal to be considered, it may be mandatory to answer some or all of the questions in the declaration to be made by the applicant. The mandatory / optional nature of these questions is outlined in the Terms of Reference document. In order to assess the applicant, the personal data provided by you will be accessed by members of the Selection Panel and the Directorate which requested the CEoI. Upon request, access to this data may be granted to the EIB’s Office of the Chief Compliance Officer, the legal service or the Inspectorate General. The data of the successful applicant shall be retained for the duration of the contract, plus 2 years in the central archives, unless these are needed in the context of litigation or claims. The data of unsuccessful applicants shall be retained for 4 years, unless these are needed in the context of litigation or claims. You have the right to access and rectify or update your data. You can exercise these rights by contacting the Head of the CS/IMP/PROCUR division ( You also have the right to have recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor.
 7.Exclusion criteria, selection and award criteria

The Exclusion Criteria, Administrative Criteria and Assessment Criteria applicable for this call are described in the Terms of Reference and its annexes.
 8.Date of dispatch of notice

 9.Date of receipt by the Publications Office