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Services - 225446-2015

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30/06/2015    S123

Sweden-Halmstad: Educational software development services

2015/S 123-225446

Prior information notice


Directive 2004/18/EC

Section I: Contracting authority

I.1)Name, addresses and contact point(s)

Official name: Halmstads kommun (Lead procurer)
National registration number: 212000-1215
Postal address: Radhuset Stora Torg
Town: Halmstad
Postal code: SE-301 05
Country: Sweden
For the attention of: Ellinor Wallin
Telephone: +46 730791862

Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority:

Address of the buyer profile:

Further information can be obtained from:
The above mentioned contact point(s)

I.2)Type of the contracting authority
Regional or local authority
I.3)Main activity
General public services
I.4)Contract award on behalf of other contracting authorities
The contracting authority is purchasing on behalf of other contracting authorities: no

Section II.B: Object of the contract (Supplies or services)

II.1)Title attributed to the contract by the contracting authority:
IMAILE Prior Information notice.
II.2)Type of contract and place of delivery or of performance
Service category No 8: Research and development services
Nutscodes ( for test and reference group implementation)
SE 231 Halland
DEE3 Magdeburg
FI 193Keski-Suomi (Central Finland)
ES 511 Barcelona.


II.3)Information on framework agreement
The notice involves the establishment of a framework agreement: yes
II.4)Short description of nature and quantity or value of supplies or services:
This tender procedure is based on the implementation of the awarding procedures for PCP call for tenders, as set forth in the EC Communication COM (2007) 799 Pre-commercial Procurement: Driving innovation to ensure sustainable high quality public services in Europe and by the EC staff working document SEC (2007) 1668 Example of a possible approach for procuring R&D services applying risk-benefit sharing at market conditions, i.e. pre-commercial procurement. The entire PCP procedure will be carried out under Swedish law. Please note this is a PCP adhering to the EU Treaty Principles but not subject to the Public Contract Regulations 2006, the EU Directives or the WTO/GPA.
Tenderers will be invited to tender for 3 stages projects based on a well-defined Challenge and problem, to develop technology based solutions addressing an increased demand of personalized learning in the European Classrooms.
This challenge results in the following societal and pedagogical impacts:
· Increased risk students do not reach the STEM goals
· Increased costs (resources) of teachers
· Increased % of Early Drop outs
The IMAILE PCP therefore aims at developing the next generation of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE) for STEM (Science, technology, engineering and Math) subjects for primary and secondary education.
The target groups that this PCP Challenge looks to address are students and teachers in Primary and Secondary Education.
IMAILE common definition of PLE
The IMAILE Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) for STEM is an adaptive, accessible, and easy to use solution providing smart services for the realization of student-centered and teacher-guided personalized learning including individualized learning paths, support of different learning strategies, and intelligent tutoring for primary and secondary schools. The IMAILE PLE for STEM offers a single access point to repositories of freely available learning content, learning apps, services and tools for STEM education through the application of open standards. Through the provision of own communication and collaboration functionalities and the integration with widely used social media pages, the IMAILE PLE enables learners to learn, share and interact with their friends, teachers, and other stakeholders such as their parents. The IMAILE PLE supports bring your own device (BYOD) through the provision of native mobile apps for common devices, and lifelong learning through the integration of an e Portfolio solution. Overall, the IMAILE PLE for STEM provides a highly motivational environment for formal and informal STEM education.
The IMAILE PCP call for tenders will run through a 3 phased life-cycle with a total value of 3 800 000 EUR. Below is a brief indication on the PCP phases duration, number of project/ proposals to be supported as well as the estimated budget available for each phase and project.
Phase 1 covers the feasibility study with duration of 3 months and up to 8 contracts to be awarded (estimated phase budget is 380 000, estimated maximum budget per project is up to 59 375 EUR)
Phase 2 covers R&D up to prototype, duration 6 months with up to 4 contracts to be awarded ( estimated phase budget is 1 520 000 EUR, estimated maximum budget per project is 380 000 EUR) Phase 3 covers prototype, small scale production and testing, duration of 7 months with up to 2 contracts to be awarded ( estimated phase budget is 1 900 000 EUR, estimated maximum budget per project is 950 000 EUR) Testing for phase 3 will be undertaken in all 4 participating countries.
Please see ‘Additional Information’ below for annexes to this PIN and further information on the project and the upcoming market consultation.


This contract is divided into lots: no
II.5)Common procurement vocabulary (CPV)

72212190 Educational software development services, 48000000 Software package and information systems, 48190000 Educational software package, 80100000 Primary education services

II.6)Scheduled date for start of award procedures
II.7)Information about Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
The contract is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA): no
II.8)Additional information:
The provision of services will have to focus on R%D services.
The innovative solutions will have to be usable to students and teachers in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Spain
Phase 3 of the PCP process applies to test of innovative solutions in real classroom situations in the above mentioned countries (regions are specified in the NUTS code of this PIN).

Section III: Legal, economic, financial and technical information

III.1)Conditions relating to the contract
III.1.1)Main financing conditions and payment arrangements and/or reference to the relevant provisions governing them:
III.2)Conditions for participation
III.2.1)Information about reserved contracts

Section VI: Complementary information

VI.1)Information about European Union funds
The contract is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: yes
Reference to project(s) and/or programme(s): The contract is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: yes Reference to project(s) and/or programme(s): FP7-CP-CSA-Call 8.2.A IMAILE (GA: 619231).
VI.2)Additional information:
This PIN is being published as part of the pre-commercial procurement market consultation process aiming at investigating the feasibility and options to deliver innovative solutions in the field of personalized learning (PLE) primary and secondary education in STEM subjects.
Attached to this PIN, a feature list representing the initial results of the IMAILE needs analysis can be found. The feature list should be understood as a non-conclusive, preliminary list of features and functions relevant for the IMAILE PLE for STEM. The feature list should not be understood as a list of requirements or final list of functions for the solution. The aim of the feature list is the initiation of a market consolidation and market analysis. In the course of the market analysis, the feature list will be used to assess the features and functions of currently available solutions. In terms of the market consolidation, the feature list should be used as a tool to clarify the vision and direction of the IMAILE project as well as a tool for communication.
Upcoming important dates for our market sounding and call preparations are:
· 24 of June Request for Information II will be published and suppliers are encouraged to participate
· 15 of August, IMAILE Pre — Challenge Brief will be published on the website

· 16 of September Industrial workshop in Toledo Spain in connection with EC TEL where interested suppliers are requested to register on the following link:

You will find all more detailed information about market sounding and information about PCP and the call at the IMAILE website,

The purpose of this PIN is to:
I. Forewarn the market that a procurement exercise may begin in the future
II. Alert the market to innovative requirements, prior to any potential procurement process
III. Facilitate participation in the market consultation process and ensure that the pre-commercial procurement program is open and transparent
This PIN is an indication only of potential future procurement activity and is not a commitment to procure. This PIN is not part if any pre-qualification or selection process. Further information:

1. About the IMAILE project:

2. About pre-commercial procurement programmes of the European Commission:

Visma Commerce notice:

VI.3)Information on general regulatory framework
Relevant governmental Internet sites where information can be obtained

Environmental protection legislation

VI.4)Date of dispatch of this notice: