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Services - 323809-2018

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25/07/2018    S141    Services - Call for expressions of interest - Not specified 

France-Strasbourg: Call for bidders – provision of a document management system (3 lots)

2018/S 141-323809



The Council of Europe, Strasbourg, FRANCE is launching a call for tender for the implementation of a Document Management System (DMS). This will involve acquisition of licenses for both internal and external users, migration of current document repositories into the new DMS, support, training, maintenance and integration.
After carrying out its own research and development the Council of Europe has decided to only accept bids that are based on the two DMS below:
— IManage
— NetDocuments

The future contract will take effect on February 2019. It will be concluded for a period of 3 years tacitly renewable by 2 times one year.
The projected timetable for the call for tenders is as follows:
Project activity: Call for bidders (deadline for reception of candidature)
Projected dates: 17.8.2018
Project activity: Decision of firms admitted to tender
Projected dates: 22.8.2018
Project activity: Communication of specifications to firms
Projected dates: 22.8.2018
Project activity: Deadline for submission of tenders
Projected dates: 24.9.2018
Project activity: Prospective awarding of contract
Projected dates: February 2019

The firms authorised to take part in this call for bidders must meet the following criteria:
Eligibility criteria: Official partner of one of the 2 selected solutions
Document to be provided: Document from the vendor proving the partnership
 4.Process to apply

If your firm (or group of companies) meets the above criteria, you may express your interest in this call for bidders by sending an e-mail to, indicating the following reference in the “Subject” header of the e-mail:
Conseil de l'Europe
2018AO46 – Implementation of the Document Management System (DMS)
The e-mail must include the following information:
— full details of the bidder or bidders in the case of a group of companies (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and name of contact person),
— the lead partner in the case of a group of companies,
— a brief description of your firm’s/group’s activity, structure, turnover, number of employees and location,
— documents required in article 3 of the present document (Criteria)
This e-mail must reach the Council of Europe by 17.8.2018.
If your candidature is accepted, you will receive the tendering documents (in English) according to the timetable detailed in Item 2.