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Works - 328867-2022

TITitleMorocco-Ifrane: Construction work for highways, roads
NDNotice publication number328867-2022
PDPublication date20/06/2022
OJOJ S issue number117
TWTown/city of the buyerIFRANE
AUOfficial name of the buyerDirection Provinciale de l’Equipement du Transport de la Logistique et de l’Eau de Ifrane
OLOriginal languageFR
CYCountry of the buyerMA
AAType of buyer1 - Ministry or any other national or federal authority
HAEU institution/agencyEuropean Investment Bank
DSDocument sent15/06/2022
DTDeadline for submission28/06/2022
NCType of contract1 - Works
PRType of procedure1 - Open procedure
TDNotice type3 - Contract notice
RPRegulationZ - Not specified
TYType of bid1 - Submission for all lots
ACAward criteria2 - The most economic tender
PCCommon procurement vocabulary (CPV)45233100 - Construction work for highways, roads
RCPlace of performance (NUTS)MA
IAInternet address (URL)https://www.marchespublics.gov.ma/pmmp/?lang=fr