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Works - 343503-2015

TITitleUnited Kingdom-London: Construction work
NDNotice publication number343503-2015
PDPublication date30/09/2015
OJOJ S issue number189
TWTown/city of the buyerLONDON
AUOfficial name of the buyerHigh Speed Two (HS2) Limited
OLOriginal languageEN
CYCountry of the buyerUK
AAType of buyer4 - Utilities entity
HAEU institution/agency-
DSDocument sent24/09/2015
DTDeadline for submission19/11/2015
NCType of contract1 - Works
PRType of procedure4 - Negotiated procedure
TDNotice type3 - Contract notice
RPRegulation5 - European Union, with participation of GPA countries
TYType of bid3 - Submission for one or more lots
ACAward criteria2 - The most economic tender
PCCommon procurement vocabulary (CPV)45221000 - Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways
45221242 - Railway tunnel construction work
45234112 - Railway depot construction work
45221100 - Construction work for bridges
45000000 - Construction work
45221112 - Railway bridge construction work
45234114 - Railway embankment construction work
45221200 - Construction work for tunnels, shafts and subways
45234115 - Railway signalling works
45234116 - Track construction works
45221247 - Tunnelling works
45221248 - Tunnel linings construction work
71500000 - Construction-related services
71521000 - Construction-site supervision services
71322000 - Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works
71520000 - Construction supervision services
71541000 - Construction project management services
45234110 - Intercity railway works
45234000 - Construction work for railways and cable transport systems
45213320 - Construction work for buildings relating to railway transport
45234100 - Railway construction works
45234111 - City railway construction work
45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
RCPlace of performance (NUTS)UKG
IAInternet address (URL)
DILegal basisUtilities Directive 2004/17/EC